A Little Thrifty Project and Thrifty Finds

As most of you have already noticed, I have been busy outside doing odds and ends in the yard. And I have another little transformation for you today. However, I also have some new treasures to show you. Yes, this will come to as a shock, I found some new to me thrifty dishes and want to share some of my finds with you.

Let me show you my latest little redo for our yard.

I got this little decorative stick basket with the little pots in it. I paid $1.00 for it at SA.

I thought it was a cute little piece.

As you can see in this picture, one of the handles was broke off.

I really liked the natural stick look of it.

So, I decided it looked like a nice home for some little birds.

I glued in some Spanish moss, little resin birds and a sprig of a red flowers.
A little blue and yellow bird.

I had a metal stake that I just ran through the piece and stuck in the ground near our door. It is snuggled between the Applemint and the Lemon Balm. LOL
It's kind of my spin on a birdhouse. Total cost of project= $2.80

Now for a few thrifty dish treasures!

During my big thrifty adventure a couple of weeks ago, I snagged some new dishes. I know, you guys were getting worried that I was running low on dishes right?

I liked this retro blue and green leaf dishes. I thought the colors were pretty and soft.

25 pieces for $19.99? I don't think so! Nope, I hit the 5/$5.00 sale and yellow stickers were the featured color sticker that day. So, I got the entire set for $1.00!!

Okay, I just could not resist this little blue and white teapot dessert plate!

I even paid $2.00 for this one plate! That is almost unheard of for me!!

I was at St. Vincent's, which I rarely go to any more because they have just gotten so high in their pricing, but I was in the neighborhood and stopped in. I always see things I would like to have but, like I said, their prices are insane! I picked up this large blue glass candlestick. They had several matching pieces to this. I don't have any of this style and color of glassware. I really liked it but, it was priced at $7.00! What do they think they are? An antique store? So, I went to put it back on the shelf and missed the shelf! Yup, it crashed to the floor. As if the loud glass crash wasn't embarrassing enough, I had the princess with me and she is saying, at the top of her lungs, "Mama broke the candle!"...."Yup mama, it's broken!". And she said this over and over! I was on the floor trying to pick up the pieces to take it to the register.

Two large chunks of glass broke off the base along with a few slivers. I took it up to the register and told the woman I was sorry and I would pay for it. She said, "No, it happens all the time." And then she threw the candlestick into the trash! I said, "Wait! Don't throw it away!" She told me that they couldn't sell it broken. I told her what if I paid her a couple of dollars and I would try to fix it. She said I could just have it. She grabbed it out of the trash and handed it to me. I asked for the broken pieces. She could only find one chunk in the trash can so, I took it home and glued the one piece back into place. Believe me, it took all my strength not to ask for the trash can and dig through it for the other piece!
I will just have the broken side facing a wall. I still think it is a beautiful candlestick!

So, that was my little project for the day along with some blue treasures! I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Come back tomorrow to see more colorful yard "art" that I acquired um... FREE and re-did a bit!

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  1. Diann,
    that stick basket is cute,and the way you fixed it up is perfect!
    love the blue candlestick.

  2. Diann....what a wonderful makeover on that sweet basket. Perfect garden decor :)


  3. Your little pots are just wonderful. I love the way you decorated them. So creative. All of your dishes and glass are fabulous too. You did really well, just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  4. The basket with the pots and birds is just delightful. I want to go thrifting with you! Great finds! Lovely mosaic.

  5. The 'birdhouse' is so cute. Great treasures you found and their pictures make a wonderful mosaic.

  6. What a creative idea for your find!

  7. Great post, I love your photos and what a great idea with the pots and the birds. Very cute!

  8. You always find the best stuff! I love the new home for your little birdies!


  9. I love the twig frame and the pots with the birds is perfect in the garden. You are so creative!! Now that blue candlestick broken or not is very pretty. I love that set of dishes for $1, girl that is one big time score!!! Such a cute teacup plate...$2 for you is a lot so you really wanted it!! Don't you love how 'helpful' our children can be!!

  10. Love the little pot holder. You really made it adorable! The birdies are such a cute idea - looks wonderful in your garden. Hope you had a wonderful holiday! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  11. Love the bird nests in the pots....great way to use an item that is least expected!

  12. What a sweet tweet of a project. I adore that blue candlestick too.

  13. Love the bird condo you made, it's really cute.
    Too bad about the candlestick, great shade of blue.

  14. Good way to use it. I wouldn't have thought of that.

  15. Love the Moon and Star's Candlestick holder. It's beautiful, even broken!

  16. Ok,
    I want to start with the bird nests...they are TOO cute! I love the way you stacked them vertically and those little birds peeking out...just precious! The dishes for $1.00...that should go down in thrift shopping history! That's an amazing find! And finally the candlestick...I'm sorry it broke, but yea for you to have such a pretty piece! What a terrific day you had! Thanks so much for sharing your treasures!
    Ms. Sharlotte's...Southern Reflections

  17. Omigosh, your little birdhouse is so cute! and I love your dishes, too. thanks so much for sharing your wonderful finds at MM :)

  18. Like the others -- lovin the stacked birdies... but I have to say I have had nights of not sleeping- worrying that you were running out of dishes ;)

    You made me crack up.

