I’m Back with a Little Red & White

Hi everyone! Well, that was an unexpected mini vacation!  Almost 4 days with no internet access. Don’t worry, I think the shaking will stop soon! LOL

On the one hand it was nice to just throw some clothes in a bag, grab some groceries and head up to our trailer knowing that it was all set up and we didn’t have to do anything when we got there. On the other hand, we have a bunch of stuff that we were in the middle of doing at home and not to mention, this coming Saturday we leave for our summer vacation camping trip for 2 weeks.

Oh well, when life throws you lemons, you throw them in the cooler and head out camping!

And all of you should know by now, that I took advantage of this time to discover a few thrifting venues! LOL

I only have one red item to show you. At a big flea market that was going on in a neighboring town, I found some awesome bargains.

First up is this red and pink afghan. I don’t knit or crochet but, I always respect the time and work that goes into an afghan. This one is a full size afghan. When I saw it, it reminded me of a candy cane and it was only $1.00! So, I got it thinking it would be cute to throw over the bed at Christmas.

7-10 inventory 121

I like the ruffly edge to it.

7-10 inventory 122

As for some whites, I got several things.

7-10 inventory 072

A set of two of these medium sized flower bowls for .50 cents

7-10 inventory 071

7-10 inventory 073

Two of these pink and white doilies. These were found at the end of the day and the woman ended up selling them to me for .75 for the pair. They are so pretty and delicate.7-10 inventory 074

7-10 inventory 099

This large platter was marked at some way too high price but, after it didn’t sell, I told the woman I would give her $1.00 for it. And that is what I paid or it. hey, if you are going to try to sell something at a high price at the very least scrub it up. this platter is going to take some elbow grease to get all the dust and dirt out of the crevices!

7-10 inventory 100

7-10 inventory 141

This creamer and sugar is staying at the trailer because I didn’t have a set there. It was $1.00 for the pair

7-10 inventory 132

And I got this little duck tureen or .75 cents. It is missing the ladle.

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  1. Wow, you found some really great things. I love them all. The duck tureen is just precious and so is the platter. Love the sugar and creamer - ok, ok, I really like them all. Hugs, Marty

  2. A buck for the afghan ??? Man!!! Happy rednesday! wellllllll, ok and the white thingy too!

  3. Again such wonderful finds. I love the red and pink afghan! I also appreciate all the effort someone put into this. Now you found some very cool whites!! The duck tureen can meet my hen tureen!! Love that platter, doilies and the lotus bowls are very cute. Glad you are back even if just for a few days!

  4. Diann, you always find great things. I bet that platter would clean up nicely by just tossing it in the dishwasher! The cream and sugar are my favorites...the ladle is going to be mailed next week...promise!

  5. Diann, dang it! You find such good stuff! Love that afghan, and it does look like a great Christmas decoration. All of your white finds are great too. I have a duck tureen, but my duck doesn't have a cute little bow around his neck, and I probably paid more than that for mine!! Your bargain hunting skills rock. laurie

  6. What a great looking afghan and what a fabulous price!! All your treasures are awesome.
    Thanks for sharing them!
    The Tattered Tassel

  7. I know what you mean, I don't knt either, but I wo respect the hours of work put into it and then it sells for a dollar, the same with vintage linen. You got great prices my thrifty friend!


  8. Wow! Super finds. Love all the white dishes.

  9. Wondefull ! Seu afghan ESTÁ muito bonito e vai Ficar Bem sem Natal. Onde Comprar voce essas lindas e baratas Coisa tao. Vou parágrafo novembro em Nova York e precios saber Onde está ESTAS Lojas de 1 dólar.

  10. You found some really nice things. I especially like the afghan. I crochet and know that it took many hours to finish that one. $1 is an absolute steal for it.

    I also love the old platter. I have a soft toothbrush stashed under my kitchen sink just for scrubbing up items like that. It will be beautiful on display.

  11. Love to find treasures-especially if they're cheap-how wonderful!

  12. glad you got your power . loce the duck tureen. i can't do hand work so I would have to buy it or have none. your find was great have a good and a safe vacation.

  13. More great finds! Hope you have good weather for your camping trip!!!

  14. Great finds as usual! Love the platter and also the afghan. I like to pick those up too, if the price is right and I like the colors!

  15. Wow, what excellent and really thrifty finds...you did great!

  16. You did a great job on your finds. I really like them. I have several handmade afghans, but not one like your red. I like the trim on this one.

  17. You got some wonderful items and the prices cannot be beat. The tureen was a steal. Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. I also love the afghan. You bought many wonderful items at great prices. You sure know how to get a deal. I want to go shopping with you girl.

  19. i'm thinkin after your camping vacation you need to come here and show me the fine art of sales...i promise not to rub your belly for good luck!!! lol have a great day...your finds are always so cool! big hugs beth

  20. I adore all your finds! We do love our treasures, especially when we get them at a bargain price...LOL.

    So glad I stopped by to visit with you...


  21. OMG $1 for some of that....man I wanna go flea marketing with you!!!!

  22. Great great items!!!!! $1.00 for any of it is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!


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