Time to Myself

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Last weekend, while camping, I got a little alone time. Yippee! It so rarely happens any more so, I savor every moment of it!

Troy took the princess to the petting zoo so, I knew I had at least 2 hours to myself!

If it weren’t for the fact that it was still pretty early in the day, I would have just went straight to our bed and napped for a couple for hours. Instead I decided to go with the whole junk food and reading theme!

I made myself some lunch and grabbed a fun trash book and a design book, not knowing which mood I was going to be in, and just relaxed and enjoyed my freedom for a couple of hours. Ahhhh bliss!

Break time table 001

Break time table 002

Oh yea, life is good!

Break time table 003

The spread!

Break time table 005

A sandwich, salsa and chips.

Break time table 006

A little cocktail.

Break time table 004

Some cookies!

Break time table 007

Reading material.

Break time table 008 Break time table 011Break time table 009Break time table 012 Break time table 010Break time table 014

Now this is one of my Favorite things! 

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  1. Diann that looks delightful! I remember the days when my girls were little it was such a treat to have a few hours to myself. Looks like you enjoyed it!

  2. Ah yes, I remember those brief moments of time to myself when the boys were little. I would either pack a book and picnic lunch and walk across the street to the beach or just stay home and read while munching on chips and salsa. Even to this day, it seems chips and salsa is my go to snack when I am home alone. Quick, easy & no fuss! I am glad you enjoyed your time to yourself. We all need that every now and then.

    ~ Tracy

  3. Looks like you had a party all alone! Very nice!

  4. Okay, so how was thr trash book?? I think I want it!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. What a sweet post.

    It made me want to follow your lead.

    Seems though, lately... i sit in the lovely shade with a book and promptly take a nap! Ugggh!

    Thanks for joining with us at Finding Beauty.

    Hugs GF


  6. Alone time is so wonderful - from what I remember! Glad you were able to enjoy and looks like you found the perfect way to enjoy your time!

  7. We used to love camping - in Ohio that is...it's just way too hot in Texas for me! My kids have wonderful memories of our camping days. Nice little cocktail hour/alonetime setup you managed! :) Nancy

  8. Oh yes, free time. Nothing better. Hope you enjoyed it. Take care.

  9. Oh gosh, Diann, you must have flipped when you saw my post about facebook. My family is HUGE and when someone gets invited...and..well you get the picture. I was not really in the sticky little mess, but misunderstanding do happen among sibblings. :)

    This is my first visit to your blog, I think.
    VERY nice. It was nice meeting you. Thank you for your sweet visit to my blog!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful couple of hours - even though I am sure you loved having the family back and all their wonderful tales.

    I spend a few hours in the hospital earlier this week. Of course before they release you they take your BP one last time. My nurse remarked that mine had imporved during my stay. I said this had been the most restful 4 hours of my week.

  11. Ahhh! And a Good time was had by all! hahah Looks like Fun, Enjoy ~

  12. Now that looks like the perfect way to spend a few hours...I am so jealous! Good on you for taking some time out just for you!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  13. Look at you, with your cute little bandana on the table, and your pretty plates, stemware, etc. This does look like a relaxing way to spend time. Of course, I would probably have just had the bag of cookies and a soft drink with the books, but your pretty set-up looks so much more inviting. I remember, when my children were young, how nice it was to get some "me" time. So glad you got a couple of hours, and I'm so glad you linked this to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  14. can you always set up no matter where you are at the time? Rose

  15. Isn't alone time just the best. I love when I have some quiet time to just have a cup of coffee and read a magazine or book. I am so on the lookout for that Supermodel book! hanks for linking to Tickled Pink a couple weeks ago...I took a little (unexpected break) but I am back!


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