    Hugs darlin!


  19. I love that teapot plate. I love all your stuff! I know some of the thrift stores are getting pricey. I refuse to pay too high prices although I have paid a bit much for some items I absolutely loved! That broken candlestick looks lovely. You are quite a thrifty lil lady! Thank you for sharing! Happy 4th to you and yours Anne

  20. love that teapot plate, and what a great idea to use the twiggy find vertically. i like it!

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your kind comment on my garden veggies. i really am totally thrilled to be growing them!

  21. Diann, I love the twig basket and what you did with it too cute...now those blue/white plate I would have fought you for ha ha!! Hope you had a GREAT 4th my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  22. I LOVE the little birds in the pots! That is TOO cute!! Happy fourth of July! Hope your family had a 'blast' today! ;)

  23. The twig basket is lovely - stroke of genius to turn it on end.

    I really like the little teacup dessert plate - very sweet...

  24. Great idea to turn the pots on their side!! Love that dish with the teacups too!!

  25. Hi, Diann! Happy Fourth!

    Look at all your treasures! While I love all of the things you found, I just love those little birds... how sweet are they! But of course, you knew I was going to like the birds best, now didn't you??? ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  26. Beautiful finds, Diann! My favorite is the teapot plate...Christine

  27. I love art glass, Diann, and I have a couple of pieces of blue art glass. I do agree that your thrift shop is pricey, but this is a pretty piece.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  28. My thrift shops get high too and then the prices drop, I tend to think they realize the prices are too high and no one is rushing in anymore and they drop them down

    popping in from Rhoda's! <3

  29. you got all those dishes for one buck!? oh gosh! you lucky duck! that is a bargain and great find! I really love the teapot plate! sooo pretty! thanks for sharing. have a good day!

  30. Diann, you crack me up! I probably WOULD have asked to go through the can!
    xoxo Pattie

  31. Oh my goodness!! Those are awesome finds! You are always so creative.

  32. I'm just amazed at what you came up with for your little birdies! I would never have thought to go vertical with it. But it's cute as it can be. What a stroke of genius! And all those plates. I too love the one with the teacups. I'm mad for blue and white plates as it is.

  33. Diane,
    You amaze me at your thrifty finds! The little bird house looks adorable in your garden and the dishes are beautiful. I LOVE the blue & white plate with the tea cups on it! So glad you were able to keep the blue candle holder. I was waiting to read that you went through the trash basket to find the other pieces of glass. :-) That would have been hard for me too.

    I hope you have a blessed week!


  34. Adorable birdhouse. It made me squeal out loud! :o)

  35. Diann, you have the best ideas. How cute is that? I love your little bird display you made. And your finds are super. I love the blue glass. Oh... I wish it were the weekend so I could head back out and shop, shop, shop. We're looking at selling our house and buying another, so I may have to put a slight damper on my yard salen for a while. :-( i'll just have to get my fix by visiting your blog.

    Have a fantastic day,

  36. Diann,
    I really like the Bird nest re do!! How cute it is and what a great idea!!

    The dishes are so elegant looking and I love the plate with the blue and white tea cups on it!!
    What a great post today!!


  37. I love the basket - that's so cute! Great plates too!

    (Come on over - I’m hosting a giveaway this week!)

  38. awww your basket/ terracotta pot idea was so cute!!! Love the price too! Cute dishes and nice score with the blue glass! It would have taken all I could too to go through their trash for the other piece!

  39. love the blue plates and other blues on the bottom..
    what creative blue post!

  40. The bird house is so creative and oh my goodness I would have felt the same way about the candlestick! Good for you for rescuing it.

  41. Love the basket with the pots and how you very creatively decorated it here! That is a great idea and, of course, it doesn't have to be used for plants, which is what I might have just thought right away. I love your teapot plate! What a great pattern and find.

  42. Those birds in the pots are so cute!

  43. Love the little post with the birds. I'd just sit nearby to see if it confuses real birds :)
    The dishes were a terrific find! Congratulations - very lovely,
    An oops becomes an Ahh! Love the story!
    I hope you stop on by my blog - I have two giveaways this month!

  44. Wow you did so well thrifting. I love the dishes and the bird house is adorable. You did such a great job putting it together.
    Its too bad about the candlestick...I wonder what other goodies were in that garbage can.
    Thank you for sharing...
    have a loving day
    and come by and visit some time..


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