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Hi everyone! It's time for Sunday Favorites! This week I am kind of cheating. I am using a post from last week. The reason for that is, I told you guys that I was going to paint the frames of these two pictures. And I did. They came out great and so I thought I would show you. The pictures of the painted frames are at the bottom of the post. I am always so amazed at how just a quick change like painting a frame can make in the over all look of something! The pictures are now hanging in our hallway.

I hope y'all are having a wonderful 4th of July!!

Last week I wrote a post about thrifting for frames oppose to the pictures themselves. Well, I got a lot of pictures to use the frames but, I also picked up some pictures actually for the pictures.

I have very odd tastes in things. LOL I prefer to call it unconventional. Doesn't that sound so much nicer? Things just catch my eye. Even as I look at the item and think, "this so does not match my decor", I buy it anyway. Why? Because it made me smile or touched me in some other way.

I decided a long time ago that if something makes me happy, then it will fit into my decor! I did the whole "everything matches and fits just right" look in my home a long time ago. I liked it. I was proud of it. Then I got bored. I decided that the decor just showed a small portion of my personality. And it is my home, therefore, it should show more than just a little of me in it!

So, my big moral to this post is, "buy what makes you smile or what touches you." It will fit. Don't buy what fits or is suppose to fit". That is the difference between a House and a Home.

So, with all that said, here are two pictures I picked up. They are both by the artist, Anton Pieck. He had such a fun look and feel to his illustrations! They both made me smile. And they both were marked down to .95 each!

This picture is called, "The Watchmaker's Shop".

The second picture is called "The Old Print Shop"

I think I am going to just paint the frames black because they are pretty scruffed up. I want them kept simple and I plan to hang them in the hallway.

A little about the artist:

Who's Anton Pieck ?

Anton Pieck is in the Netherlands best known for his romantic illustrations and as the creative force behind one of Europe’s leading theme parks - the Dutch fairy theme park De Efteling, a kind of Disneyland. However, he was in fact a very versatile artist, judging from his drawings, illustrations, oil paintings and graphic work.

His work resembles contemporary artist Swedish-American Gustav Tenggren, but Pieck’s work is far more detailed and portraits the very typical, charming Dutch way of life. His quaint 19th century scenes have appeared on millions of Christmas cards worldwide. A favorite theme was daily life, although often in an idealized version of the 18th and 19th centuries in which the rags of the poor are more picturesque than pathetic
Painting and illustrating are skills the Dutch are well known for. After all, paintings by Dutch artists hang in museums all over the world ! Some of the best-known Dutch painters are Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Steen, Johannes Vermeer, Pieter Mondriaan and Karel Appel.

Illustrators like Marjolein Bastin, creator of the character “Vera the Mouse” and Dick Bruna, creator of the “Miffy” character are also well known worldwide, but there’s one Dutch illustrator who never got the recognition worldwide I think he deserves... his name is Anton Pieck.

Anton Pieck is in the Netherlands best known for his romantic illustrations and as the creative force behind one of Europe’s leading theme parks - the Dutch fairy theme park De Efteling, a kind of Disneyland. However, he was in fact a very versatile artist, judging from his drawings, illustrations, oil paintings and graphic work.

“I want to give a bit of romance”, he once said in an interview with The Associated Press, “There is nothing romantic now.” Pieck’s Dutch publishers have estimated that 4 to 6 million of his Christmas cards are being sold annually around the world while sales of his nostalgic calendars amount to hundreds of thousands each year.

Also in the English expenditure of Dickens' boasted work 'A Christmas Carol' became Pieck's drawings taken.

An Extraordinary Artistic Talent

Anton Pieck was born in 1895 in the Dutch city of Den Helder. Both he and his twin brother Henri had a remarkable talent for drawing. Anton won his first prize for art at the age of 11 with a still life in watercolor at a craft exhibition, for which he received five tubes of paint and a fixative atomizer. Both brothers enroll in art college where they study drawing and painting, and learn about perspective, anatomy and art history. They graduate at the age of 17.

While Henri enrolls in a course at the Amsterdam Academy for Fine Arts Anton goes on to teach drawing, a tragic waste of his extraordinary talent. He educates himself further by following evening classes and in 1920 receives a permanent teaching post at Kennemer Secondary School in Overveen, where he is to be employed until his retirement
Anton Pieck passed away in Overveen, the Netherlands on November 25, 1987 at the age of 92. An unfinished drawing was found pinned to his drawing board. Over the years, he made some 1500 designs from small to large for the Efteling. Many of them can be found in the park while others are carefully preserved.

Source: HubPages

Freshly painted picture frames...


  1. The frames look great! I's truly amazing how paint can change anything and make it look so good..It Happy 4th of July!....Christine

  2. Love the frames painted black. They look great and I think make the prints look much better. Have a super 4th. Hugs, Marty

  3. What an amazing change painting those frames makes. I love how the pictures really how off better now.

    Have a great 4th of July!!

  4. Stopping by to wish you a wonderful 4th of July! Hope your day is a nice one!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  5. Hi Diann,
    I love these prints and the freshly painted black frames. Your taste is a lot like mine :)
    Happy 4th of July to you!! Hugz, Mary

  6. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh...I love these two prints/paintings that you thrifted! Love the look and feel of them! They certainly turned out beautiful in your freshly redone thrifted frames!!! Beautiful, Diann!!! You know, I am with you about the decorating/style thing! I have always believed that if you are really in love with an object, etc. and place it in your home...that in the end it all "comes together"! It's funny that I posted about "What's Your Style" for Sunday Favorites today. I would describe the room that I chose as being very eclectic...of course, with the Paris Apartment style look! Hehe! I really am an eclectic kind of gal. My master bedroom is kind of olden living room is traditional, my dining room is french country...and I have a shabby chic bedroom! Hehe!!! Anyway, I'm rambling! I do love those pretty prints and I do think they look like YOU, sweet lady!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us for Sunday Favorites this week...and the idea that you can create some really beautiful things...thrifting!!!

    Wishing you and your sweet family a very Happy 4th of July!!!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. that really makes their color POP!!
    happy 4th!


    pick 2 to 5 to accept...
    love your posts.


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