How Do You Do It?

Do you use "To-do" lists? I have tried every method out there to make my to-do lists work for me and I am struggling! The Princess stays on track better than I do half the time!

I have been trying to take a few minutes before I "retire" for the evening, I have been writing out the things I want to accomplish the next day. I am doing this more for the whole, "I am never going to fall asleep because I have too much buzzing around in my head for my brain to shut down" effect.

Another question. Are you able to keep your to do list reasonable? I have a tendency to assign myself a gazillion things each day!

For example and the reason for this post, here is the list of just "project" stuff I assigned myself for tomorrow:

* Finish yellow candlestick project

* repurpose the black candlestick

* Re-paint wire teapot red

* make welcome sign

* Paint plastic pots

* paint square metal planter.

* paint wall basket

Now, that list is all fine and dandy if I had nothing else going on in my life!

Last time I checked, I am sure I saw no housekeeper, cook, laundress, nanny, bookkeeper, chauffeur, personal shopper, gardener or personal assistant in my home or on my payroll. That last part would have been difficult since I have NO payroll!

So how the heck do I think I am going to do all these projects plus all the things that are just blah everyday life chores? Not to mention, where do I fit in in pleasures like, reading, prayer, reflection, playing with and just cuddling the Princess, visiting a friend or a family member?

Or the other daily things such as listing things on Ebay, getting things listed in my Etsy store, do mystery shops, keep up on my surveys, and numerous other things I do everyday to try to bring a little extra income into our home?

And let's not even mention daily blogging!

So, how do you all do it? Is there some secret "Super Woman" book out there that I have not found yet? Am I out of the loop of the decoded email rings?

If you are doing one thing, that means 400 other things are not getting done. How do you choose which things to do when?

Do you overload yourself so much that almost nothing gets done? Do you just blow stuff off?

I have a tendency towards the "overload" concept. I have always heaped on a ton of stuff thinking I am Wonder Woman and I can do everything myself! Guess what? That just ain't workin' any more!

I am officially giving myself permission to NOT do it all! I feel like I just stood up front at a 12 step program and admitted that I can't and don't have to load myself down with all the pressures I normally do.

That project list above, just turned into my "This week I want to get done" project list.

So, for Amy's "Anti-Procrastination Tuesday's", I have stopped putting off the fact and realization that I cannot do it all especially all at once! Sounds like an odd anti-procrastination concept but, the reality of it is, I put off a lot of things that are nagging inside my brain on a regular basis. It is much easier to deal with all the external stuff of life instead of the internal stuff.

And for Heidi's "Wednesday Gratitude" I am thankful to have come to this conclusion and have the support that allows me to stop loading on more stress than need be. And I hope to have more courage and strength to ask for help when I start to feel overwhelmed. That is going to be a tough one for me but, I am going to work on it.


  1. O my goodness, Diann, how DO you do it? I don't enjoy painting myself and I only do it when I absolutely have to. A can of spray paint works well for me these days. Hope you're going to share that red wire teapot! I would love to see it. You are a busy gal and we're a lot alike in that my mind keeps going over things at night too. It's very annoying especially when one is trying to fall asleep. I do read though and oftentimes that helps. Anyway, I have no solution to your problem. My motto is, 'Don't think about the things you have to do. Think about the things you get to do.' Have a wonderful week.


  2. i sometimes have to have a to do list. what has to be done that can't wait such as bills. i also allow myself free time from the job of housework. i allow myself to carry over the list to the following day. if too frustrated, i eat ice cream.

  3. Diann, I think at some point in our lives we all come to the realziation that we can't do it all! We want to, we have the best intentions and plans, but life just gets in the way. I sense you do ask A LOT of yourself. Take the time to enjoy the Little Princess she will grow up so fast (believe me I know) and then the things you have to do, well do them but don't worry if they don't all get done at once. The fun stuff you should add a little every day of your life.
    It's hard and only gets harder but be sure to take the time to enjoy today!!

  4. I alternate fun things with one load of laundry...paint tea candle stick...ya know? I also do EVERYTHING with a sense of urgency...just how I am...I can do more in a morning than some of my friends can do in three days...just cuz of how I operate!
    good luck...I love my lists...when I have everything crossed off at the end of the makes me feel like I accomplished something!

  5. I have been making To Do lists for years. My spiral notebooks are legendary in the family! I put everything, everything on one master list then label each item with $ for costs money, * for priority, R for more research, etc. I am amazed looking back over years of notebooks how much I got done and how my priorities change. Seeing it ALL written down really gives me some perspective. Don't lose heart!

  6. I am list person. I have been for many, many years as I found it absolutely necessary when I was working. However, I no longer stress about what's on the list unless it really has to be done that day. I use the old fashioned steno pads (the ones with the spiral top and the line down the middle. I put my 'to do' things on the left side, and the 'do it today' on the right side. I keep it on the kitchen counter and add or delete when I think about it. It works for me most of the time.

  7. Oh my you sound just like me...that is scary! I thoiught I was the only list maker list person that was so obsessed with getting it ALL done in a day! Sheesh so glad you are out there now I don't feel so bad:)

  8. I think it is just part of being a woman trying to do so many things. It is our nature. But better than sitting around eating bon bons right? I was wondering why you don't have your etsy shop on your site? I love the feature they have that your shop shows up on your web page. Having an etsy shop and all the work that goes into it is a full time job in itself right? And you have an ebay shop? Girl, you will never have enough time in the day!

  9. I loved hearing your heart in this, thanks for sharing!
    It is huge to realize we can't do it all and what we can do does not have to be perfect. When I find myself overwhelmed with all the to-dos, I literally have to talk to myself and say "Baby steps. It will eventually get done, it doesn't have to be done now and it doesn't have to be done perfectly" "Slow and STEADY wins the race." I find for me the key is the steady part. This summer I have spend just 15 minutes a day with my 3 girls (we call it zone work) in a different area each day that I feel is getting out of control. It is amazing how the 4 of us working together for 15 minutes keeps this place together during the summer. (they also do 3 chores a day, each).
    Even just one thing done a day on your list is better than trying to do more and getting nothing done in the process. Try not to let the big list paralyze you. Celebrate the small progress!
    I love that you gave yourself permission not to do it all. That is so healthy and ironically, the best way to get things done:)
    Thanks so much for linking up to AP Tuesdays. Your post was one of the most clicked on...good job!

  10. featured this post today. thanks again for linking up~

  11. Kudos to you! But being cut from the same cloth, I have to can you just let it go? I'm reasonable. I know the pressures I pile on myself...especially in my mind, of how "it" all needs to be. But I am constantly disappointed at what ends up not being. I know all the tricks, like Amy mentioned, but there's always a void in the creating I'd like to do & the life I'd really like to live. Any advice?


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