Happy Father's Day!

I have been a very blessed woman! I have and have some amazing men in my life.

My dad is literally the most amazing man! He is one of those people, that seem rare today, that is 100% dependable. If he says he is going to do something, you can take it to the bank that he will! He is honest and it is a very rare thing to hear my dad say a bad thing about someone else. Even if he despises a person, generally you would never know it.

I have two younger brothers and my dad was their boyscout leader, their baseball coach and their football coach. Even though he worked two jobs, he always found time for us.

Family is everything to my dad. Even today. I have 3 nephews and my dad cuts his vacations short to be at their baseball games. He is an incredible Grandfather. The little princess thinks "grandpapa" walks on water. He will move both heaven and earth to make sure his family is take care of.

His entire focus in life revolves around his family. Being the only girl, I have an amazing relationship with my dad. Not only because of him being the best dad in the world but, he is also one of my very best friends.

He met my mom when he was 15 years old (she was 13) and they have been in love with each ever since. They date, flirt and adore each other everyday. You can look at my dad when he sees my mom and you know that he still sees her as that young woman he fell in love with. It is the most amazing thing to witness.

I cannot put into words how honored and thankful I am that this man is my father. Even though sometimes he drives me crazy (we have a lot of the same personality traits) I completely respect him and admire him.

So, I just want to take this moment to thank our Heavenly Father for bestowing the greatest gift to me, allowing me to be my father's daughter!

I love you with all my heart DAD!


  1. Diann what a sweet tribute to your Dad. He sounds like a really amazing man. I am missing my Dad very much today!

  2. Diann
    Father's Day here in Brazil is in August, the second Sunday.
    Even thank God for having given him his father, so nice and friendly!
    and be able to have him on your side.
    my rest in the Lord,
    but thank God for the time that I shared with him.

    Tina (Sonhar e Realizar)

  3. Diann, I am so moved about what you wrote about your father. Your post brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful man he must be. You really are lucky. And he I'm sure he feels how lucky he is to have a daughter who loves him so very much.

    Happiness and good health to you and yours,


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