It Is Lightly Raining

Hi everyone!

Here it is 8:30 Thursday evening and we have a beautiful light rain going on outside. What makes it so beautiful? Well, first off, and very importantly, it is bringing in a cooler front! I actually feel like making a pot of coffee or tea and sitting out on the patio under the umbrella and just enjoy the evening and the light rain.

I decided to take a couple of pictures of some flowers with the pretty raindrops on them.

Now I have seen some beautiful Dalhia's you all have. I know mine is not the prettiest one but, I am very proud of it because it was a very sad dying plant when I picked up out of the clearance area. And she is finally coming to life and getting healthier every day.

Okay, now what on earth are these rather funky looking flowers you ask?

Give up? That would be the shoots of garlic. This is a little early for this area to have garlic flowering but, it got hot fast here this Spring. As soon as these flowers die it will mean garlic can be harvested.

And here is my cute little bird bath statuary surrounded by applemint. I love applemint infused iced tea! I just add a fistful of smashed up leaves to my steeping tea. When I take out the tea bags I also take out the mint leaves. Just a really nice flavor!

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  1. I love a cooling rain! That sounds like some very yummy tea! I love that little bird bath!

  2. We've been having rain every day for a week but it doesn't last long enough for it to cool off much. Love the flower pics, especially the one with the little bird statuary. Applemint sounds like something I'd like in tea. I'll check the nursery to see if they have any.

  3. Diann, send some of that cool our way! It's going to be sweltering again tomorrow. Your flowers look so pretty
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Diann,
    What beautiful flowers...thanks so much for sharing them with all of us!


  5. Very nice...psst, your dahlia I believe is a zinnia...

  6. Very pretty photos with the raindrops! Your flowers look very healthy. The applemint sounds good. I think I will experiment with mint in pots next year.

  7. Good morning, Diann. I love the photos, especially the raindrops. Your flowers are looking so wonderful. And I think Darla may be right, I think those are zinnias you have pictured there. ;-) Hope you're having lovely weather and a beautiful day,

  8. I wish we would get a cooling front...nothing but heat and humidity until the middle of September. Your flowers are looking good, Diann.

  9. Pretty pictures. I meant to get some garlic scapes to make pesto this year but didn't get around to it.

  10. Thankfully we had a bit of rain this morning , what a relief. Sadly the sun is out and starting to heat up again.But it was so refreshing while it was here. Your flowers look so soft and pretty with the raindrops :) Always makes them look so Fresh :) Everything has been Early around here this Season ??
    And your Zinnias look like they are picking up nicely :)
    Have a Wonderful weekend ~

  11. beautiful flowers rain esp. right now is a blessing

  12. your flowers look so pretty with the raindrops on them!!! great flaunt...thanks for linking in!


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