Sunday Favorites ~ Campground Turtle

It's time for another Sunday Favorites! Today I thought I would share a post from last summer. We were camping at Sauder Village in Ohio and had a vistor.

Welcome to another "Outdoor Wednesday" moment! Our Hostess is the lovely Susan at A Southern Dreamer. You should go and see the beautiful Autumn pictures she has posted for today!

I don't have lovely pictures to show you today but, I have fun, or at least it was fun for us, pictures to show you.

These pictures were taken right outside the shower rooms at the campground. What a surprise to be met by this:

Sorry the pictures aren't the best of quality but, it was such a suprise to see this little fellow hanging out around the shower rooms that we ran back to our trailer and grabbed the camera and ran back.


  1. It is always so heartwarming to see creatures unexpectedly like this. Would love to see your post on Simple Joys Saturday.
    Love and Hugs - Jan

  2. Ah I love turtles....or is he a tortoise?

  3. I'll bet the little princess enjoyed seeing him too! When I go for a walk around a local lake, I often see turtles sunning themselves. It's fun to see wildlife!

  4. That is one big snapper. Wow. I hope you kept your distance. ;-) That guy could cause a serious ouch!

  5. That could have entertained my kids for hours...just watching the turtle would have been so much fun for them. They love animals.

  6. Hi Diann,

    At least you knew when you came back to take a picture the turtle would still be there...LOL I'm surprised by the size. You were lucky to spot it. Thanks for sharing Diann. I'm visiting from Sunday Favorites.


  7. We had HUGE snappers in the area back in NY- my kids learned very quickly to stand back!
    xoxo Pattie

  8. Your "little fellow" looks pretty stinkin' BIG to me!

  9. Ha, ha. A to Z stole my line. Have a lovely Sunday.

  10. my computer is now working. love to see turtles good photo. have a good sunday.

  11. It's a good thing the fence was there. It looks like it protected her from the railroad tracks. Thanks for the smile and for sharing with us this Sunday.

  12. Diann
    A turtle?
    What a cute !!!!!!!

    Tina(Sonhar e Realizar)

  13. I LOVE turtles, but that looks like a big ol' snapper to me. I prefer what we used to call Box Turtles!

    A snapper like that nipped off a corner of our dog Dion's nose, back when Dion was a silly puppy. He never went near one again!

  14. Hi sweet lady... how fun is that? Finding such a cute little turtle while camping! Well, he really wasn't so little...he's a big ol' guy! Hehe! You know, we don't see many turtles in our neck of the woods but when we's always a special moment! In fact, when Russell sees them on the road...he always stops and moves them safely to the side! I have always found that so endearing! Hehe! Well Girlfriend, I do hope that you guys are having a terrific summer! I'm so happy to see you for Sunday Favorites today...this was such a cute post! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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