A Candlestick Redone

Okay, do you remember this candlestick from a recent post of mine?

When I bought it, I knew that it wasn't going to stay looking like this. Because if it was, I wouldn't have bought it! LOL

So, first thing I did was painted it bright yellow. I also sprayed it after the paint was dried with a clear sealer. It already looks better!

Then I bought these cute ceremic decorative planters and faux flowers at Michael's for 50% off. These little pots are for decoration only. They have no drainage holes for real plants. But that was okay with me because you would have to water these little suckers constantly. And I just wanted some pretty bright yard art anyway.

I glued each pot to the top of each candle holder and then did a little floral arrangement in each planter. I love the way it turned out! And it is such a fun punch of color. it really makes me smile! And by the way, it is secured into the ground. We have entirely too much wind so not secure things down!

The barrel behind it holds spearment and a strawberry plant. All of the oak barrels are filled with different kinds of mints. I love them for hot and iced tea!

I love the way it turned out! Bright, cheery and a little whimsical! Just perfect at the corner as you approach our door!

I just have to show this pretty little miniture rose bush. Why you ask? Because on Valentines Day Troy buys me a miniture rose plant and then we hope it last long enough to plant it in the Spring. And I am happy to report, it is doing wonderfully!

Oh, and a great big thank you to Holly for having me as one of her featured blogs today!

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  1. What a clever idea Diann! I love the pop of colors, it is so cheery!

    ~ Tracy

  2. So cute and clever. You know me and color, so this was just soooooo happy to see. Starting next week I am having a Before and After party...and this is not limited to anything...any B&A is great. So be on the look out:)

  3. Diann, what a creative, colorful piece of Yard Art! :)

  4. HOW ADORABLE!!! I love it what a clever idea! JenT

  5. How snazzy it looks now! and love your mint barrels and little roses... This could candle holder could be at my Proirlives party on the 16th! Lezlee

  6. I just love what you did with the candleholder.
    Those little pots and the pretty yellow color brightens up the corner of the garden.


  7. Aren't you creative! I love it. After joining Yard Art I've been wanting more for my own yard an you've given me inspiration to hit the flea markets!

  8. It makes me smile too! great job! love the punch of color.

  9. using the cute little pots was a good idea!

  10. Diann
    The chandelier became beautiful in the garden.
    I have a white mini rose , are with many roses and are very fragrant.
    Tina (Sonhar e Realizar)

  11. Very cute makeover and I love the punch of color in the yard! Very cute idea!!

  12. Diann! That is so creative and cute. I like it!!

  13. Very cute!!! And I'm noticing the barrels there - are those the ones Troy mentioned he was growing mint plants in? Or are there other barrels? Nice creations!

  14. Great and creative idea for your yard art....you placed it in a perfect spot in your yard.

  15. that is so cute! What a wonderful idea! I am so afraid of color. Between you and Debbie Doo, you maybe changing my mind!


  16. What a great idea! I love it! Have a great 4th.

  17. It looks great!!! I love these kind of decorations in the garden, and if they are thrifty, too, it's perfect!!! You've got a fan here!!!

  18. I saw those pots at Michaels and thought what would you do with them and now I know. Great idea, the stand looks fantastic.

  19. This is such a creative idea! The candleholder makes a wonderful display for the brightly coloured pots! Love this one!

  20. What a clever idea! Even looks like maybe one i could try!

    Thanks so much for joining us at FFB :)

    Yours is always a beauty to behold.

    Happiest 4th!


  21. I find so many of these candle holders and I'm so glad to see what you have done with one! Great job!

  22. How cute! I never would have thought of something like this. It looks great. I love the nice bright summery colors.

  23. one happy candlebra with pots! great idea! very creative of you!

  24. Amazing how new life can be brought to tired looking objects with a spray of paint.
    This project turned out really well, so cute and colourful. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Diann You turned something really ugly into something really wonderful!! How great a job you did........you go girl!

  26. Good morning! Following from the hop ... :)


  27. Love your candelabra and pots - so cheerful! You are a very creative woman!

  28. Oh my gosh. How cute is that? You have the best ideas, Diann. I am going out to yard sales this morning with my Hubby, and I hope I can find some things to add to the garden as well.

    What a great addition to your lovely flowers. I love how playful you can be with your decorating. You are so in touch with your "inner child"... I love it! I'm sure having your little Princess around must fuel that big time.

    Happy Friday and I hope you all have a happy 4th!


  29. Fabulous transformation! yay..it looks great! and lovely deals at M's!! I love miniature roses..my mom bought me one..and I adore it..enjoy!

  30. Good Morning Diane Sweetie...
    Now this is the most beautiful share this morning. A candlestick, some precious little flower pots and flowers from Michaels. So creative, and what an element of surprise in the garden.

    I bet everyone that walks up, has to stop and see. Your gardens are so beautiful, but this little beauty sure brings some sunshine to this corner.

    Thank you for sharing with me this morning. Have a beautiful and safe 4th of July.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  31. Oh how Cute Diann!! Love your candlestick, it's so cheerful and will look Adorable against the Strawberries :)
    And surprizingly mini Roses do quite well outside :)What a Beautiful Garden you have.
    Happy 4th of July to you & yours ~

  32. I love the bright cheery yellow! I totally wish my flower bed could look that awesome.

  33. you're so smart...how cute is that!

  34. What a colorful little project. Very cute!

  35. Diann,
    I just love it!! And there's that yellow again!!


  36. We also bought a miniature rose for Valentines Day. It has been blooming since spring outdoors in a pot. I wonder how long I can keep it going if I bring it in this fall.

  37. Diann, that's just adorable!!! I love the yellow- great choice!
    xoxo Pattie

  38. Oh I adore this project. It is going in my style file for sure!

    Happy 4th of July!

  39. So very cute! Love the bright colors. I saw those pots at Micheals and loved them, but didn't know what to do with them. Very creative!

  40. I've never seen candlesticks used this way. I love how you've re-purposed them.

  41. I love that shot of sunshine - the colors of the candlestick and the pots are fabulous...makes me smile!

  42. glad I got another look at that candle holder...still so cute, but I had forgotten over the cold winter, lol. Lezlee


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