A Box Full of Blue Goodies!!

What would we do without good friends? Not get super awesome blue glassware, that's what!!

I got a box in the mail filled with FABULOUS goodies from my friend Linda!! And inside this box of treasures were these blue beauties!

As if those weren't enough, she also included these gorgeous April Cornell pot holders and tea towels! Beautiful blues, yellows and greens. I just love them!!

I felt like it was my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one day!! And she sent these beautiful treasures to me for no reason. Just because she is a FABULOUS friend!!

But, I wasn't the only one who got goodies! The princess got some wonderful surprises too! Check this out...

Isn't this just the cutest! There is a missing plate and saucer. Some little girl wasn't very patient at letting me take some pictures. She was way more interested in doing her own tablescape! LOL
Look at the sweet blue flowers on this little set!
It even came with a little candle stick!
And Linda included this super cute little birthdy cake plate. The princess thinks it is just like mama's pretty cake plates.
And look what they came in! She has her very own little picnic basket! this is just so adorble!!

The princess so loves all her "special" goodies! We were two very happy girls here and doing the Happy dance all over the place! LOL Thank you again Linda! You are the best!!

I am linking up to Sally's "Blue Monday" and Mary's "Mosaic Monday".


  1. Lovely goodies and what a wonderful friend.

  2. You lucky, lucky girl!!!! Those are just beautiful!!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. You are both most welcome!! When I opened the post I thought it was going to be about something you found thrifting yesterday...but it was about the Blue goodies!! So glad you and the Princess are enjoying your "cause your special" gift!

  4. That is an unusual blue. What a wonderful surprise. You have an extra wonderful friend.

  5. Wow!That's tiara glassware isn't it? I have it and it looks identical. Beautiful and what a great friend.

  6. That little Happy Birthday plate is a keeper. It is made by Hadley(I think in Indiana)

  7. Hi Diann, these are just super surprises you received from your dear friend. I love glassware and I think this color of blue is just too beautiful.

    Oh, by the way, you have one more surprise coming to you... You won the Giveaway I was hosting at CluckleBees! Please send me your address so I can mail it out to you. Thank you so much for entering and I know you'll love it.


  8. It's all beautiful, Diann! I'm happy for you and the little Princess. Doesn't it just make your day when someone shows an unexpected kindness?
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  9. Diann ... Here in Brazil we have a song that says asim
    "A friend is something to keep it on the left side of the chest, inside the heart"
    This deserves to be saved there!
    Tina(Sonhar e Realizar)

  10. Wonderful gifts, wonderful blue.
    Blessings - Jan

  11. great goodies! And precious picnic basket!
    Have a great week!

  12. I am just BLUE with envy! Love the King's Crown glassware. I'm hunting for the green set myself. And the "Princess's" Tea Set is adorable. Such a nice friend you have.

  13. Isn't Mail Call wonderful?!!! What a great friend and what beautiful goodies for both of you. Delightful!

  14. Your mosaic is so pretty. The blue dishes are divine. I am now a follower as I love thrifty blogs, I'm a avid yard saler, love a good deal.

  15. Wow amazing finds and love your mosaic! Happy Monday!

  16. Wonderful mosaic made by your special gifts. The pinic set are so cute. Have a great week.

  17. WOW Diann, you certainly have a beautiful collection of blue! I've been looking for blue glasses, but nothing has shown up in thrifting. Enjoy them all.


  18. That Linda is one of the very nicest people in blogland! I love everything she sent you, and how she included something for The Princess too. I feel a pretty blue tablescape coming in your future! Maybe two. Is The Princess old enough yet to make one of her own?!

  19. What a fantastic gesture. A friend who knows your heart-what could be better.

  20. Linda is a BFF for sure! What a generous lady. Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  21. Wow, what a wonderful surprise!! Love the glasses and all that went with them. What a special friend you have!!

  22. Hi, all very beautiful and what a wonderful surprise! I hope that you have a great new week!

  23. Wow, your blue glass gift is gorgeous, Diann. And I love the sweet little tea set your daughter got. Happy Blue monday~

  24. Oh my you are truly loved by your friends. Those are awesome!

    Cake & Cupcakes

  25. lovely is the friend who sent you such amazing goodies! Loved the glassware. Happy Blue Monday!

  26. Hi Diann,
    What fabulous gifts! You know, I have that same stemware only mine are red-rimmed. What lovely friends you have!



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