A Little Black & White Outside

Hi Everyone!

Although I have been adding a lot of splashes of color to our little lawn area this year, I also have a little "Black and White". Now keep in mind, this is still a work in progress. As I get things done and added, I will show you.

I showed you a couple of weeks ago a few of my "Freebie" curbside pickups. The white wicker chair and the little wicker table. They both need repair but, until I get to that, right now they are just creating a little black and white vignette outside.

I did clean and spray paint the little table white. That made a huge improvement!

Here is the before:


You remember my thrift find birdcage? Well, that went from green to black.

Troy did a little dumpster diving the other day and found several large plant pots. They were in good condition but, needed a little TLC.


I knew I wanted to paint it black.


It looks much better. But, it still needed something. I went to my craft supplies and dug out this wall sticker that I had bought for a different project way back when and never used. So, I will just use it on the pot.

Hum, it is a light grey translucent sticker. Not gonna show up. Oh yes it will! I'll just spray paint it white!

Let's see if that works! Oooh, I like it!

After After:

I added a poor neglected Dehlia plant to it. I got it clearanced at Walmart for $1.50. And now she is coming back to life! Yippee! Yes, it was way worse than this picture!

And yup, that is my freebie curbside wicker chair.

Then I took this black iron candlestick that I showed you along with this iron and glass thing, I am not sure what it originally was for but, I got it for $1.00. One of the blue metal square planters with the pretty little decorative "cage" thing around it that I got at the flea market and made this.


First I spray painted the square iron thing black. It was originally a bronzy brown color. Then I had to glue the square glass piece onto the square iron piece.

I glued the glass to the candlestick. I also painted the metal planter black and the wire cagey thing white.

I ended up with a small little table which I topped with the metal planter filled with white petunias.


Last weekend I hit a moving sale. Okay, people call it an "estate" sale but, if you saw this house you just couldn't bring yourself to use the word estate in connection to it! But, I did get some cool stuff for very low prices!

And one of those things, was this white wicker box. As you can see, the lid is missing. But, I thought it was still in pretty decent shape and for $1.00 I decided to take it home with me! It will get some redo help in the near future but I thought I would show you it anyway.

So, that is my "Black & white" area in my yard. Like I said, it is still a work in progress.

Here is how much that area cost me:

White wicker chair ~ FREE (curbside pickin)

Wicker table ~ FREE (curbside pickin)

Candlestick ~ $1.00 (SA)

Square iron & glass thing ~ $1.00 (Yard sale)

Square planter ~ .20 cents (part of a grouping bought for $1.00 at Flea Market)

Large planter ~ FREE (dumpster dive)

Delhia ~ $1.50 (Walmart clearance)

White petunias ~ $1.25 (Walmart)

Dirt ~ FREE (our compost)

Spray paint ~ $2.00 (Home Depot)

Wicker box ~ $1.00 (estate sale)

Bird cage ~ $2.94 (Value World)

Wall stickers ~ $1.00 (from craft stash)

Total cost ~ $11.89

Not bad!

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  1. Very nicely done!


  2. You have found some really cute things. Love the table and chair and the trunk is wonderful. Your little table you made is just way too cute. Your little black and white corner is so cute. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  3. Diann
    Good taste and creativity is always good, and you have two ...
    The table and chair were beautiful ... Ohhh! as I wanted!


    Tina (Sonhar e Realizar)

  4. I just love your little black and white corner, it's so pretty! I really like the little side table you created and the words on the pot is precious.

    Great job.


  5. I'd have never thought of painting the decals white. Such ingenuity. Love the black and white theme. Your wicker pieces are great.

  6. I am so envious of bloggers' thrift finds. Most of the stuff in my area is not exactly low cost, or maybe I'm just too cheap. You did an awesome job on your black and white.

