A Little Helper

Oh my little princess! She is the light of my life and destroyer of my sanity! Who knew a 2 year old wields such power over so many adults? If I could bottle and sell her energy, I could be the Queen of my own Island country!

She lives such a bizarre life for a two year old. She knows which stores are bargain stores. She spots treasures along the side of the road. She knows the names of the different herbs we have planted. She knows that a cloth napkin goes on your lap when you sit down at the table. She can spot the shoe aisle a mile away in a store. She knows what a tablescape is. She creates her own tablescapes. And she knows that we always have a lot of projects going on all the time.

And she believes that she should have her own projects as well. She is very serious when it comes to being involved in whatever Troy and I are doing. So, I realized that she did need her own projects to feel that she is an important part of our little family. And she is a smart little cookie so, you better not try to just pacify her! It has to be real projects!

So, after some failed attempted "Princess Projects" we have finally discovered some real projects she can do that work for her and work for us.

"Princess Project #1" ~ Sticker Picker

She is Mama's "Sticker Picker"! All my bargains need to have those stickers picked off before they can be cleaned. And Princess takes this job very seriously. Her little fingernails can get those stickers off better than any one else!

Here she is at work!

You will note, after some serious "employee training" we now don't have to pick stickers out of the carpet. She has a little napkin by her that she puts all the stickers on once they are pulled off!

She is very careful with "Mama's pretty fragile things"

"Princess Project #2" ~ Flower Caretaker

She takes her flower bed and upkeep very seriously as well. Once the pump in the sprayer is primed, she waters the flowers.

She also believes that in order for each of the plants to grow, they need to know they are loved. So, she "pets" them and tells them how pretty they are.

Her favorite is the Lambs Ear. I think she just loves the name and it is soft to pet.

"Princess Project #3" ~ Weed Puller

Those little fingers can pick out the weeds in the sidewalk cracks and patio blocks better than I ever could! She also has learned that on warm rainy days, the weeds come out much easier. And of course you must always have the proper "attire" for the job!

She looked down at the weeds in the sidewalk and immediately let out a very dramatic sigh and told us, "Oh Man, I have lots of projects to do today!".

She has also become a self-appointed "Shoe Straightener" of our household. When I am doing cleaning, she tells me that she has to straighten the shoes now. Okay dokey!

She truely is my Beautiful Favorite thing!

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  1. What a beautiful post, and how delightful to have your own Princess who is happy to take care of these projects.
    Love and Blessings - Jan

  2. if that is not the cutest thing!!! my oldest daughter was the best chick weed weeder in the land...the neighbors hired her when she was three...lol
    I love this post...thanks for linking in!

  3. Too cute! She is about my daughter's age. I love that pink striped coat! such a great helper.

  4. This child is so special! I love her projects. Can I borrow her to remove stickers for me? Not my favorite 'project' at all! Love her petting the plants and showing them love!

  5. Treasures and bargains and shoes- she is a GIRL!!! I just love that baby! So adorable- you're a lucky lady :)
    xoxo Pattie

  6. How very sweet. And what wonderful training she is going through. She will be a big helper in the years ahead!


  7. Oh my gosh, is she adorable, Diann. What a sweetie and the fact that she wants to be involved and be so helpful, how wonderful. My son use to be that way when he was little. Then he became 10, 11, 12... you get the idea. Now that he's 17 he's back to being helpful again. ;-)

    I love how she pets the plants. Especially the lambs ear. It was always my favorite when I was a little girl, too. I still have it growing in my garden and I still love to pet those leaves.

    Hope you all have a wonderfully happy day,

  8. Oh you are bringing her up right! Treasure hunting and shoes ... it's a girl's life, all right. I sure could use her help here with weeding!

    Enjoy this while you can. My 22 year old rolls her eyes when I suggest she helps with weeding, and says, "I don't like bugs."

    You've brought back wonderful memories of having a 2-year old in the house -- it's a GREAT age!

  9. Diann, take all the help your Little Princess gives you, it doesn't last forever, once they get a little older they run and hide from doing anything that could be considered helping!
    I had a whole set of those blue/white/gray dishes when I first married back in the days the dinosaurs roamed...I am pretty sure I got them at the grocery store each week by spending so many dollars ($25) each trip. I have seen pieces in thrift stores and have thought I should start picking them up...
    Have a great weekend...we are leaving soon for the weekend to attend my husband's high school reunion.

  10. What a beautiful ode to your daughter. I'd print this off and keep it for display some special day in the future --- like graduation. Maybe it will have friends enough to make a book;)

  11. How sweet! What a wonderful sense she has of being a big helper! She's just darling and I'm sure your best treasure!

  12. She is adorable and such a big helper. I remember my gds at that age and they would be my project helpers... well now they are teens and they don't like it as much. It is wonderful memories however.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. she is simply adorable! you sure have trained her right...that sticker project is so cute! It must be a "girl thing" my almost 2 year old grandson would break everything he got to...the stickers would be all thats left! lol (we don't call him bam-bam for nothing!) Have a wonderful weekend...i'm off to go get some ufo's under control! big hugs beth

  14. Oh you have brought tears to my eyes. Yes, while she is stunning and so adorable like others have mentioned... what has struck me is what a wonderful mother you are to instill in her her own independance.

    You are so delightful -- she will be that and then some! AND -- you gave me a great idea about watering. I have a patio that has no hose bib near by so i will get one of these tanks and get to watering!

    Thanks so much for joining in our Friday Finding beauty... you certainly found it!


  15. how lucky you are to have a little helper. Wish mine would pull weeds. They get bored real easy.

  16. How precious! Loved this blog entry! Thanks for sharing your life!

  17. Thank You for stopping by this week. I wish I had a helper in the garden. But I have watchers who watch me weed the garden. LOL Have a good weekend...Julian

  18. What a precious little helper!

  19. Hello Diann,

    What a wonderful post about your little Princess! She looks so adorable working on her projects! I love her pink and white raincoat and shoes – too doggone precious! My boys liked to help me when they were little. When they became teens sometimes getting them to do something was worse than pulling teeth. Now they are helpful again and I love it! I had to enlarge the picture of the Princess pulling off stickers because I thought I recognized the dishes at her feet. I inherited a full set of Royal China Blue Heaven dishes from my grandmother when she passed away. I only have some of the dishes at my house, the rest are at my parent’s house which Mom said they will bring with them the next time they come down. Speaking of vintage dishes… I still owe you a tablescape on the other set of formal vintage dishes. I am not good at tablescapes, that was always my mom’s forte but I will try!

    ~ Tracy

  20. Oh how precious is she! She is adorable!

  21. You have quite a little helper there! Just darling!

  22. Diann, can you send her to my house for a visit every once in awhile? I badly need a sticker picker and a weed puller wouldn't be bad to have around either. What a little cutie and what a precious post! You're bringing that little sweetie up right! She has obviously learned what is imporant in life! Thanks for linking up. laurie

  23. This is one of the sweetest post and your little princess is adorable! What a great mom you are.
    xo, Sherry

  24. Oh Diann, what a lovely post! Both of you are so sweet, and a good team! She is indeed a princess.

  25. Totally adorable! Isn't it great that she likes her 'projects' and you can get a few things accomplished? She is quite the helper!
    Thanks so much for sharing ~



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