Just a Couple of Little Thrifty Makeovers

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a good week so far! I have just a couple of wee little makeovers for you today. You might remember this post from last month when I made my monogram frame. Well, I still have plenty of the black toile tissue paper left and I kept looking at the frame and the little table and thought something is missing.

Recently at a yard sale, I saw these two little mirror wall hanging things. The mirrors were broken inside (why the yard sale seller didn't take them out is beyond me). I bought the pair for .25 cents with a little redo in mind.

The mirrors were glued onto a piece of paper and that was all there was for a backing.

So I removed the mirror and paper and sprayed painted them black.

I needed to come up with some kind of card board back and I just used what I had!

Then I got out the old Mod Podge and the tissue paper and covered the cardboard.

Oops. I forgot how delicate tissue paper is when it comes in contact with Mod Podge! Okay, back in the house for another piece of cardboard.

I glued the cardboard in place and then used a little trim that matched the frame I did and glued it around the edges. Troy says he likes the "Pop Art" look of the back side! LOL

And now I have a little wall grouping above the small side table. this is the first time I have ever done a grouping on the wall so low to fit with the decor on a table. It is new to me and I am not sure how I feel about it yet. LOL I will have to just "wear" it for awhile and see how it feels.

And here is just a new small addition to the yard. I found this round wicker mirror a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale. It was only $1.00 so, I thought, why not? I have a bunch of free and thrifted wicker going on at the side yard, maybe I could work this in. Of course, the green had to go.

You guessed it! Out came the white spray paint!

Troy and I did a little curbside crawling last week and found this trellis in the trash. It had a few pieces missing but, they were laying on the ground next to it. A little bit of hammering and it was just fine.

Although I hung it, I am looking for another large heavy candlestick to turn it into a small side table. I think it would make a cute table to have next to a lawn chair to set your iced tea down on. I seem to be hooked on turning big candlesticks into yard pieces these days! LOL

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  1. Diann, I tink what you did with the mirrored pair was very creative and turned out ptrtty.


  2. Wow..super cool..i so love the black makeovers...just gorgeous! You are awesome and so creative!! yay!

  3. Diann I really like the makeovers and the small grouping on the wall looks great. I would have to live with the low grouping and see how I like it also. Cute how the mirror looks outside!!!

  4. Hi Diann,
    You are so clever! I love what you did with the frames and the wicker mirror. Looks cute outside.


  5. Diann, you are just so smart!!! Love these!! And I love using mirrors in the yard
    xoxo Pattie

  6. great job Diann! I love what you did with the frames!

  7. Hi Diann....you are getting so good at this stuff....I am super impressed! They look great. I just came home from vaca and catching up...I miss you guys! Thanks for joining in on the party. Debbie

  8. Recently found your blog and I have to say "LOVE your make-over style"

  9. So crafty good - I mean, really!

  10. They turned out wonderfully. I especially like your mirror/trellis combo. NICE!

  11. Diann it all looks wonderful! You artwork is gorgeous. Great idea!

  12. Some great makeovers here! Love what you created with the broken mirrors! very clever! And the sprayed wicker mirror looks wonderful to vary the yard art!


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