A Few Yard Sale Finds

There was a near by city yard sale this weekend. I didn't go to a lot of the sales. Just a couple. I was a little discouraged when I stopped at the first one that had a ton of toys that the princess would love. Her eyes lit up when we stopped and she saw all the fun things they had. However, when I checked out the prices, we didn't stay and shop! All the toys that we were looking at were $10.00 and over! Yes, they were larger items and in good condition but, hello? Ten Bucks or more?! They should have listed them on Craigslist or something but, a yard sale? I don't think so!

Here is a picture I took on the princess checking out all the stuff. I had told her that we were going to look for bargains (a word she knows very well!) so, she kept saying "No bargains here" over and over. LOL

Here are a few of the items I picked up.

I have several serving pieces that have this same style. They have the whole retro feeling that I like to use for get togethers and/or tablescaping. This little serving tray was $1.00

I really like these little candlestick lamps. They are perfect to tuck here and there. All those a little too dark or shadowy corners. It too, was $1.00.

Honestly, can you pass up a pretty little red transferware saucer for .50 cents? Nope, neither can I.

This plate just made me smile. I like the fun design and the bright colors and decided that it was perfect to set my water carafe on by my bed. So, for .25 cents, it came home with me.

I really like the design of these two little glasses. These were .25 cents for the pair.

I got a few more things which I will show at a later time. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Diann,
    Love all your finds!! especially the red transferware saucer and the other plate!
    I went to several yard sales today and bought some fantastic things. Will most likely post them next Friday


  2. I have to agree, $10 is a lot for yard sale toys. It is cute that your little princess knew they weren't a bargain!
    That little candlestick lamp is adorable. I never see any red transferware at yard sales or even the thrift shops around here or I would be picking it up. I really like the shape of those little glasses.
    I found a few things this morning at the citywide yard sale in a town south of us...nothing spectacular, though.

  3. I saw a little red plate almost just like that one today! It was ironstone and really cheap. I didn't buy it...seeing yours kinda makes me wish I had.

  4. Great bargains. I love the little lamp. You are right, they are always useful. Love all your dishes too. Hugs, Marty

  5. You found some great finds! I like the red &white transfer saucer. That is a great find. Have a good weekend...

  6. You did good! Love that Bristol plate!


  7. Little Princess is so smart (just like her Mom and Dad) to know 'no bargains' there! WOW....but you did find some good things. I like that little lamp and the glasses are very cute but my fav is the transferware....lots of times I don't care for the design but that little plate is very sweet. Good finds! I will post mine a little later.

  8. You did fantastic....I was cracking up over little princess saying no bargains here......loving those fun colorful plates too....I would say you had a very successful day of bargains and fun!~ Thanks so much Diann for linking up...hope you enjoy some of the other fun stuff too in the party.

  9. You did good! I like how well you are training the little princess! Great deal on the dish's. I stopped by few sales today looking for dish's but could only find sets and they were too pricey! Love your finds!

  10. Woo Hoo! Great finds!
    No way could you pass those up!
    you are right about the prices for the kids stuff! Too much!
    So glad you found those wonderful things! Looks like a great day!
    God Bless,
    Thanks for your sweet welcome to Pink Saturday!

  11. So sweet, your little princess looking for "bargins"...yep those were a little over priced. Great finds. Love the red and white plate...especially pretty

  12. Great finds! I get so frustrated at pricey yard sales- honestly! She's so understanding for a 2 year old! LOL
    xoxo Pattie

  13. What great finds, I wish I could find plates for .25 I have got to get back out garage salen. When you have a bunch of bad garage sale days you give up for awhile!


  14. great job in getting inexpensive items. rose

  15. Great finds! I agree with you about the prices people ask for things at a yard sale. Hello! It's a yard sale, not Wal-Mart! I could care less how much you paid for it,I want it for nothing!Sorry, that is my pet peeve when it comes to yard sales. And don't go into a long history about something when all I want to know is 'how much?'!:)

  16. Hi Diann~ thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments! I love your candlestick lamps and the sweet transferware dish, especially!

  17. I love your yardsale finds!! I especially love the red transfer dish and the two little glasses.

  18. Your lil princess knows a bargain or two! Your fines were delightful! Anne


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