A New Weekly Feature!

As most of you now by now, my hubby Troy has his own blog called, I Refuse to Recede. He does a lot of posting regarding gardening. And a few weeks ago, he started going to a new local Farmer's Market each Saturday and selling some of our herbs. It has been a fun adventure for him. He has met some interesting people, learned interesting things, helped teach people about herbs and the uses of them and made a little money.

I pop over from time to time throughout the day. but, one of the things that I have been enjoying about the market is that I get a little free time to check out a local Flea Market and maybe hit a few yard sales.

I take the Princess over to the Farmers Market for a couple of hours. She just loves talking to different people and hanging out with Papa. And it gives me a little fun break time!

So, we decided to have a dual weekly post on Sundays to tell you about both of our weekly "Market" adventures! I will be guest posting on his blog each Sunday. I will post a link here so you an check out our weekly "Market Report"!

I hope you will swing by I Refuse to Recede today and check out our first dual Sunday post!




  1. Sounds like a great idea Diann! Happy 4th to you and your family!

  2. What a great idea! I will be scootin over there and checkin it out!!


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