A Fun, Simple Project

That seems to be my mantra lately, "Fun & simple"! I have been putting off project lately because this is such a busy time of the year. But, my creative side is whining and wanting out. "Just a little quick project" it keeps saying to me. So, here is another project with the black toile tissue paper used earlier this week.

I have to forewarn you, this tissue paper is in the midst of several little projects right now. One .49 cents package of tissue paper is going a far, far way!

I've told you in past posts, that during the cold long wintery months, I collected thrifty little things "for future projects". And that is what I am doing. Pulling out these items and redoing them. The money has already been spent so, I have no out of pocket right now. Use what I have is the theme!

I picked up this wood frame at The Dollar General store. Originally $5.00 clearance $2.00. I already liked the black paint and the distressed look of it so, I knew I wasn't going to have to paint it.

I grabbed a scrap of the tissue paper and put it inside the frame instead of a picture.

Then, to add just a little extra touch, I glued some of the ivory trim I used on the orb earlier this week around the frame. By the way, this trim had been clearanced at Hobby Lobby for .37 a yard. So, I bought what they had.

Then I scrounged through my crafting supplies. I knew I had bought a wooden letter "H" (our last name) for some project I thought I was going to do and never did. I found it and did two coats of black spray paint on it and a coat of clear sealant.

After it was thoroughly dried, I centered it on the glass and glued it in place.

I swear the H is centered but, the H itself is made off centered.

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! What a great project!! I'm showing this to Allie!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Love it! And your right...fast and simple but still cute as a button! Good job girl! Big hugs Beth

  3. Oh! Diann dear
    What a beautiful picture that was!
    When I read his writing makes me want to go to these stores that you speak, but here where I live is not like that, only in larger cities ... what do you know?
    patience ... one day I will ... and I buy enough stuff.
    Tina (Sonhar e Realizar)

  4. I know what you mean about sometimes you just have to do something creative. I love when I have everything I need and there is no out of pocket! It is darling, good job!


  5. TI love this project! I think that trim is amazing how it makes it all pop!! I have a letter L and I would love to do this only maybe in Pink and white for my pink room. So cute!!! You are much craftier then I am!!

  6. How Cute is That!! Your right Fast & Cute!
    Your funny,that toile paper will just about last Forever! ....hahaha
    Enjoy your weekend ~

  7. Dianne... Simple but wonderful projects are what i need more of.

    Thanks so much for joining with us at Finding beauty...you always make it great!


  8. What a neat idea, it looks wonderful on the table.

  9. Hi Diann this is so ironic this project.....I have one similar in my archives....I will post it next week or so....great minds think alike my friend.....thanks for your insightful words too, I sure appreciate your input.

  10. It turned out really nice. Great job! Lezlee

  11. I have that same tissue paper! lOVE IT.

  12. It looks great! I love it. Can I get one in a P now? ;) It's so funny but I have that tissue paper to like Laura above me.

    Come say hi when you get a chance!

  13. This is such a great idea. I would love to get some of that tissue paper-it is gorgeous!

    Best wishes for a happy Friday,

  14. Found your project through Frugal Friday at the Shabby Nest and I love it!

    It turned out lovely.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. How cute and easy is that! Love it! My teen daughter will love this for her bedroom.

  16. What a great project! I've got some items I've tucked away that need to be redone and I should really just get the spray paint that I need and get moving on them. I love the toile tissue paper! I've got some of that myself, but haven't used it for anything yet. With the trim around the frame, and the toile, your project looks so great!

  17. That is super cute. I love repurposing frames. Great project.

  18. I want some of that tissue! So cute and clever, you are motivating me.

  19. Boy did that turn out cute and you used what you had on hand! Love it!

  20. It looks great! What a great idea. I am going to add this to my list of future projects!

    ~ Tracy

  21. I love this idea. Simple and so cute. Love the tissue paper. I'm on the hunt for some of that. I can hang this project in my house too because of the H last name. Great idea for a future project.

  22. Veddy nice, Diann. I made one, too from an idea off of One Cheap B*tch's blog. Love it.

  23. I am loving this...super awesome! Fantastic! I so love the striking energy and beauty of black..and of course love anything toile....awesome!! yay!

  24. I love this, it looks great! And so easy!

  25. So pretty! I'd love it if you'd add my party to your friday linky party. I host Home and Family Friday, every Friday.


  26. Now I know exactly what to do with my letter "F"...love that toile paper you used...a trip to the scrapbook store is def. needed! Thanks for the inspiration! Robyn from http://foresthillsroad.blogspot.com/


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