Hi Everyone!

I hope y'all are having a fantastic Monday! We have been busy all day so far and I don't see us stopping until the sun goes down!

This past weekend, I did some MAJOR junkin'! My entire bed of my truck was packed to the max. And I have a super cab and the inside was packed just short of being a driving hazard!

I now have a ton of stuff to deal with. Lots of cool stuff and finds I will say. but, none the less a LOT of things to deal with.

Today I have been taking everything out of the truck and am in the process of taking pictures. Then deciding what I want to put away, what I plan on working on in the next week. You know the process. Troy has been busy potting, repotting, painting free curbside pots, and all that stuff today. The Princess just things she is helping both of us!

Once I get all my pictures done, I need to inventory everything and get that part of it dealt with.

Somethings I will use a few times and then sell on Ebay. I have been listing and selling some things on Ebay. I love to junk! So, a big thrill is the "hunt" for me. But, I can't possible keep everything I find. I may "be in love with something" but, I am "in love" with a lot of things! LOL

I have also been working on opening my Etsy store. Geez, all this stuff takes serious time!

A lot of my recent finds are going to be "redo" projects. It's pretty bad when I am outside with piles of stuff around me trying to take pictures and the Princess walks up and looks around and says, "Oh no, mama has projects a go-go!!" LOL That's my kid!

So between all this stuff, trying to get the house in order, our yard in order, basic everyday stuff, spending time at the parks with Miss Princess Britches, I am going to step back a little in blogging. What I actually mean, is I don't see myself going any "scapes" this week and possibly next week. So, that means no teascapes and tablescapes this week. Those are the most time consuming posts. but, they are also my favorites. You guys probably never noticed that I love to play with dishes. LOL

I will probably just be posting some of these finds day to day. So, I am still posting everyday, just nothing too time consuming for the next week or two.

To all my tea party friends, I am sorry I won't be joining you for a little bit. I really do love my tea parties! And Miss Marty, I will be back for Table Top Tuesday soon. I got some fun things to change up the looks of a few of my areas! And tablescaping? Oh, the pretty new dish finds I have in boxes out on the lawn right now! I will be itchin' to use them!!

So, I'm not going anywhere, just takin' care of bizness!

Now make sure you come back Tuesday to see my "Nifty thrifty finds"! Diann went "curbside shopping"! Yes folks, were talking FREE stuff that I picked. And they need some redo help. I am going to ask all of you amazing fixer uppers for advice!!

Okay, back to the heat and picture taken and sorting!


  1. Wow! It does sound like you've been busy! No tablescapes from Diann?? Unheard of! LOL Have fun with all the new stuff- can't wait to see
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Love thrifting and junking! I am in the throws of trying to organize and list all of the things I bought myself, I overestimated how much I actually need to KEEP!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. Sound very industrious. Can't wait to see the pics! Lezlee

  4. Have fun! I know it's work but it's fun to really take a good luck at your finds. I'm working the organization thing right now also. Can't wait to see more finds! Tell Miss Princess 'her Linda' said HI!

  5. Do you have a storage barn? Sounds like you're going to need one!!! Fun, isn't it???

  6. My my, you certainly are the busy little beaver! Cannot wait to see what you have been accumulating!

    ~ Tracy


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