Glasses, Glasses, Glasses!

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Okay, it is official! As of right now, I have way too much glassware!! Why now you ask? Well, before we left for the trailer, I had thrifted a little and found several, okay more than several sets of glasses for ridiculously low prices!

And then, while camping I went to a flea market, I just could not help myself, there was a box of glasses. Now, for the most part, they were mystery glasses because they were all wrapped up in those throwaway patient gowns you get in the ER. Why those. I don’t know. But, I could only see the top few glasses. It was 94 degrees and I had no desire to sit on the gravel and go through the entire box. I asked the guy if the box was completely filled with glassware. He said yes. I asked how much, and he said $5.00 for the box. I said No. After haggling and walking away, he called me back and I got the mystery box of glasses for $1.00. Just for the fun of going through a mystery box of goodies was well worth a buck to me!

Some of these sets I will keep. some will stay at the trailer and some will get sold.

Okay, first the sets I got while I was still at home.

7-10 inventory 046

Just a nice basic set of 8 wine glasses. this is nice because I do not have a matching set of 8 of anything! LOL.

7-10 inventory 048

A set of 3 glasses with a black swirl around them. Cheap because there was only 3.

7-10 inventory 050

Set of 2 purple glass stemware.

7-10 inventory 052

A set of 4 blue smoky glass stemware.

7-10 inventory 054

Nice simple glass coffee glasses.

7-10 inventory 056

A set of 4 gold rimmed etched glasses.

Okay, those were the ones I bought before I went to the trailer. here is the mystery box glasses.

7-10 inventory 075

Yippee! LOL

7-10 inventory 076

First up, a pair of these milk glass coffee mugs. I was so excited to see these because I have 3 identical ones at home.

7-10 inventory 077

A set of 3 pretty aperitif glasses.

7-10 inventory 080

Set of 3 pretty etched wine glasses.

7-10 inventory 082

A set of 2 very filthy but, pretty etched glasses.

7-10 inventory 084

Another find I was happy to see was this set of 6 frosted tall glasses. I have a set of the small and medium glasses that match these.

7-10 inventory 085

Set of 5 small etched stemware.

7-10 inventory 087

Set of 3 plain glass soda glasses.

7-10 inventory 117

I don’t know why I left these out of the overall picture but, here they are. A set of 4 frosted soda glasses.

Can you see why I couldn’t resist this box for a buck!?

So, when I get back from our vacation, I will be doing some serious culling out of my glassware shelves. Oh, it will be such a sad day! :(

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  1. Diann, I don't know how you do it! Amazing buys!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Wow, what a fabulous group of glasses. They are all wonderful and all so different. You really did get a lot. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  3. I wish our town had half of the stuff some of you guys find in blogland. Great finds!

  4. And to think, the only glasses we ever had growing up were the ones that we won at the state fair by tossing a dime into them.

    Maybe you should set up a dime toss at the street fairs this summer and make lots of money and get rid of your surplus glasses!

  5. YOU are BARGAIN BETTY! WHAT awesome deals! I love love the frosted glasses! thanks for sharing on cindy's show and tell!

  6. Diann, I am smiling at him calling you back and asking for a dollar...woman, how do you do it, time and again? You scored some really nice glasses.

  7. Diann I so agree the box was worth $1 just for the fun and then SCORE! Love them. There are some really pretty glasses in there. Oh the decisions of what to keep. Love some of the stemware you got before the trip! You and I are going Junkin one day together, we just have too!!!

  8. Awesome find! Those various shapes and sizes of glass ware is gorgeous. I need to shop with you! Anne

  9. That was a fantastic buy for $1.00. I love the blue ones. Thanks for sharing.

  10. what a great find and a bargain too! love the classes with etches on it! perfect use for summer!

  11. Neat stuff! I have those milk glass cups too.
    Great blog. I'll be back!
    Ladybug Creek

  12. Oh mother had a set of 16 of those frosted gold rimmed glasses. Now you got me wondering what happened to them.

    My Friday Blog - Monkey See, Monkey Do

    Hope your weekend treats you well!!

  13. WOW!! What a stash!! So many great glasses !!!
    Terrific finds!!


  14. You found some beautiful glasses! as you always do!

  15. wow! where does all the glassware go? love white milk cups. have a good day. Rose


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