Summer fun ~ Yard Sales!!

Yard sales, the ultimate summer fun activity for us thrifters! However, it seems that with the economy down, the prices are rising even at yard sales. It is insanity I tell ya. If you are a yard sale seller, you can't expect to us to pay some high price just because that is what you bought it for or that is what some one on Ebay priced it at. If your junk was that valuable to you, you wouldn't have set it out on your lawn in the first place!

And the people who are buying are trying to stretch their dollars since their income has decreased. If we walk up to your yard sale and the first thing we see and pick up is the owl picture you bought back in 1980 from Home Interiors and it has a price tag on it of $5.00 or higher, we are turning around and walking back to our truck and heading to the next sale.

Another thing...what is up with the no pricing items lately? I go to a store and I expect to see a price tag on the items. I go to a yard sale, I expect to see things priced. I HATE to ask how much is this or that. You can feel the seller "sizing you up". Wondering just how high they can go. What is this? A used car lot? I will generally walk away and if approached by the yard sale seller, I tell them straight out that I am leaving because nothing is priced. Then the infamous statement comes out of their mouths, "Make me an offer". Well, here is the deal. you say that to me and I am going to say, "Fine I will take it all for a dime". Hello? What did you expect me to say?

Okay, that mini rant is over and we can move on. LOL

Once in awhile, after many yard sale stops, I hit upon THE seller! The one that has cleaned out their unwanted items, hopes to make a little spending money but, really doesn't want to have to haul it to the trash. These folks are movin' their stuff!

Last week, I found just such a seller. She had tables marked "Everything on this table is.....". She had several different tables with different price points. The highest priced items were $4.00 and there were only 2 items at that price.

And these are the goodies I came home with.

Speaking of old Home Interior items, I got this candle holder for $1.00

Ya know I love my serving pieces and the more vintage or unusal, the better! I got this solid wood food serving piece for a buck!! How totally cool is this!

Now my favorite find of the day was this BEAUTIFUL Gail Pittman pitcher!! LOVE,LOVE, LOVE it! The blues and greens are just gorgeous! and there is absolutely no flaw to be found! This beauty was $1.00!!!

I really like these ironstone mugs. They are going to our trailer. I do think it is a shame that they were made in China though. They were each .25 cents.

So, that was my Garage finds for that day. Well, no, that is a lie. I got a few more things that I will show you Monday. LOL

I hope you are having a wonderful and thrifty weekend!

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  1. Thank you for saying what so many of us are feeling! I do the same thing... I walk up assess the situation, seller, stuff and leave if I do not feel the power of the sale.

    I even some times..."Gasp" do a drive by to get a feeling, I might circle back around and get out, but giving it the once over for curb appeal.

    I have been to two sales lately where the items were priced higher than Home Goods, Marshall's or TJ Max Prices. Sorry... I just left and the sellers commented on my speedy exit, I informed them their prices were too high and though the items were nice, they were not nice enough to pay four or five times my flinching point.

    Love the things you got at the sale. That service piece is to die for! Perfect for nuts, candies or just about anything.

    Happy Saling!

  2. I am so with you on the yard sales and the prices. The sale I got the milk glass fan vase was awful! The ladies were just chatting away and when I had to ask a price they did the same 'sizing' up and the prices were way high. I saw the vase and the man in the house is the one who said 1/2 off the marked $3 so I bought that. Of course the one yard sale was not priced and most everything was 50 who knows. Still it's crazy what people want for their junk. (mini rant) SO!!! I love that wooden server that is so awesome.

  3. Diann
    Really wanted this gift ... but no point in sending emails, Brazil is so far!
    Tristinh stay here!

    Tina (Sonhar e Realizar)

  4. You got such a steal on that pitcher! I know for a fact that retails at $40! I am having a yard sale tomorrow and I have items color-coded (yellow tags 50cents, etc). I must admit I do have some things $5 and I have lots of big toys and furniture more than that! I hope someone feels like they hit the jackpot with mine!! I must admit though, I don't think I could have parted with that pitcher for $1.

