It's a Red & White Crafty Kinda of Day!

First I have to show you these two new items. Both are from Target. The planter was clearanced to $13.98, which normally is way too high for my budget. And these red plates were $9.99 for the set of four. Still, not a normal price for me to pay. I have been looking for thrifty solid red plates for over a year now and just can't find them at any thrift store,flea market or yard sale. It has been very frustrating! And then along came a generous blogger and a giveaway! That blogger is Tammy at A Doctor in the House. Last month Tammy hosted a giveaway of a $25.00 Target gift card......and I WON!! Yay for me! Guilt free spending!! Thank you so much Tammy! I am always so grateful and thrilled when I win a giveaway! Doesn't it just make your day!

Now you know I really try to stretch my spending dollars. But, this was a GIFT! And I could just buy whatever I wanted! Woohoo. I have been hanging on to this GC for a time in which I could go to Target, by myself and browse until I found the exact things I wanted. I did, the other day. And these two items were my choices!

The planter isn't going to be a planter. LOL It is part of a project Troy and I are working on. So, I will talk about that in a future post.

Two new thrift store finds this past week, this new tureen and pitcher. I loved both of them and just couldn't pass them up! The ladle that came with the tureen is not the correct ladle. This one is too big for this tureen. But, hey, I wasn't going to turn down an extra Ironstone ladle!

Now these new red accessories came from Hobby Lobby and were clearanced at 60% off. Prices I could live with!

Now a little red and white project!

Remember last week I told you about buying bandanna's to use for table linens? I bought three of these red and white checked ones when they were on sale for .49 cents each.

I decided to do a little project with one of them. First, now hold on tight! I {{{gulp!}}} ironed them before I started!! I know, amazing huh? Okay, here is a little confession. This MUST stay here in this blog! If it got out, it would ruin my reputation!! As the saying goes, "What happens in The Thrifty Groove, stays in The Thrifty Groove!" (Vegas, Thrifty's all the same!) I actually like to iron when I have the time alone. It's like polishing silver, I get a lot of satisfaction out of it.

Anyway, I wanted to add a little something extra, so I searched through my box of trims and what-nots and found some red rick rack. I got out the fabric glue and added the rick rack to the bandanna. Of course you could just sew them, but I don't have a place to keep my sewing machine out so, hauling everything out for this small of a project was not something I really wanted to do.

I really like to set the table outside and eat out there whenever possible, However, sitting under a hot sun and trying to enjoy a meal is not always desirable. And so, I put the umbrella up after I take pictures because I generally have either a tablecloth or a table topper on my tablescapes. And I refuse to cut holes in my tablecloths. So, I decided to use some of these bandannas for little table squares and make a hole to accommodate the umbrella.

Center the bandanna over the whole in the table. Draw a circle around the hole on the cloth.

Now snip out a little bit in the center of the hole and then just cut some slits up to the pencil mark. This is just random and does not need to be perfect.

Now with you fabric glue, just dab a little on each of the cut pieces and glue down (on the wrong side of course!). Let dry.

And woohoo, you now have a pretty little table square AND you are able to use your umbrella!

I have made several of these, which I am sure you will be seeing in the near future. Besides just creating some fun or pretty things, my number one priority has been THRIFTY!! I am trying to use the things that I have for crafting and not going out and buying more. I have a decent stock of doo-dad stuff that I buy when I find clearanced. So, the only "out of pocket" expenses for these little umbrella cloths was the .49 cents I paid for the bandanna. All the add-ons are from my stash.

Okay, here is one other one I made. It has red and white in so it "qualifies! LOL.

I just thought this bandanna was fun, happy and silly! Isn't the felt flower ribbon cute? That was one of those bargain $1.00 rolls of ribbon at Michael's. And I added a red heart button in each corner. Not only just for looks but, it also helps anchor the cloth in case of a breeze.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this fun red and white kind of day! Now make sure you come back tomorrow for lunch! I will be using all these things plus a few more thrifty treasures tomorrow (Thursday)!

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  1. Very cool idea on the tablecloth! Cute. Glad you got some red dishes too!

