An Arm Full of Vintage Linens

I know most of you out there that read my blog have a simliar love for vintage linens as I do. It doesn't matter whether it is hankies, tablecloths, doilies or napkins, we just love them!

I went to an estate sale recently and it was one of those kinds that you just start going through drawers on your own and picking out things. Which is a very weird feeling to me. While most people were in bedrooms, I headed straight to the kitchen!

Sure enough, I opened 2 drawers that had vintage linens in them. Not a lot of the "high dollar" kind, but, some handmade pieces and just a variety of things. I didn't even bother looking at them individually. I just scooped all of them out of both drawers and went to the seller to ask how much for them. She looked at my stack and said, "How about $1.00?" SOLD!!

It turned out that most of them were hankies and doilies. But, I was okay with that. I use old both of them all the time.

So, here is the pile of linens I got. A few are missing because they are already being used elsewhere.

There was only two tablecloths. One a pretty cotton lace and the other one this vintage red.white and green one. I just love it!

Here are some of the simple cotton doilies

Some little lace pieces.

Some pretty doilies

Some hand embroidered and cross stitch pieces.

And finally, some pretty hankies. I have about 6 more that are being used else where right now that are not pictured.

When I grabbed this bag of linens, I sat it on the couch to do some other things before I went through them to take picutres for this post. When I finally got around to taking the pictures I found this...

Me - "Umm, princess? What are you doing with my linens?"

Princess - "I'm having a garage sale!"

Oh, what have I done to this poor two year old?

I am joining two of my favorite blogging ladies, Laurie and Debbie for their parties.

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  1. Diann,
    OMGosh...$1 got you all of that? Girl you hit the jackpot with those two that red vintage tablecloth!


  2. Diann, where DO you find these people??! A DOLLAR??? I can't believe it
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Diann What a beautiful haul of linens for 1.00. You find the best bargains I have ever seen.

  4. Diann
    A beautiful and blessed weekend to you

  5. Wow! Just a buck for all of these treasures? You really hit the jackpot! I love vintage linens, too, and yours are gorgeous! I especially love the doilies and hankies with crocheted edging. And that red tablecloth is terrific! Congrats!

  6. Really, only a dollar?? I am teary eyed, send me a hanky, lol. Great deal, girl!

  7. Gorgeous...oh my..what fun..all the lovely colors and patterns..i love doily's much..they are charming. Such a fabulous spread..wish i could dig in and play!! Enjoy..they are fabulous!!

  8. Some people have all the luck!!! I cannot believe you got all of that for $1.00. In my neck of the woods they would have charged at least $2 for each hankie. I don't even want to think about what that whole stash would have cost. Congrats!!!

  9. Holy Toledo! A buck? Those are gorgeous every single one of them...they where meant to be yours. Thanks for joining in this week on the party...I enjoyed my visit as always. Debbie

  10. WOW...ALL those linens for 1.00 ... that is the deal of the year!
    Good for you and ENJOY them.
    Deb :)

  11. What a haul Diann! So many pretty linens for $1! I wouldn't have been surprised if they had been $1 each. Love all of the pretty hand stitching, and that vintage cloth is great! I'm laughing about your 2 year old~yep! I think you've really got a good start on a mini you! laurie

  12. Diann, are you saying $1.00 for all not a piece!! Ok I am envious, and green is not a pretty color on me.....Oh I wish that would happen to me. I always run looking for linen! What a SCORE!


  13. Shut up! I can't believe you got all of those for $1! Awesome.

  14. Wow! You really hit the jackpot of vintage linens! If I had been there, we would have had to arm wrestle over those gorgeous pieces!

  15. Diann you have gotten some good buys in your lifetime but this has to rank right up there I am telling ya! amazing and so pretty! Love the napkins,tablecloths and handkerchiefs!

  16. Lovely! What a great find. You bare a very lucky girl. I love vintage things.

  17. you did very well with getting these linens. i love tea towels have a few hankies alo a house full of my mother's doilies. I have a question do you display your linen and if so how. i have some of mine on display, but need some ideas. Thanks Rose

  18. I've never left a comment on your blog before, but I have to say "Wow YOU really did hit the jack pot!! I love everything you have. I collect vintage linens too. Have a great weekend.


  19. Diann-Sometimes the children in our lives are like looking into mirrors :) That is so funny! My grandmother tatted and did beautiful embroidery and I have a great appreciation for vintage linens. You hit the jackpot!

  20. Too Funny! And Too smart! I've done that "how much for this pile" thing. It's a great strategy! You scored some terrific stuff there! Jacqueline

  21. Now that is one heck of a price for all of that loot!!

    You scored big time!!


  22. Miss were truely blessed that day with your finds! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Big hugs Beth

  23. So pretty. I love doilies. La

  24. Diann~You hit the jackpot! I've never come across such a wonderful selection of vintage linens in my estate ventures and for that incredible price. I would love to see what you create with some of those Lacey pieces.

    Sweet wishes,

  25. Jackpot! You really scored on this one, you lucky dog!


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