Outdoor Finds

More thrifty treasures coming your way! Today I thought I show you some outdoor items I have picked up.

Besides my big junkin' adventure, I mentioned earlier this week that I acquired some freebies. Okay, so I did a little trash day pickups and dumpster dives.

It was dirty an rusty, just my kind of project! I washed it down but, had no desire to remove the rust. It takes to much time to try to recreate that whole rusty/painted/shabby effect! Nope, I went old school!

I got a small brush and some off white acrylic paint and painted it in two coats of paint. And that beautiful rust just popped out naturally in different spots! Love it! No scruffing it up. Good old rusty Mother Nature took care of that all on her own!

Here are a few pictures showing the rust coming through. Sorry about the blurriness.

I really like the way this freebie came out!

This wire teapot candle holder was another "found" treasure. Dirty and rusty.

Now painted off white and a little rust showing through.

**Just a little edit note. I am going to repaint the teapot red. I think it will look prettier.

During a thrifty adventure, I picked up 2 vintage yellow Pyrex mixing bowls. the outsides are pretty scratched up so, I thought they would make cute little planters for some "baby herbs". Both were priced at $2.49 but, I picked them up for a buck a piece.

Like I said, I still have a couple more little things I am working on for this shelf.

I also picked up a couple of fun outdoor finds.

Love these little lantern lights. They are brand new, never opened and I got them for $1.25.

I got this metal hanging basket for $1.00. I think I am going to make something for the patio area with it.

This bird cage was one of my Big spending ticket items!

I paid $2.92 for this! Whoa Diann!

I like this black hanging lantern light (holds a candle). I paid $1.75 for it. I have a small Shepard's hook already for this. Now the question...leave it as it is in this scruffy black? Which I like. But, I am also thinking it would be awesome in a punch of color..maybe yellow or red. I'm kinda leaning towards red. What do you think? See Debbie....I'm breaking out of my "Diann color shell"! LOL What the heck, I'm just gonna paint it red! Ooooh, I like the way it turned out! I have it in our herb garden.

I guess the question now is, should I paint the hook to match the lantern? This painting thing really snowballs doesn't it!

So, those were a few of my outdoor finds.

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  1. Look at all that great stuff you found. I like the freebie shelf painted white and it's great that the rust is peeking through...gives it that aged look.
    Wonderful color choice for the lantern painted red. It looks great in the flower bed. I think I would keep the hook it's natural color.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Diann you got some great outdoor stuff! Love the lantern in red and I would leave the hook black. I want to see the teapot candle holder painted red, how cute. Of course that shelf looks great! Funny I did a post on my outdoor finds today also! :)

  3. Girl you come up with the best things...I need to go diving with you...you might have to help me out of the dumpster at my age ha ha!! but how much fun this would be...Love the tin wall pocket...I got one and painted it white for my guest room door and put faux flowers in it...Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. Hi Diann...this painting thing really snow balls.....I laughed so hard, um yes it does! Love your finds...I would paint the hook to match the lantern....love those outdoor lights, and your rusty treasure no more....turned out great! Thanks for linking up! Enjoy the weekend. Debbie

  5. What a grand bunch of things. Love that yellow bowl.

  6. Ha Ha, I got that same little lanturn and painted it red, great minds think Alike... You really got a steal with those cute lights and love your rusty dumpster diving shelf... Lezlee

  7. Diann,
    I just adore the wire tea pot and I think it will look lovely in red. I have a set of two of those birdcages. They were bought many years ago in Service Merchandise!!


  8. Hi Diann, I'm stopping by from DebbieDoos! You've found some great outdoor treasures!! I love the metal hanging basket! I could just see it at my backdoor with dried flowers in it! Presh! Thanks for sharing.

  9. You did good - I especially like the birdcage and lantern and great price.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  10. As always Diann you find the neatest things.
    I'm with you on the rusty/crusty, love it!

    You are going to have lots of fun with all your new finds.


  11. You are the queen of treasure finding! I love that you painted the lantern red...my favorite color.


  12. I love anything with rust! As long as it is not a part of my house...like the pipes.

    The pop of red on the lantern is great...I vote to keep the hook black...not so matchy-matchy


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