"Market Report"

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

We are camping right now. After we do a few things around our trailer we are packing a picnic and heading down to the beach. The Princess has been jumping out of her skin because she can't wait to get in the water! She has a brand new bathing suit and beach ball to play with.

Yesterday I had a big thrifting adventure. I went to some places that I have been to last summer and then I discovered some new places. The new places that I went to were places the woman at one of the thrift stores told me about.

Well, I had such a full day yesterday and visited so many shops, it was too much to put into one post. So, I am divided it up into several posts. However, my first "edition" of my adventure is already posted in the Market Report over at Troy's blog, "I Refuse to Recede".

So, if you have a minute or two, head over there and check out what I got and where I went! I had a BLAST!!

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