More Thrifty Fun Outside

I got my little wire freebie shelving rack painted last week along with the wire teapot and showed you them all painted white. And I told you that I wasn't happy with the teapot being white so I wantd to repaint it. I did. And I planted some flowers and herbs in the two thrift find yellow Pyrex bowls. I added some little items I picked up at Michael's for 50% off. I think they look very cute. But, what I haven't mentioned was a couple of other "freebies" I picked. They needed just a little help.

I got two of these rusty sunflower votive holders. I actually really like the rusty part just fine and had no intention of doing anything to the flowers themselves. and you can see, the glass tealight holders were still wrapped up. Never used. However, as you can see, the posts were quite damaged So, I rummaged through my stuff and found two pink pots that I had bought a long time ago at The Dollar Tree Store for .50 cents each. They both have little chips in them so, that was why they were marked down.

I spray painted them both red.

Not a huge difference, but just enough.

Then I just popped the two sunflower pots right into the red planters and added some clear and green flat glass rocks that I had. That was it. A super easy and fast redo for a couple of freebie finds!

A little history of the sunflower...

History of the Amazing Sunflower
The story of sunflower (Helianthus Annuus ) is indeed amazing. The wild sunflower is native to North America but commercialization of the plant took place in Russia. It was only recently that the sunflower plant returned to North America to become a cultivated crop. But it was the American Indian who first domesticated the plant into a single headed plant with a variety of seed colors including black, white, red, and black/white striped.

American Indian Uses

Sunflower was a common crop among American Indian tribes throughout North America. Evidence suggests that the plant was cultivated by Indians in present-day Arizona and New Mexico about 3000 BC. Some archaeologists suggest that sunflower may have been domesticated before corn.

Sunflower was used in many ways throughout the various Indian tribes. Seed was ground or pounded into flour for cakes, mush or bread. Some tribes mixed the meal with other vegetables such as beans, squash, and corn. The seed was also cracked and eaten for a snack. There are references of squeezing the oil from the seed and using the oil in making bread.

Non-food uses include purple dye for textiles, body painting and other decorations. Parts of the plant were used medicinally ranging from snakebite to other body ointments. The oil of the seed was used on the skin and hair. The dried stalk was used as a building material. The plant and the seeds were widely used in ceremonies.
Source: National Sunflower Association

I love the wire teapot painted red so much better than the white!

I just couldn' pass up these cute decorative teacups and saucers. I wish that they had matching teapots instead of watering cans, but the watering cans are cute too.

So to kind of sum up this little outdoor shelf, here are some breakdowns in the cost.

* Wire shelf - FREE (curbside pickin's)

* Wire Teapot - FREE (curbside pickin's)

* 2 Sunflower tealight holders - (curbside pickin's)

* 2 Vintage yellow Pyrex bowls - $1.00 each (Thrift Stores)

* Red & White paint ~ Already had

* Dirt - FREE (from our composted dirt)

* Herbs - FREE (from our garden)

* Flowers - .25 cents (clearance at Lowe's)

* 2 pots - $1.00 (from stash/The Dollar Tree)

* 2 teacup sets & 2 Watering cans - $6.00 (Michaels' BIG expense on this shelf)

Total: $9.25

I hope my tea party ladies won't throw me out of the tea party club for not using real teacups or teapot! I promise to back next week with a "real" tea setting. Oooh, and I found a new teapot to show you all!

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  1. Too cute! And what huge statement for under 10 bucks! Cool about the sunflowers.

  2. Great info about sunflowers, Diann! I love your wire teapot painted red; Love the red!! And no, I won't kick you out of my tea party for that! I'm always happy to have you. You made me smile when I read your cost list! Most things were free. You're a real bargain hunter; good for you! I have you already linked up. Thanks for joining me for Tea Time; always a pleasure! Hope you have a great evening.


  3. everything looks so cute and colorful! It's amazing what paint can do. It can totally make or break a project. I know from experience.
    great job.

  4. eeeeeeeeeeeeek, i love love love all the fun colorful pieces in your garden!!!

  5. Wow, you are amazing. I would love to hang around with you while you are on your bargain hunts. I love the re-do on the Sunflower votice holders. So cute!

  6. I just discovered your blog today and love it. The wire rack looks great with all the colorful pots. I especially love the little red pots with the sunflowers.

  7. I really like what you did with your finds, Diann! You are so creative. Love the watering cans and teacups from Michael's; they are so colorful. You really DO know how to thrift. I noticed a pretty daylily in the background, too!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  8. Cute Rack! (whoops did that come out wrong?) I love the redo of the sunflower tea lights, so cute. I really like the plantings in the Pyrex bowls. What did you put in there? I always worry about drainage. I am still waiting for my first curbside will happen.

