A Few Recent Junkin' Finds!

Hey Y'all! I told you that I have been busy dealing with my massive junkin' excursion from this past weekend. Well, I thought I would show you a few of my finds.

So, are ya ready to look at some of my junk...er... treasures? Okay then, here we go!

Oh, I love the smell of good bargains in the air!

Candlesticks, candlesticks, bring on the candlesticks!

This candlestick is large and very heavy iron. I really like the design on it. And if you can see, the price tag on it was $5.99. Yeah, okay......NOT! I paid $1.00 for it.

I am going to leave this candlestick as is. I had thought of painting it, but I like the black. However, it is going to be part of a little redo project.

As you can see, I did not take the time to clean this up. As a matter of fact, for the next little while, all my junkin' finds that I show have not been cleaned. Straight from my truck, to the lawn and pictures taken!

Now this candlestick is very tall and heavy as well. And it is sort of ugly in a funky kind of way.

Once again, the price tag is not even close to reality pricing! It was tagged for $4.99. So not happening people! I spent another $1.00 for this one as well.

I actually picked this fugly candlestick up specifically for a redo and a little outdoor decor.

Now this ceramic candlestick I liked as soon as I saw it. I really like the pretty design on it.

However, it has these subtle splashing of a light red and a light green here and there on it. I don't like that. So, once again, it will be a painting project.

At least the asking price was decent so, I paid the $1.61 for it.

As you probably noticed from the above pictures, all these candlesticks were on a little wood table. Yup, a thifty treasure. Well, actually 2 thrifty treasures!

Both of these little abused tables are a nice solid wood.

As you can see, they have little yellow tulips in each corner.

I paid .95 cents for each ! You can kind of see the red ".95" on one of the tulips.

After a little research into Kling Colonial I discovered that the company was founded in 1911 and was in business until the founder Denold Kling passed away in 1961. At which time, Ethan Allen Furniture bought the company and ran a special line called "Kling Colonial" for several years. This lne is no longer in production.

I'm not sure how I am going to refinish these tables, but I just couldn't pass them up at .95 cents each!

One last little fun find. This Vintage Sewing Book was too fun to walk away from!.

I just had to get it!

It's in very good condition. Even the dust jacket.

This edition was published in 1960.

So, there you have todays treasures! Now head over to these parties and see what others are showing!

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  1. Oh my gosh! You got some awesome deals! I love it all. Love the candlesticks and the tables most!

  2. Diann, WHERE do you find these deals?? Amazing! Can't wait to see what you do
    xoxo Pattie

  3. The candlesticks are great and I love the sewing book!

  4. Diann what a thrifty shopper you are!! Great Finds! You go girl!

  5. Love the heavy iron candle holder and the tables were a great find for a dollar, Ethan Allen! Lezlee

  6. Oh you got some good deals there! I love the candle sticks and my fav is the white one! Love that design. Can't wait to see the table redone, they are sure to be fab!

  7. Nice sewing book! That's one I don't have. Thanks for giving us a peek!

  8. Diann, I LOVE all your great finds! Who finds a table for less than a buck....I guess that would be YOU! lol :) (no, you found TWO!) You really did find some great stuff for cheap...my favorite thing to do. :)
    I'm glad you like my patio....I still have lots to do, but I do enjoy that space a lot! :)
    Thanks for linking up your great treasures, I appreciate you. :)
    Have a blessed day

  9. Wonderful bargains, for someone who has the room for them.... great finds.
    Hugs - Jan

  10. Wow..i love that ceramic candlestick too..gorgeous..! Such beauties..it would be so fun to go shopping with you!!

  11. I think my mom had that sewing book!! I had forgotten all about it! I love your candlesticks...what great finds. I purchased one similar to the one that holds 3 candles not too long ago, at a thrift store, and repainted it. I used it at a function and my friend who will NOT step foot into a thrift store, goodwill etc. had a fit over it. Was so sure I had just purchased it at a new store...when I told her the truth, she just sorta scrunched her nose and looked at me....hahahahahahaha.......some people just kill me with their preconceived notions of thrift shopping!

    Have a great VTT!

  12. Wow! Great finds, but I can't believe they wrote the price right on top of that sweet little tulip! What if you wanted to keep the tulips? Oh well. I can't wait to see how some of these projects turn out.

  13. I think the tulips are what make the tables interesting, so it would be nice if you could keep those when you refinish the tables.

  14. I like the candlesticks but the tables are my favorites!

  15. Wow, what fabulous deals you got! $.95 PER table? That's amazing, I can't wait to see what you make with them! Happy VTT!

  16. I cannot believe the deals, kido!! Such solid tables for so cheap. The book, the candlesticks, WOW!! THat book looks like a lot of fun!

  17. What fantastic deals, I love that sewing book. OK, I have to go thrifting tomorrow...I have to take some old clothes in anyway :).

  18. Oh my what wonderful finds! I love the table and would have a hard time changing that in any way, probably leave it as it is, its just so cute!
    Love the sewing book to, I think I remember seeing that so many years ago.

    I am now following you and would like to extend the invitation to you to come follow me as well.
    hope to see your smiling face up there!


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