Pink, Green and White Table

So, while I was camping and thrifting, I decided to see what kind of table I could pull together with my recent finds. I discovered that you have to really get creative in putting things together when you are without your normal “dish & accessory items”! LOL

So, let’s see what I came up with.

I started with this pretty green, pink and white afghan that I bought for $1.00. Once I put that on the table I based everything around it to created kind of a little “brunch table”.

7-10 inventory 103

7-10 inventory 104

With the exception on the flatware,everything else was thrifted.

pink and green table 002

pink and green table 003

pink and green table 004

pink and green table 005

I needed some kind of color on top of the white cake stand to put the coffee things on, so I used a piece of tissue paper that one of my items was wrapped up in. Hey, when you are in the middle of a campground, you use what you can! LOL

pink and green table 006

pink and green table 007

pink and green table 008

pink and green table 009

pink and green table 010

pink and green table 011

pink and green table 012

pink and green table 013

pink and green table 014

pink and green table 015

pink and green table 017

pink and green table 018

I get the oddest looks from the other campers any more. They are just so confused! LOL

pink and green table 021

pink and green table 022

I can feel the other campers wanting to come and ask me what the heck I am doing.

pink and green table 025

pink and green table 026

I just know they want to introduce me to paper plates, napkins and cups! LOL

pink and green table 024

So, there ya have it folks, my little pink, green and white thrifted tablescape at the campground. Not  typical camping table. But, then again, I am not a typical camper! LOL

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  1. Diann you always are so creative with your table scapes!

  2. Diann, you set a nice table even while camping! I am really liking all the white with the pink and green table topper. I love those reticulated milk glass plates. What is that little piece that looks like a hat on a column?

  3. I am in awe of this cute table pulled together at the campground! First that is such a cute pink,green & white afghan! The dishes are all so cute and did you find the milk glass decorated edged plate(s)? Those are on my WLYS list for myself! I have two but want two more. I would love to see the 'looks' you get. Laughing and loving this table!!

  4. Diann, that is ADORABLE!! I get funny looks all the time- sometimes I wonder why?! :)
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Wow, I can't seem to get a tablescape done here at home and here you are doing a "thrifty" table while out camping. I'll keep checking back, maybe some of your talent will rub off on me.

  6. So sweet...Love the white milk glass plates...and this is what I call camping :-)

  7. Who says you have to "rough it" when camping? This is adorable- love the pastel afghan and all that white dinnerware!
    :-) Sue

  8. Who'd a thunk? I think the pink and green afghan is just the cutest table topper. What great finds. You set a cute table and I had to do a double take when you said camping.

  9. fantastic, but what you do or come up with in a desert?thanks for your comment on my blog re mother.

  10. That is such a sweet tablescape! Very feminine.

  11. Although I have never wanted to go camping, I think that I might have had a different attitude if your were setting the table. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  12. Now Diann, WHO takes milkglass on a camping trip?? And where do you wash these pieces of china and crystal when you are finished? I love this! And is the hat a little salt and pepper? I hope so because that would be so cute!!! Linda

  13. What a wonderful "non typical" camping tablescape. How pretty -- I bet those other campers were secretly jealous!

  14. Oh, how funny. Can't say I ever saw such a beautiful setting when I was out camping. You showed those other campers how to have some class!

  15. Well, you are just going to set the standard for everyone else! It is amazing that you were able to put together this pretty table in the middle of a camping trip. You are inspiring!

  16. It is just fantastic. While I try to 'make it nice' when we are traveling and RVing, we tend to end up with paper plates and napkins. I've always wanted to do an RV scape and now I'm inspired. How fun. Thrifting on the road and making a table out of it. Just wonderful.

  17. I have almost that same afghan made for my daughter, years ago, and I do love your table scape. I use the white dishes as dessert plates and I love the way that you were able to "play" while camping! I was thinking the same thing about passing campers. It made me laugh out loud, thinking about it. Thanks, Lezlee

  18. Such an adorable table! That is so funny about the other campers wondering what you are doing!

  19. So beautiful table, cute colors!


  20. Very creative.. I love the crochet table cover and the white with it is just stunning.

  21. Girl, I want to go camping with you! We are the paper plates and plastic cup, kinda camper, but yours looks like so much more fun! LOL I hope you have fun while you're gone and that you find an internet signal somewhere so you can link up to the parties! :) Thanks for linking up to mine...I'm always glad to see you there. :)
    Blessings & Hugs

  22. Diann, this table does NOT look like it was in the middle of a campground without access to tablescaping accessories. it is so pretty. What a creative imagination you have! Love using the tissue paper and the throw. laurie


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