  7. Oh Diann it is amazing what a little dumpster diving, paint and a creative mind can get you. I love the words on the planter...you really did a nice job with everything. My link is up now too....I actually changed the button a little bit you will see:)

  8. Such cool finds , my dear! I love the words you put on your pot .COOOooool

  9. I really like your black and white area. I am also rather partial to the verbiage on your black pot! I love the little table you created! Great job and so creative!

    ~ Tracy

  10. How pretty! I love wicker and the black and white is tres romantic.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Purseapalooza giveaway

  11. Oh I love what you are doing with the wicker finds. Black and white look so cool. My favorite is the planter with the words on them. When I come to visit we have to do crafts also!!!!

  12. PURTY! Love your wicker finds. I keep Krylon in business buying white paint for my white wicker.
    You did well! Love your little b and w area...great idea with the letters too!

  13. Hi, so nice to find your happy yet frugal place. I like it! Will follow. Found you b/c of the B&A party at Debbies. Great finds and love your use of them! ~olive

  14. What a great idea! I have seen these stickers at the dollar store, but never thought to use them like this!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! The pie is addictive!!!

  15. Everything looks great, I love your planter!

  16. What a lot of great ideas! my favorite is the black planter with the lettering! Way cute!


  17. You must be the queen of thrifty for all of this great bounty...I love that chair...it would be the perfect photography background for lots of things!!!

  18. Diann, you are brilliant! That little table is so cute, and your other finds look great too. I would never have thought to paint that sticker! How clever! laurie

  19. Everything looks beautiful! I love black and white with pops of color! Your pot turned out beautifully!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  20. Your projects turned out soooo nice! Such a deal!
    Joyce M

  21. Super fabulous job of work on it all...it looks great against the red brick.

    My Wednesday post -Tall Sail Ships Arriving. Lots of photos! Hope you can come take the tour with me!

  22. love curbside finds, you found some amazing ones! that wicker chair is fabulous!

  23. I found a wicker chair and ottoman on the side of the road too! I haven't painted it yet, but I thought who in their right mind would just put that on the curb? Great job on the painting.

  24. I love curbside finds! Your black and white spot looks terrific, and I especially like that big wicker box. And that chair is definitely the star!
    Happy White Wednesday!

  25. You scored big time with that curbside wicker chair...it's beautiful!!!!!


  26. Great job! I think it is wonderful to get such good freebies and fix em up! I especially love what you did with your planter with the words!

  27. I'm always a bit timid about curbside finds. Do I take them or not? I should be braver and perhaps I will be after seeing all of your fabulous finds!!

    Susan and Bentley

  28. Great finds! I love finding things on the cheap! I think that white wicker box will make a great planter.

  29. Great finds! I just found a huge parrot cage I plan to paint and make a planter. I'll have to post before and after pictures.I enjoyed my visit, hope you will come by sometime.

  30. I love that pot! What a great idea to put vinyl on it! Actually your whole little garden area is adorable -- you've done a wonderful job!!

  31. Stopping by from debbiedoos party! Wow! What awesome makeovers and great savings!! I just redid our patio set and it was alot of work but didn't cost much money! Love how it turned out!

  32. A perfect display for Yard Art Thursday! Love it! :)

  33. Diann, You truly do a gift both for finding a bargain, and for creating something beautiful. Love the little area with your wicker chair and box. I really like how you re-did the pot. It looks so pretty!

  34. Wow! I really enjoyed seeing your thrifty projects. It's amazing what people throw out and more amazing what people like you can do with those rejects.

    Very fun post!


  35. I am loving your projects...especially the garden chair and the pot! thanks for linking in...I always love to stop over and see what you are thriftin !

  36. as for the question about moonlight gardens....you have now got my interest peaked...and I more than likely can blame you for a new project!!!! haha

  37. you're doing what I want to do in retirement or when I get time. Just watching for sales. I hated it last week when I saw a sale on my street, but was not running early to work so I had to pass it up. I called and sent hubby there for a really cool bouncer for the girls. Great finds you have there.

  38. All for 12.00! I am inspired and a little jealous. :-) They look beautiful after you've added your touch to each of them!


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