  9. LOL Beth, I just had to respond to my pretty daylily. I rescued the bulbs of several daylilies from a Walmart guy sweeping them up a few years ago. I asked him if I could have them. He said okay. The first & second years nothing bloomed. The 3rd year they started blooming. Now I have divided them several times! So, even my flowers are thrifted! LOL

    Diann :)

  10. Hi Diann! What a cute collection of garden goodies at such a fabulous price! Great thrifting! And I scrolled down to check out your precious birdies in the flower it! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  11. aww I love your transformation of the wire flowers!!!!! <3

  12. You are really amazing with what you do. I do love the red. I hope you link this up for my Round Robin.. I really do love all of the hard work you put into everything you find out there..

  13. i love that display area...i'm always looking for something extra for my garden. it's what i most have to stop myself from buying at thrift stores. and i don't think i have a green thumb. lol.

    thanks so much for your encouragement on my first attempt at stripping...after my boyfriend worked his magic it looks totally different. thank goodness. i will post about it soon, too.

  14. Your garden is lovely with all that happy tea cups!.Meeting you has been a pleasure
    Would you like a cup of tea?

  15. I love how that looks. I have a shelf just like that and you've inspired me to get to work on it.. what a great idea using all those unique items for planters,, you are so SMART~!!


  16. Okay, wow. I need to come out to visit because you always find the best stuff, Diann. It's incredible. And I love the way you fix things up (paint, display) and put them out to enjoy. You do such a great job all the time.


  17. This is so sweet. I love the vibrant colors you chose to paint everything. It's incredibly whimsical and sweet. Take care.

  18. Fabulous many goodies !! I love alll things sunflowers..wonderful read..yay! I love all your finds and treasures..i love the are so creative and fun! Beautiful post..inspiring! I love seeing what magic you are creating each time..thanks for sharing!!

  19. YOur shelf looks fabulous. You have arranged such pretty things and they are all fabulous finds. Love the pots and the teapot painted red. I didn't know all of that about the sunflower. Very interesting. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  20. Diann Good Morning my friend...girl you scored big time once the yellow bowls with the flowers in them...the tea pot looks better in red...big statement for under $10.00 girl...Hope you have a GREAT day...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  21. Hi: What a great post. I do the same thing with broken tea cups in my yard. I think they look so cute. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  22. Too cute! Love the wire tea pot and the cute decorative cups and saucers. Very clever use of all. Well done!

  23. Diann! Look at all of your cute garden teapots and cups. They are as cute as can be! And that was fascinating info about sunflowers. Thanks for sharing all with us.

    Happy Tea Time Tuesday...


    Sheila :-)

  24. thanks for the story about sunflowers you are great in comming up with ideas with your finds. have a good day

  25. that shelf looks great and I just love those "COOL" looking rusty sunflowers! HAPPY NTT!


  26. It looks wonderful. You are so clever and talented. The way you put it all together is simply amazing.

  27. Enjoyed the sunflower history, now I can share it with my grandchildren. They love planting sunflowers with me.
    Your garden and its settings are absolutely beautiful. I think you made the right choice in giving the wire baskets a more vibrant color than white. Since the wire shelf is white, the basket would have faded into the backdrop, this way, they just pop.
    I enjoyed my visit with you, thank you. Actually, I enjoyed it so much, I think I'll just follow you.

  28. too many things to comment on ... thriftiness definitely doesn't need to be tacky or tasteless and you showed that perfectly. the pots look perfect repainted, and your display so elegant.
    My Ruby Redness

  29. I love your out door tea cups and tea pots! How wonderful!
    You make fixing things up look easy! Your new sunflowers are perfect in their new homes. I love that they are rusty too.
    thank you so much for sharing this with us today, I enjoyed reading about the history of Sunflowers.

  30. You did a great job with that shelf, it all looks like it was made for each other, and it fits right into the area of our yard.

    Heres something about sunflowers that I bet you didn't know. The stalk of sunflowers has a soft spongy center, that can be removed and chewed like gum. When we were kids, money for gum was out of the question, so we all chewed sunflower stalk.

    Thanks for linking up.

  31. Diann,
    Just love your plant stand and all of your goodies that you have displayed on it!! And the tea cup is just darling!!


  32. Your garden shelf looks great. What wonderful decor - so bright and cheerful.

  33. I love this; this is just so fresh and invitng!

    What a refreshing and pretty idea to use your teacups, teapots and tea things for this week's, 'Tuesday And Wednesday Teatime In Blogland'!..,

    I especially also thank you for joining in with my 38th, 'Tuesday Tea For Two', the 29th, 'Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee' and also our 10th, 'Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday'..,

    Have a marvelous week!

    Cheers and hugs and from Wanda Lee

  34. Cute! I like the plants in the Pyrex bowls--unique idea!


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