  5. Ahh, Diann, you know I join you in that rant! But still you scored! Great things- Love the serving piece!! Yard sale in my neighborhood tomorrow- we'll see how it goes
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Hi Diann...gotta love these garage sales, thrift sale, estate sale parties. That pitcher just was it for me...for a buck...what a steal! Looks like you had a wonderful day indeed....and when you have your morning coffee out of your new mugs....makes a girl proud! Thanks for joining in on the party. Enjoy!!~ Debbiedoos.

  7. Great finds...I have a question I'm moving back to USA and really getting into this whole flea market thing but I'm wondering for garage sales how much to you bring in cash and do you try to always have small change with you? And do you say okay this week I'm only spending $10 ?

  8. I always love seeing what you find. I think it is ironic that the American Living mugs were made in China...but I am not surprised.

    We are getting ready for a garage sale...I despise pricing things (yes, I am one of those) but I am doing it this time because now that I am a more avid treasure hunter I prefer it that way too!

  9. You have found some great bargains. I like the little leaf dish, so compact.
    Pretty little pitcher, too.

  10. My aunt and I used to go to yard sales all the time. I'm talking 25 years ago. People would do just like you said, no prices, and when you asked they would say $10. We'd jump in the car and speed away. I really dislike a yard sale with no prices. Yes it is a pain to do, but it is better then making up the prices as you go. Your best customer is going to be the early morning arrivals. I have not had a yard sale in a lot of years, but I guess we will do one when we move. Thanks for all of the insights.


  11. GREAT finds, Diann! Love that pitcher! Raining like crazy this morning so there will be no yard sales for me this weekend. Maybe a trip to GW and I have some thrifty projects around the house to occupy me. Have a great weekend!


  12. I like how that wooden server fans out to look like a the colors of the little pitcher.
    I am another that doesn't like to find nothing marked at a yard sale...I just turn around and walk away. I also hate yard sales that have nothing but clothing.

  13. Great finds!! I absolutely *LOVE* that wooden tray! It's gorgeous!! :)

  14. Dianne! Great finds!!! I will be posting some new stuff I got today at the yard sales , maybe later tonight.

  15. Diann- Thank you for voicing what so many of us feel. We try to be polite, after all we are technically in someone else's home, even if it is their garage or driveway, but as invited guests we need to be shown courtesy as well.
    It is better to get something for their items (in most cases) than to donate them or send them to landfill. I'm all about donating to charities, but if one decides to have a sale, do it the right way.
    From reading thrifting and great find blogs I am expanding what I look for at sales. Nice to break out of my narrow hunting groove, but getting more expensive. Even at 50 cents an item, it adds up too quickly.
    Fortunately today I hit a charitable event with a bag sale. Hope to be showing off my treasures soon.
    You scored big with your pitcher and nut/candy trivet. I would call it 1950's.

  16. Stopping by from debbiedoos party! I have seen those Gail Pitman pieces at Southern Living parties and they are expensive!! I can't believe it was only $1! That is awesome!

  17. Man, you did good! I have to get myself out there tag saleing again. I haven't gone since last summer. It is always amazing to see what you come up with. I love the pitcher and can't wait to see what you do with that wooden server. It could be wonderful filled with jewelry.

    Thanks so much for coming and joining "Summer Sundays"!

    - The Tablescaper

  18. Amen sister! A yard sale is to get RID of your junk, not make a living! I had one seller actually turn his back to me and continue talking on the phone. I threw the item down and walked off. His loss not mine. You got some great deals!

  19. I am new to blogging, but I hear so much about thrift shopping that everytime I have passed a yard sale I have thought I need to stop. Glad you found such fun things. I am going to stop next time.

  20. I cannot believe your luck in finding such good buys and great items, Diann. Love them all...Christine

  21. Look at all your cute stuff! I've never seen a serving dish like the one you scored! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. the pitcher is beautiful
    the serving piece is great! I like unusual items too

  23. The early bird certainly does catch the worm when it comes to yard sales... and so does the savy shopper! Good for you!

  24. I love that wood thing. I was at a garage sale a few weeks ago and the lady wanted $18 for 3 Target looking throw pillows and $26 for a little cloth purse.I think she must have been high!


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