  2. I'm on my way to Target-I've been looking for red plates too. I love the table cloth craft, so cute. I think I'll stop at Hobby Lobby after I go to Target-too cute!

  3. Oh I love what you did. It looks amazing..

    I love the bees..

  4. I love the red and white! It's great. That rick rack really makes it!
    love the red wares!

  5. Neat-o Diann! I LOVE ric-rac!


    love, kelee

  6. Cute project, Diann! Happy REDnesday~

  7. Love the red and white! Hoping and wishing for a Hobby Lobby to come our way! I am always amazed by the finds you guys find there!

  8. Love your thrifty finds! I looked for solid red plates for a very long time. Finally found them at GW and decided against the salad plates, bowls and mugs...then had 2nd thoughts an hour later and went back and they were GONE!! I hate when I do that, lol. Anyway, I love the plates but regret I didn't get a full set :)


  9. I wish I could find an ironstone tureen...mine are all colored except the white turkey and that sure isn't ironstone, el cheapo, it is! I am anxious to see what you are going to do with the planter...something with water, maybe? The red dishes are fabulous, you can do so much with solid plates, I have found.

  10. I love your red plates & planter that you bought with your GC !Wonderful thrift finds & red bargains ! Very cool tablecloths.

  11. So happy you got a set of red plates. They are very hard to find and those are nice!! I like the planter also! Still you did a great job with adding trim to those adorable bandannas. I love rick rack and then the yellow flower ribbon oh so cute. Looking forward to Thurs post!

  12. Forgot to say I am amazed at the wonderful white ironstone soup tureens you find! Amazing!

  13. Hi Diann,

    This is such a great time for year for red and white - your tablecloth came out great!


  14. HI Diann,
    What a fun post! I like your finds, it's great to shop with won money! Love your little red and white table square, very clever of you to easily make the hole, and glue on the rick-rack, quick and easy!
    Thanks for linking up today.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  15. Very cute project and great idea making a hole in the middle for the umbrella!! Genius!

  16. You are one clever girl and I saw you won the giftcard from Target. You did great there too!

  17. Love the ironstone! What a great find.

  18. how fun to have won a Target gift card.. love what you got. I love your project too!!! That was a great idea... made me giggle but it was really an ingenious project! Mica/The Child's Paper

  19. Of course you were to get those plates! They're perfect and what a blessing to win the gift card. I adore the tureen and the white pitcher! Great finds. Very creative table coverings!

  20. Super freebies and bargains! I like the baskets - they're unusual. Good idea with the tablecloths - you've inspired me to use my fabric glue on something that I've been putting off because I, too, didn't want to haul out the machine!

  21. Diann, I love those wicker red baskets. How cute. I really liked what you did with those bandana's too. I have a few of them in my home that I got at yard you got me thinking girl,,lol

  22. This project made me heart go pitter pat. Well done.

  23. I love the idea of using a bandanna on the table to add a pop of color! I've really wanted to use one of my vintage tablecloths outside, but I couldn't bear to cut that hole in the middle. Bandannas are so cheap that you can change them out every day if you wanted to!

  24. Hi Diann! Love your red finds. You are as bad as me..I find a material and turn it into a table topper.

  25. So glad you enjoyed the gift card! Can't wait to see what you do with the planter. And red is just about my favorite color. Makes one feel good to bless someone else. Glad that someone was you!!

  26. Oh my, those reds accesories are so cute, perfect for those 'al fresco' dining nights. The projects are very beautiful. And you know, I love to iron too!!!! it relaxs me, is almost as if by ironing those wrinkles I am ironing away all the everyday little problems.

  27. I love your red pieces from Hobby Lobby - so much fun with the metal and basketry!

    Happy Rednesday,

  28. Oh my gosh, I love these ideas. By the way, the ironstone is gorgeous. But I do really like the bandanna idea for the table. I think I will have to give something like that a try. And I love the use of fabric glue. It's perfect if it's for a quick project and you don't want to be bothered with the sewing.

    Thanks for sharing,

  29. I'm so happy that you won that gift card!! Have lots of fun setting your table with those cute new red plates!!

    Susan and Bentley


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