A Couple of Yardsale Finds

I just thought I would show you a few odds and ends yard sale finds.

Don't ask me why, especially since I went through and cleaned out a bunch of the princess's toys recently and donated them, but, I just couldn't resist this after she spent the entire time I was looking at other things just sitting on this and playing quietly to herself.

The woman at the yard sale sold it to me for $1.00. We got new batteries and it works just great. it is a little over the princess's head, but she gets to sit on it, steer it, lots of noise and lights, she loves it and it is OUTSIDE! :)

From the same yard sale, I got this large chalkboard for $1.00. I hope to paint the wood purple and hang it in the munchkin's room soon.

Both Troy and I love to read Gardening books and magazines. A yard saler had this stack of gardening mags and a gardening book so, I snatched them up all for $1.00.

I stopped at Salvation Army and found this beautiful silver gravy boat and tray for $1.50. It was supposed to be the 2 pieces for $2.99 but, it was 50% off. It was very tarnished.

After cleaning.

And here are a couple of jars that I keep my misc. Silverware that I have been collecting from thrift stores and flea markets. As you can see, some are polished some, not so much.

I am joining these two fun parties!

GaRage Salen' Party

Silver Sunday


  1. I can just see Princess on that toy! Outside of course!!! Love the books and mags...good find on those!! That gravy boat and tray is gorgeous, loved it polished.

  2. Princess is one lucky gal! I love those jars, am always looking for them, and never see them. You had a great day! Thanks for linking up to the party.

  3. Great finds...don't you just love a good yard sale!!??
    Happy day!

  4. Well I would say you scored. I have a hard time finding good stuff seems like you have the knack.

  5. Wow Diann, the silver really shined up and is beautiful! Great finds!


  6. Wow, the silver set looks fabulous after polishing. Great job! Lots of super treasures. Susan

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  8. Oh Yard Sales and Goodwill -- you are speaking my language. I didn't get to Goodwill for its 50-percent off today, but my DD and I will be surely heading there tomorrow!

    LOVE the finds, but my heart belongs to that silver set. You did an amazing polishing job. What do you use?

  9. Great Finds! I wish I would have gone for some Treasure Hunting today! Oh well...maybe next week

  10. Wonderful! Love the gravy boat and tray. How pretty shined up.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. That gravy boat is wonderful! Your yard sale people are much more reasonable than ours!
    xoxo Pattie

  12. Great toy for her so play on and I love your silver pieces. They cleaned up wonderfully and what a deal!! Love the old mason jars filled with old silverware.

  13. Pretty gravy boat. It is really looking like a new one.
    Greetings, Johanna

  14. I love polishing up old silver - it's so gratifying. Yours looks wonderful.

  15. You are such a good mom, even if it was only a dollar here and there.
    I can not find any gardening magazines. People around here won't give them up!

  16. Yard sales and thrift shops equal heaven! Love the gravy server! thanks for joining silver sunday, see you next month!

  17. Great finds! That tray has the prettiest edges on it and I adore the sweet little feet on the gravy boat!

    Stop by and see my silver post if you get a chance!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  18. Great finds! The Princess is a lucky little girl! Love the silver!


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