One of Our Favorite Local Parks

Like I have said many times, we are a big outdoor family. Parks, playtime and picnics are almost an everyday occurrence here. And let's not forget the thriftiness of going to a park. Free entertainment for a two year old and let's face it, even leftovers taste better when they are served as a "picnic". LOL The downside, well, let's just say the cleaning house elves are so getting fired!

This is one of our favorite local parks. It is located along the Detroit River.

This is also a huge favorite boat dock area for all the locals.

A little about the Detroit River:

“This river is scattered over, from one lake to another both on the mainland and the islands with large clusters of trees surrounded by charming meadows. Game is very common, as are geese, and all kinds of wild ducks. There are swans everywhere, there are quails, woodcocks, pheasants and rabbits, turkeys, partridges, hazelhens and a stupendous amount of turtledoves. This country is so temperate, so fertile and so beautiful that it may justly be called “The Earthly Paradise of North America.”
Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac,
French explorer and founder of Detroit, of the Detroit River in 1702.

The Detroit River is unique in Canada, the United States and indeed, the world. Its shores embrace the largest metropolitan area on any international border but rather than separating communities, the river connects them culturally and economically.

Archaeological finds date First Nations communities at the river as early as 400 A.D. while French settlers reached the area by the mid-1600’s. The river and its watersheds represent the history of North America in a way that is not duplicated anywhere else. Local communities, major industries, and both Canada and the United States owe their development, in part, to the Detroit River and the people who took advantage of its potential. The river was the site of major battles, was the first permanent agricultural community in Ontario, and a terminus of the Underground Railway.

Honoured as an American Heritage River in 1998, the Detroit is the first river with dual designations. Designation of the Detroit as a Canadian Heritage River encourages binational cooperation in its wise management and environmental restoration and is a testament to its significance as a national treasure.

Source: CHRS

Lots of wood decks all around the edge of the park. Another favorite for spending the day fishing off the docks.

If you look one way you will see the mouth of the Detroit River where it starts from Lake Erie. That is also where we live. The other way you will see the beginning of Detroit and Windsor.

And of course a fun jungle gym play area!

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  1. What a wonderful park! So lovely and I love being by the water!

  2. Tudo muito lindo. Amo os Estados Unidos.

  3. Diann
    It was very good to learn more of your country ... everything looks so beautiful!
    I really enjoyed this posting.
    a big hug

    Tina (Sonhar e Realizar)

  4. There is not place better then in the park with the kids, yes the fairies are always on strike while you are away. But memories are being made and terrific history on the river. Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Terrific parks, such pretty shots! Enjoyed your post!

  6. I can see why you like this park so much ..wonderful green place to enjoy! I found the info about the Detroit River very interesting.

  7. I really like your blue park, Diann! Happy Blue Monday.

  8. They are pretty shots...happy blue Monday.

  9. Hi Diann..
    What gorgeous pictures..and a lovely park. What great fun it would be to picnic here. Happy Blue Monday,,have a lovely week.

  10. Hi, just lovely photos and mosaics! I hope that you have a wonderful new week!

  11. A wonderful place to spend the day with your family. Great photos!

  12. Hi Diann. A picnic is a good thing. The place you visited on the Detroit River is beautiful. I enjoyed the history too.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  13. Great photos, Diann; and a wonderful park. It is perfect for picnics and playing. ...Karen

  14. Your photos are lovely by themselves, but the way you displayed them is so cool. I could use a picnic. Maybe lunch today will be outside, bologna sandwich and all.

  15. Wonderful photos.Thanks for sharing and would love for you to come by for a visit. Debbie

  16. How nice. I'm on the other side of Michigan nowadays, but thinking of moving back or out of state... Regardless, as I'm in real estate, and I pay attention to these things, I noticed the property located at 2305 W Jefferson Avenue is for sale. Affordably so. It is such a wonderful looking place in pictures (although I'm not familiar with the surrounding neighborhood which may or may not be nice). I dream of owning this type of property. Although I was meant to be Donald Trump I think. Dreaming of real estate is my hobby! (My husband hates this hobby of mine.)


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