Sunday Favorite

It is time to revisit an old past post for Chari's Weekly party, "Sunday Favorites". Today I drug out an old post from last summer. Another thrifty camping tip. enjoy :)

Okay, because I am such a good wife, I am going to totally give credit to the Hubs for this idea!

As you know by now we camp a lot. Even though we have a travel trailer, we still are major "cook outside over a fire" kind of people. One of the things we use is a tripod with a hanging grill for cooking.

When we are ready to leave the campground, we break down the metal tripod and it gets put into our trailer. We have use old sheets/towels/blankets to kind of wrap it up in because otherwise everything around it is going to get ashes and soot all over it.

After doing this for the bazillionth time, Troy turned to me and said, "You know those old jeans that you can't fix any more? How about if we cut them apart and make a simple carrying bag for this tripod?"

I started looking around our campground site and looking at the things we were packing up. DUH! I could use several bags like that! There are numerous things that you use in camping that get grimey or sooty. Like the grate we also use for cooking over the fire or the little propane cooking stove. It would save the wear and tear of things getting knocked into each other and all the mess they can create!

Geez, don't ya just love those "Duh" moments?

The legs of jeans work perfect for different sized poles that come with camping gear. Or smaller bags out of the legs for different stakes.

Looks like I am going to be keeping my eye out for super cheap jeans at yard/garage sales and thrift stores!


  1. Such clever ideas you and the hubs have!

  2. I am not a camper, but I think this idea is great. How many times do I have something to carry or store that is long and thin. I'm saving my families old jeans.
    Very clever and creative!

  3. Wow - - - great idea.

    But I'm too "lazy" and hate sewing too much to MAKE bags.

    So - - - I use the storage bags that lawn chairs come in. I NEVER used them for the chairs - - - too hard to put the chairs in there. But - - - they work GREAT for ashy sooty pudgie pie irons etc.

    Hey - - - we campers gotta to what we gotta do!

  4. Great idea girl..Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. What a great idea. And the $1 rack always seems to have jeans of some sort!


  6. Hi Diann. Great idea your hubs had. I know what you mean about 'duh' moments. I have them all the time.

  7. I want to see pictures of this brilliant idea in action. Props for your hubby for thinking of it.

  8. Hi Diann...

    So happy to see you for Sunday Favorites this week, my friend! I love, love, LOVE this post...great idea for storing camping gear! I was also reading Keetha's comment and thought she had a great idea as well! I do love gals are so creative and talented...ohhh, and clever too!!!

    Thanks for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites! Great post, Diann!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  9. What a good idea! Does it work well? We don't camp anymore. My husband prefers the Holiday Inn type camp sites. He's getting old, I guess.
    Thanks for your comment on my post. Being a fairly new blogger, I depend on comments in order to know if my posts "speak" to folks. Have a blessed week, Diann. Gloria



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