The Hunt!

I want to talk THRIFTY food! You know that "Thrifty" is my middle name. Just check out the header..."The THRIFTY Groove" See!

Yes folks, thrifty food can be found! Now, when you are ready to head out on the Hunt, be prepared!

Here are some basic guidelines for "Grocery Store Thrift Hunting".

You don't want to run into your neighbors and have to explain why your shopping cart only has red sticker reduced priced items? Borrow your husband's camo hunting gear. You will just blend in. Nobody will even notice you are there!

Next, grab a pair of high tech night goggles. Okay, this will probably blind you due to the intense lighting in grocery stores. So, just use a pair of swim goggles.

You may want to bring a camp stool and a cooler filled with your favorite beverage to use while you wait for the little grocery boy to finish marking down those pork chops.

And rain gear is a must! You stalk up to those red stickered produce items and WHAM! they hit the water sprayer on you! See, those swim goggles are going to come in handy for just this kind of situation!

I also strongly encourage you to grab one of those shopping carts that have the little kid cars attached to the front! You don't have to have a kid, there is no grocery police that are gonna haul you away for not having a squealing child buckled into it. First of all, these are a great place to store all your hunting gear while you shop and second, you can ram people with these things and they don't mind because they think there is a child in them and they move away from you right away! Hey, it is a dog eat dog world out there! You have to use your best defensive moves in the grocery stores these days!

Next, this is a personal favorite tip of mine that I don't normally share but, for you, I will, just this one time so pay attention! Bring a turkey call. Yup, that's what I said...a turkey call. Not only does it, of course, bring the packaged reduced turkey products "a-flyin' your way" but, it scares the living daylights out of any other competitive-reduced price-shoppers in the vicinity! They generally drop that precious reduced loaf of pumpernickel and run for the hills! That is your chance to swoop down and bag that bread!

And another thrifty tip. Who can afford to spend the money on a "reduced grocery hunting licence"? no need to buy one, just sneak up to another hunter and very carefully remove their tag and insert it into your tag holder. Then you can call the manager of the store and demurely point out that there is a thrifty grocery hunter in the store without a tag. One less person to deal with!

One last lesson. Baiting. Yup, sometimes those markdowns are very scarce so you need to bait. I save all my reduced grocery stickers and if I see the pickin's are slim, I place a few of these stickers in strategic areas. Sure enough, the cookies and donuts always seem to jump in to feed first. And I bring them down and toss them in my cart. Hey, I like to give my family a little treat now and again. And they can't actually expect me to bake donuts! Like, what? I don't have a life?

Okay, I have trained you and armed you with the proper gear. This was your grocery hunting boot camp. Let's see how you do on your next hunt!

Here is my catch from a recent hunting trip.

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  1. You are just too funny, you make me laugh!!
    Hilarious Post:) Oh, I'm sorry. You were being serious

    By the way, thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment oh & letting me know about your give away. I did enter ....
    Enjoy your weekend ~
    your too funny ,i'll be back soon .....

  2. Oh Diann, I SO needed this. It's been a rotten day and I really needed a giggle. Now Ray's hunting gear is MINE!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Diann it's too hot here for camo hunting gear I will just dress up like a little ole lady and they will be nice to me...what? what's that? I am a little ole lady? wonder everyone moves out of my way when I go pushing that heavy cart through the store looking for mark downs! Now where did I put my turkey call.

  4. You are very funny and talented with your writing.

    Thanks for coming to visit us at 3 sisters.

    Have a great weekend.

    From the 3 sisters 365,
    Natasha, Stacey and Holly

  5. Diann, you have such a great system. Unfortunately our grocery store very rarely discounts ANYTHING. If anything at all, they understock. So if something is on sale, you better get there early in the morning, because when it's gone, it's gone!


  6. this was just so adorable this for dressing in camflouge so others won't recognize me? Well every where I everyone knows me,,'you always get so many great deals Angie' girlfriend who is the other half of the yard sale diva, and lives three doors down from me,..well her hubby is a mark down sticker price guy..and we will all end up at Walmart at the same time (without us knowing it until we run into each other,lol)...and we do the cruise..Go OUTSIDE perimeter of the store..that is where all the red ticket sales are..we always laugh when we find each other there...

  7. Oh Diann, I am laughing out loud! I want to see you in your grocery shopping getup! I do love to find a bagain at the grocery store. I have to be careful though, or I'll buy something that we won't ever eat, just because it's marked down so much (I guess nobody will ever eat it!). You got some great deals at your grocery store. Thanks for providing the laughs for Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  8. Girl you are just too funny...I would love to see you at the store lol!! Hope you have a GREAT weekend my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. Oh, that is funny Diann. I would love to go shopping with you. How much fun. My favorite is the turkey call and picturing others dropping their bargains. Such fun. Thanks!

  10. This is just too funny -- I love it. Now I have track down all the appropriate gear.

  11. Hysterical! Great way to start out my day--with a laugh!

  12. very

    I am not afraid to admit that I love the red stickers! my supermarket has a 'clearance' section at the end of the meat section and I always check it out first. I just have to be a little timely about using it!

    Now the 'clearance' fish section..not so much...

  13. Love this post!!! :D I know all about reaching for produce and the rain shower hits! :-D Love the manager's specials and if can't use for date - off to the freezer. Great post - Thanks!
    Enjoy your weekend.


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