Colorful Outdoor Table

Since I spaced most things out this past weekend, I did not plan ahead for a proper Memorial Day table. So, I went with a bold and summer table for our Memorial Day dinner.

I started with this $1.50 bold print tablecloth. It's a nice weight home decor fabric.

I then added the placemats that I showed you a couple of weeks ago that I got at a yard sale for .50 cents for the four of them. They overlapped on the patio table but, I was okay with that.

I just got these fun bright floral acrylic plates at The Dollar Tree. They had a sign saying all acrylic dishes were 2/$1.00. So, I picked up four of these. They ended up ringing up at .25 cents each! Woohoo! Of course, I checked out ome of the other local Dollar Tree stores and none of them had their acrylic dishes for a quarter. I don't know why the first store did if none of the others were pricing them that low.

I added simple plain white salad plates on top of the acrylic plates. I have an entire set of these dishes. I use them often for mixing and matching. Ya just can't go wrong with a good simple set of white dishes!

Then I picked out a couple of colors from the plates and grabbed some napkins. 2 berry color linen napkins and 2 goldish yellow napkins. I have had these napkins for a year or so. I got them clearanced at Walmart. On top of he napkins I placed clear glass shell shaped fruit bowls. I got these last summer at a Goodwill for 4/$1.00.

I just love these vintage glasses I got at a flea market last year some time. The glass is a kind of frosted golden orangey color with gold suns, stars and moons on them. Don't you love unique glasses!

A vintage green glass pitcher for ice water. A poppy 3 part condiment dish (clearanced at TJ Maxx last Fall for .70 cents due to the chips in it). A small orange dish for dressing also clearanced, at Big Lots this time.

This is my most recent thrift find. It is a cut glass divided platter with gold around the edges and attached to a stand that is a lazy susan. I love it! I got it for $2.50.

Now just some pictures of the overall table.

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  1. Your table looks beautiful, Diann! Love the COLOR! Great tablecloth and placemats and those plates are bright and cheery and very pretty! I love how you added the shell dishes. Everything looks so pretty. You pay great attention to detail and it shows. Great outdoor table for Tablescape Thursday!!!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  2. WOW..i so enjoyed this post. I loved how you shared picture by picture how it was made. Fabulous deals girl. Great job!

  3. Diann
    Your table was beautiful
    You have good taste.

    Tina (Dream and Conduct) /

  4. Everything looks very pretty!

  5. Nice outdoor table. very pretty!

  6. Diann, what a FUN table! And I WANT those glasses!!
    xoxo pattie

  7. Diann I love how great those placemats look on that tablecloth. That is so hard to do and you nailed it! The plates and the shell dishes with the napkins! I love that cut glass dish on the lazy susan stand. That is an awesome find! Great table friend!!

  8. Terrific "thrown together" table! I wish I was as creative! The vintage glasses with the suns are really neat, I've never seen anything like them!

  9. Well for NOT planning, you just made everything work out sooo well. I love all the color. Joni

  10. I absolutely love this retro designed table, Diann. The colors are fantastic and I love the glassware and that lazy Susan. It looks very similar to mine, which I found at a vintage shop last year. Great job of "throwing together" this table....
    :-) Sue

  11. I love your layering and the step by step pictures! The colors are quite unusual - great combinations!

  12. What a nice colorful the water glasses. Gorgeous it vintage?

  13. What a very fun table. It looks so lovely.


  14. the table cloth look like a batik handpainted ones. very nice colour.. and the table setting just lovely! happy VTT

  15. First, I love the way you put it together for us, step by step, and then ended with that fabulous photo of the finished tablescape. Second, I love that you included the prices and sources of the individual components. Third, I'm going to start using the word "clearanced" as a adjective/verb --that's my favorite way to shop -- now I have a word for it. Thanks..................

  16. Diann..
    Your table is just gorgeous. I loved the pretty dishes, specially the shell fruit dishes.
    Do you know..that back in the day..I had the same Lazy Susan condiment divided plate on the little ringed metal stand. There was gold on the edge of the plate and the metal ringed stand was also gold...I used to use it a I wonder..what ever happened to it???? Yours looks very pretty on the table.
    Happy VTT..have a lovely weekend.

  17. Diann,

    What wonderful layering!And a lovely table! Thanks for participating in Thrifty Thursday this week! Some great finds, my friend!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  18. the table is very colorful and makes me happy. rose

  19. Diann,
    What a stunning combination of colors!! You put so much thought into your tablescapes and that is why they are always just fantastic!!


  20. Love your colors and that glass shell salad. It looks wonderful. Come by my blog and win a $50 CSN gift certificate.

  21. Beautiful tablescape!

  22. As always with your tablescapes, just lovely.

  23. You are thrifty! A beautiful table and great bargins. You are amazing!

  24. What a fun table! That tablecloth really matches the plates!!!


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