Silver Sunday

Hi everyone! I hope all of you have been having a wonderful weekend!

It's Silver Sunday! I thought I would revisit a past post that showed some of my silver collection in use.

This is a Victorian Tea I had a few months ago for my parents. I hope you enjoy it!

Well, I had planned on having this post in sooner but, "best laid plans.." and all. After talking to my brothers last week and hearing their schedules for Mother's day, I realized they weren't going to be able to do a get together for Mother's Day. So, I decided to have a Victorian style tea to celebrate Mother's day. I go out all my pretties and started planning the menu. Then Saturday I get a call from one of my brothers saying they rearranged things and we are meeting at my other brothers' house for a BBQ on Mother's Day. Welcome to my world!

I dropped everything, made up some food to take to a BBQ and left my dining room table stacked with all my tea things, silver I polished, crystal cleaned etc. and we headed to the BBQ. And to think I had been putting off cleaning and polishing all that silver and finally I did it! LOL

When I got home and looked at all my stuff for the tea party. All the food things I bought to make, I got on the phone and called my parents and told them to come over tonight for tea and treats! Okay, so, it no longer was a Mother's Day event, it became a "Because I just cleaned a ton of items and by golly I am showing them off!" event!! LOL

So, the plan was a buffet style Victorian tea. A very popular way of hosting a tea back in the day. Another tea hostess favorite is to offer her guests the choice of several different teacups. Each guest can pick out his or her favorite.

I also went with offering both Sweet and Savory food options. The main priority for food at a Victorian Tea is that the food be able to be eaten with your fingers.

I have hosted Victorian teas in the past this is my first completely buffet style. all the others I set tables of four with complete tea pots of hot water with selections of tea. I decided today that I would offer one pot of freshly brewed tea along with iced tea.

This is my table without the food. Since my parents are coming over this evening for tea, I won't be able to post the pictures of all the food until either late tonight or tomorrow. Yup, this is one of those "Live from Diann's home" kind of posts. No post written last week! So, I hope you will check back to see the entire table finished with food! Oh, and I am actually going to do something I have never done before, I am going to edit this post to include the food after I have already posted! Whoa! I am living on the blogging edge today! LOL Be forewarned, this is going to end up being one big honkin' post!

I decided to go with blue as the color theme for today's tea. Silver, crystal and white just go so beautifully with blue!

Also, as a side note, with the exception of my teapot, creamer, sugar and tray everything else on this table was bought second hand. I have been slowly purchasing all these items over many years. I just want folks to know that setting a pretty and elaborate table with beautiful things does NOT have to cost a fortune. Let someone else pay an arm and a leg for it the first time around and then when they get bored with it or for whatever reason they decide to get rid of it, that's your chance to buy for a fraction of the original price! Hey, I sound like a thrift store commercial! LOL And remember, mixing and matching those "lonesome little pretty dishes" you found for a song makes the table all the more pretty and way more interesting (okay, that is MY personal opinion at least).

All right, on with the show!

The first thing I want to show you is this beautiful set of 10 white linen napkins I found at a Goodwill in Ohio. I got these about 4 years ago. I generally only use 2 or 4 at a time, so the one that had the price tag on it is still on it. LOL Now, this just goes to show you how much prices have increased at thrift stores. check out the price, and yes, this price was for the entire lot of 10 (they were all in one bag) and they all were brand new with the stickers on them!

Now a "proper" Victorian Tea should have a lace tablecloth over a solid one. Can you believe that I do not own a lace tablecloth! I have been searching high and low at thrift store, yard sales, flea markets and have not found one for an acceptable price yet! So, I just used a white linen tablecloth.

This will be for ice water.
This will be for iced tea.
This will be the "sweet side".
This is the "savory side".

The aluminum covered bowl betwen the two cold drinks being offered will be filled with ice cubes.

Now the teacups being used today...

Woohoo! My Victorian Tea was a wonderful success! My parents showed up and OMG! They looked just stunning! My mom was just beautiful dressed in a pretty floral flowing skirt, silk blouse, scarf and a pretty summer hat! My dad was so handsome in his sport coat and matching tie! I swear, when they walked up to the door they looked like they should be heading to the Kentucky Derby! They said that if I was going to all the trouble of preparing this tea, the least they could do is show up dressed for the occasion. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my parents? They are two of the most wonderful people in the world! I am so very blessed!

Okay, onto the food!

These were a new tea sandwich to me and they are yummy! It's cream cheese, crushed pineapple, walnuts then you make a blend of butter and cinnamon and spead the bread lightly with that and then fill with the pineapple mixture. And the others are cream cheese filled dates. These little suckers are SO addictive!!
I made three other sandwiches. A roasted chicken salad, ham salad and of course cucumber
A cheat, bought the croissants.
Mini cupcakes and key lime sponge cakes with coconut. Another cheat was buying the sponge cakes already made and then making my own filling.
I served fresh berries and grapes that I didn't sweeten because I made this cream sauce to be drizzled over them. This is the richest and BEST sauce! And simple! 1 cup of sour cream & 1/2 cup condensed sweetened milk! To die for!! And I made it up on the spot! LOL
Fresh brewed peach iced tea.
I had two jams for the croissants, Raspberry.
and peach.
Fresh sliced lemons for iced tea and wedges for hot tea.

These pretty aluminum bowls make great bowls for ice. They also are perfect of fresh shrimp on ice. A million wonderful uses. And they just look pretty



  1. Oh my stars! Just beautiful. I bet you had a wonderful time.

  2. That is beautiful! I cherish my silver & silver plate (I just started collecting two years ago). I love yours, too! Those key lime cakes look so delicious. Would you mind sharing your recipe for the filling sometime? I'm your newest follower,

  3. Impressive and lovely. Now I am craving something sweet! You really went all out! Very well done. Your tea cups are so pretty.


  4. The Victorian buffet tea party is so beautiful. SO much food! I hope you had more than just your parents for guests. I wish you took a picture of them cause I am trying to imagine how lovely they are....Christine

  5. sorry how the original idea for mothers day changed. in the good direction your parents got dressed up for your tea and sat at a beautiful table with pretty dishware and tea cups. it turned out great.

  6. I remember this post Diann, what a pleasure to look at all this lovely silver again, not to mention all the wonderful teacups and dishes! You did a wonderful tea party for you parents!

  7. So pretty. Every single detail is breathtaking. What a lovely tea. Hugs, Marty

  8. Oh, my goodness...Everything looks beautiful and Yummy!

  9. Diann, that looks just wonderfull. How special have your parents felt with this treatment. You show adorable silver items and with the pretty china the whole table looks just beautifull.
    Greetings, Johanna

  10. What a Beautiful Table Setting ~ Blue & White is My Favorite, than to add the Silver, Stunning
    Not to miss the Yummy treats, Oh My, is it Lunch time Yet.....

  11. Oh how beautiful is your tea scape!! You always do such a good job on decorating your table scape!

  12. Beautiful Czech napkins! I love vintage linens so much. Those tea sandwiches look so good! I have a favourite amoung your teacups :) Happy Sabado Argento!

  13. I remember this post and it's still just as amazing since the first time I read it. thanks for stopping by and participating in Silver Sunday see you next month....


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