Garage Sale Finds

A Garage sale sign I chanced to see
with lots of bargains just for me!

I looked in boxes, bags and nooks.
Saw dishes, clothes and lots of books.

There were candlesticks, toys, jewelery and trays.
Nothing caught my eye, it was one of those days.

So I walked off the lawn and got ready to go,
leaving empty handed made me feel so low.

I had hoped for a bargain or two, three or four.
Then, I turned around and saw there was more!

There was dusty old furniture stacked in a pile.
I knew right then, I would be there awhile.

I moved and shoved and pushed things around
And just couldn't believe what I had found!

I only had a $5.00 bill with me
but, the seller said she would settle for three!

So, I walked away with my treasures in hand
The happiest thrifter in all the land!

Okay, that was super corny! Sorry, I was possessed by 12 year old girl who thinks she can write poetry!

Moving along.

Although that was a bad poem, the story was true.

I stopped by this yard sale kind of late in the day. The woman hosting it really was wanting to get rid of all her stuff. By the time I stopped, everything was pretty picked over. So, when I was getting ready to leave, the hostess asked what I was looking for. I told her nothing in particular, just looking for bargains. She asked me if I needed any stools. I said, "I don't know. What do you have?" LOL

She took me to the "pile" of furniture things. She told me that anything I find was $1.00 each. Now that motivated me to start grubbing around!

This is what I found:

The little step stool she just threw in for free.

A vintage cube stool that was originally used as a sewing box. It is in really great shape. That smashed corner is not permanent, it just got smashed with a box on top of it in my truck. How do you like that vintage gold and white design vinyl? I have actually been looking for one of the cubes for our trailer. I need one for extra seating or to put out feet up on. We have very little seating in our trailer.

You have gotten glimpses of this wicker box. The hinged top was missing. But, I knew it would look great in my pretty extremely thrifty black and white area. We decided that for now, it was going to be used as a planter box. The other night, when Troy took the trash to the dumpster....oh, y'all already know whats coming huh? He found an old white wall cabinet. So, it came home. He ripped it apart and used the pieces to create an flower box inside and lined it with white trash bags. All of the flowers were free and on their last legs. Hopefully, now that they are planted, they will begin to perk up.

I really like this little storage stool and am not sure how I am going to refinish it yet. But, some inspiration will pop up.

And this little step stool is now the princess' stool to use to get to the sink and wash her hands.

So, that was my $3.00 yard sale adventure! Have you been finding some fun deals?

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  1. Thanks Diann for joining are such a loyal gal inspite of your being away and all:)Well you had some great stuff to share with us all, and I love what you did to the wicker finds indeed! Debbie

  2. Great finds! I love that sewing cube storage unit...that is great!

  3. Wow, you scored! I love the white wicker trunk, what a great idea to use it as a planter!

  4. Diann you scored again my friend!! I love how the wicker turned out as a planter. It looks so great out there! Two storage footstools. The vintage sewing one is awesome and I love that vinyl so cool. The other one I love the legs on it. Great little step for the Princess also. Whoo Hoo!!

  5. Diann, my favorite is your white wicker flower box!! I didn't go thrifting this week. I had a yard sale today and sold about 165.oo worth of stuff. I forgot to take pictures.

  6. I like all your finds Diann! the wicker box made a great flower container for the garden.

    Love it all!


  7. I liked your poem and thought it was very creative! I also liked your $3.00 worth of goodies. Great finds and it's great you already know how you are going to use them.

  8. What great finds. I often find that I can be the last one at a garage sale and still find great things, people just don't see the beauty or possibilities in the stuff we love


  9. Cute poem. Great idea to make the wicker "stool" into a planter. It looks very cute with the flower hanging over the edges.

  10. Loved the poem! You scored with these finds!

  11. You did really well for your self, Diann. The wicker planter is my favorite, followed closely by the step stool.

    Have a great week! La

  12. you find the best things! we just discovered a new flea market...i hope to have some treasures soon!


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