I Did it Again! New Curbside Freebies!

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Okay, so I just finished putting away all my recent thrift finds. And it wasn't easy! Space is becoming very limited these days! When I come back from vacation, I will be doing some more serious culling!

So, being very proud of myself for getting my things put away and telling myself that I won't be acquiring much new things in the next couple of weeks because I will be gone camping (yeah, I know, not even I am believing that, but, I was pretending for the moment it could happen), what happens? Innocently minding my own business. Driving over to my my moms and suddenly my truck is pulling off the side of the road!

Do F150's get posessed? Was there a recall I haven't heard about?

Next thing I know we are idling in front of a big pile of trash beside the road. Oh, wait, what is that? A little round walnut table and a chair? Huh, better go check it out.

Okay, it's roughed up a bit. And it has a nasty veneer top to it but, that will just make me feel less guilty when I paint it!

I think with a little redoing magic, this set might be a nice addition to our Farm Market setup. Turn it into a cute little table to display some of our new products. What the heck, into the truck it goes!

Nosing around a little more, I found this fun fairy/pixie statue that was part of something else I assume. some one decided to use it as an ashtray. Yuck!

It has a couple of little knicked off pieces and I did find the little girls wings next to the pile of trash.

It is going to be perfect for a project I am going to do with another curbside freebie. It is a really nice large piece.

Okay, thank goodness the truck bed was empty and the rain storm is over. Of course, now it has "new" treasures in it. The F150 seems satisfied and ready to leave. So, off we go to mom's. SCREECH!! The F150 is off the road again! What the ....?

Oh, another trash pile. Okay, at this point it is best just to go with it and get out of the truck to investigate. Hum, the end table is kind of nice but, really trashed. Nope, don't need a baby swing. One lonely ski gets ignored. Oh, what is that back there behind the broken base cabinet?

How cute is this folding wood chair! Oh, that SO went into the back of the truck lickity split!

The white and light aqua blue colors are so perfectly shabby just the way it is.

So, those were my recent curbside freebies.

I am joining:

Debbiedoos GaRage Salen' (I swear Debbie, these treasures were within 40 feet of a garage! Honest!)

Blue Monday (I sure hope Sally will allow aqua blue to the party!)

Today's Thrift Treasures (what more thrifty than free?)


  1. What great Feebies you got.
    Please sign me up for the giveaway.
    I don't think anyone has recalled the F150 as of yet.LOL

  2. Great treasures. I sure wish it wasn't against the law here to put things on the curb. We have to wait for twice a year and they have special days, then a big truck comes by and snaps them all up. So not going to find anything on the street around here at all. You rescued some great treasures. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  3. I NEVER find anything on the side of the road. You have a real knack for finding great curbside items. Can't beat free!!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. All terrific treasures Diann!!


  5. Ha that is so funny Diann...these totally meet party requirement...I love them...you are a lucky duck! Thanks for joining in....and have a wonderful weekend. I love the chair!

  6. Diann you find such terrific free stuff! I never see free stuff on the curb in my nieghbor hood However the lady around the corner did set a recliner out that said free. But I did not need it and it was one more thing to move when we move.

  7. Great finds. I never see things on the side of the road that are worth stopping for.

  8. Hi Diann,
    I want to follow you around the neighborhood! You have a great eye for junk, err,ah, treasures!
    I love what you said about not feeling guilty when you pain the top of that table because it's not wood! LOL
    Do you have a secret for making the paint stick to veneer?

    The best find is that sweet wooden folding chair and the cherubs.


  9. Great free roadside finds. The little table and chair SWEET!!! It will make a darling display piece.
    I want to go roadside shopping with you!
    Deb :)

  10. OMG, where do yo find such things, Diann? I never see any where we live. Maybe I should move, lol. I love the pedestal and the chair....Christine

  11. Wow. Diann those are some great finds. I love the pixie piece...cant wait to see what you will use it for. I was out on Wednesday night myself with my teen and she's a cooperating partner in crime. I snagged some snack tables and an nice end table. Now I just need to paint them up.

  12. I was so good the last 2 days - did not even check the garage sale ads. Now you have me wanting to run out (in the rain) and clear out the back of the van in case I can not resist leaving the house tomorrow.
    I do miss my pickup.

  13. Wow! I can't believe what some people throw out! I love your adorable fairy statue! It looks like it was the base of a birdbath, I think? And your folding chair is great, too! Great finds, even better price :) Saw you over at Debbie Doos.

  14. You are the Queen! Can't wait to see what you find on the side of the road next week!

  15. You are too funny Diann! Great curbside finds! Especially love the little folding chair and the fairy statue. It looks like it may have been the base for a bird bath, feeder or gazing ball. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with it.

    ~ Tracy

  16. How cool can't wait to see how it all turns out. Love the pixie statue.

    :) Michelle

  17. You find the best things. I hardly ever see anything on the side of the road much less such a cute table. That will look fab in your Farmer's Market stand. Love the little folding chair and can't wait to see what you do with that cute fairy stand (ugh ashtray?)

  18. Nothing thriftier than free. I have just recently found a few curb side treasures! Great find! I came over from Debbiedoos


  19. I never seem to be in the right place at the right time for the road side goodies..The F150 has a good nose for good stuff.

  20. Diann,
    What fantastic finds !! Lucky you!!


  21. Hi Diann,
    That is so neat that you found the same wire candle holder wall sconce that I did! I am trying to get ideas to redo mine, and looked on previous posts of yours to see if you blogged about it, but I didn't come across anything. I would love to hear what you did with yours! Thanks!

  22. Great finds! I love to trash pick!

  23. i never have luck like yourself finding treasures . Rose

  24. I live in an apartment complex and you wouldnt believe the good stuff people throw away in or next to the trash dumpster!

  25. Any shade of blue will do!

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  26. What treasures you find on curbside. YOu do not see things like that in this area on the curb or at yardsales either for that matter. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Too funny! Great finds! You have a very smart truck!



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