I Need a Whack to the Head!

Sometimes a gently thump to the back of the head would help me to see the "big picture"!

I get...um...rather focused on what project or job I am doing that I forget about other aspects of my life. I know y'all are thinking, "No, not you Diann!".

I love and I do mean LOVE thrifting. And I love working on projects with my thrift finds. But, I have a tendency to totally get wrapped up in it. I have a husband? Get out! A 2 year old? Don't be silly! What I got is a bunch of projects to do!

This is where the Whack to the head comes in play!

I actually heard myself say a couple of weeks ago, "No, I don't want to go camping! I have too much stuff to do!". Umm, hello Diann! Stuff isn't going anywhere but, the chance to create some wonderful memories just flew past you!

So, when my parents asked yesterday if we wanted to go camping with them this weekend, I thought of all the stuff I had planned to do and started to say no.

Then I had a mental "Whack to the head"!

It's already July! Where did June go?

So, we are going camping. And more importantly, creating new fun memories!

Please take a moment to stop by both of these parties!

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  1. Yes...I find those whacks to be helpful sometimes, too! Have fun camping and making memories!

  2. praying your camping trip is all the memory-moments you want them to be...and you WON'T regret it ;)

  3. I seem to be doing a little of the same thing too Diann! My kids are off for Summer Vacation from school and I haven't taken them to the pool yet! In my defense we did go on vacation for 1 week in June and school didn't get out until the 8th of June but still...... Then there is the it's just too stinking hot to go to the pool! lol Which it is. My husband wants to take another vacation in August. I wouldn't mind to go but then there is the expense but then I think you only lives once and my parents never really took us on a real vacation. We would drive 3 hours to dad's sister's house and stay the weekend. He took us to Disney when I was 21. I was too old and didn't like it at all. I know, I just said that out loud! I didn't like it!

    Decisions, decisions, decisions!

    Hope you have a wonderful time camping!

  4. Yea for 'gentle' whacks to the head! We all need them sometimes. You will enjoy your camping I know. Relax, read, play with the Princess and snuggle with that hubby of yours!!

  5. Oh can I ever relate. I've been called a "homebody" (which I don't think I am) and I have even been accused of being agoraphobic (is that how you spell it?). I so agree that making memories is more important that projects, but it DOES take a whallop up side the head sometimes.

  6. my husband is the homebody and i can't get him to take time away from the house to learn and enjoy new experiences. i will keep trying.

  7. You know what? I totally get it! I do the same thing sometimes. But I know the things we do together with our families are more meaninful than the things we do to things, if you know what I mean. I'm trying to practice the art of being in the moment and living in the now and all that. Hmmmm. wonder how I'm doing?
    Thanks for linking to Heart and Home!
    Have fun this week.


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