Adding a Little Something Pretty

Oh how I wish I had a beautiful porch or a stunning deck or a lovely patio and a wonderful large yard! But, I don't. I have a teeny tiny little patch of lawn with our townhouse. A long time ago I did lay a patio down. Nothing that any magazine is going to come and just fall in love with an want to feature me in an upcoming issue. Nope, just a little outdoor space. I just love to see all the beautiful outdoor space people are showing. All just gorgeous and so perfect.

I have been wanting to spruce up our little area. Our flower bed and herb garden are planted so, that is looking pretty but, all the other areas, not so much.

Since my budget is like right around $0.00, LOL, I have to just look for things I already have and try to work with them. So, I have been looking through all my past thrift finds. Prettying up our patio is going to take me a little time but, I am really trying to do the whole "One babystep at a time Diann" mentality. I do so good at this......NOT!

Anyway, I decided to use this pretty black metal candle holder on our patio table. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale. Now I like it black but, I wanted to try a little lighter look out there. So, out came the spray paint.

Once I spray painted it white, I scrounged through my ribbon and found some purple grosgrain ribbon to weave through the metal for just the added little touch. A couple of purple candles from my stash. I love this, because I can change out the ribbon and candles whenever I want.

I know this is just a small project, but, see..."Babysteps". LOL

Later that evening (oh, that just sounded like I was writing some kind of mystery novel), I thought we would just have a relaxing little break from all the chaos that is our lives and enjoy a glass of fresh brewed iced tea and some watermelon.

When I brewed the iced tea, which was just regular ol' Lipton, I plucked some spearmint leaves from our plants, crushed them up and put them in a diffuser and pour the hot water over them. Oh yum! Just the right hint of mint!

Don't ya love the pretty little purple and white placemats? They were clearance too.15 cents each! Oh, did I forget to tell you that they are actually pretty scrapbooking paper? With all the gorgeous scrapbook paper out these days, they just ain't for scrapbookin' any more! Using the pretty papers instead of cloth placemats is a fun and cheap alternative to getting different pretty looks for your table. Also, I have used them for placemats when we go on picnics. Some picnic tables at the local parks are, well, um, let's just say the birds seem to really enjoy the tables! So, it's nice to have a placemat down first. You can just throw them out when you are done.

I recently bought this set of 4 glass fruit dishes for $1.00 at a yard sale. I just had to have them because they are the same ones my mom had when I was a little kid and once in awhile she would serve us dessert in them and we all felt so grown up.

And finally, let's talk linens. Do you have a hard time finding solid colored cloth napkins for a tablesetting? And even more importantly, finding them at a thrifty price? Well, I wanted a deep purple for this little table and I couldn't find any. So, off to Hobby Lobby! These are bandanas. And they are regular priced at .99 cents each. but, last week there was a sale on them for 50% off. I picked up a few.

So, to add things up, some of my favorite things are:

Thrift finds and thrifty alternatives

Getting a project done, even if it is just a small one.

A glass of freshly brewed ice tea with mint from my mint garden.


Enjoying a little down time outside with the Hubs

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  1. How sweet is this!! Love what you did with the candle holder...very cute.
    Great idea using disposable mats.

  2. Love your little re-do. Those birds look so cute perched on the sides!

  3. very pretty...I love the purple!

  4. the candle holder!! I have too used bandanas from HL for napkins. You cannot beat the price. Yesterday I did find a package (never opened) of Pampered Chef napkins at Goodwill. I snatched them so quick, lol. They are purple with colored dots.

    Have a great weekend :)


  5. Love the candle holder. That will be so versatile with many colors...whoo hooo!!! You and your purple! So pretty and OK now I'm going to Hobby Lobby for some solid bandanas how perfect and good price!! I want some tea and watermelon! Be right over! :)

  6. Love your fruit sherbets!
    (Hazel-Atlas Company, Gothic - think Big Top Peanut butter - c.1950's)

  7. Don't you love being able to take something and make it better? I love what you did and your frugality. And I love the birds. I must say, lots of people seem to be into birds. Have a most blessed weekend. Gloria

  8. Diann, you've made yourself such a pretty little world! :) I love it (and I WANT that candle holder!!)
    xoxo Pattie

  9. It looks beautiful white! Purple is my favorite color!

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  10. Really like your candle holder redo. I don't scrapbook, but I use the papers for other projects also. Using the bandanas for napkins is a great idea.

  11. Love what you did. What an awesome make over to that candle holder. I adore the ribbon that you wrapped around it. I got some amazing paper placemats for 10 cents for all eight at a yard sale I think last year. Well this year I had them laminated! Now I can keep them all the time. All I have to do is wipe them down and that's that!The laminating did cost a bit...more than I thought and would usually have ever paid for..but oh well, it's done now,lol

  12. Oh how pretty Diann! I lve that iron candle holder and the color you picked is so pretty. Love the placemat too....Christine

  13. Hi Diann, love how you put this whole setting together. candleholder, napkins, even the gorgeous watermelon, looks so inviting...I'll be right over!

  14. Diann, the purple setting with the white is so fresh looking, and the watermelon and ice tea soooo inviting! ~ Sarah

  15. Diann dear
    I am surprised how you put the table as well, all so gentle, so smooth!
    good weekend

    Tina ( Sonhar e Realizar)

  16. So cute! I like purple too - it adds a little something for any occasion! Say - I got 2 new pullets - they are so pretty! Hubby hasn't seen them yet....

  17. such a charming lil setting! you are too good firl! Have a wonderful weekend. big hugs Beth

  18. it looks great, good imagination. have a good weekend.rose

  19. Diann, So many clever ideas in this post. That candle holder looks totally different painted white - it's so pretty. Love you idea for the scrapbooking paper. I use those bandanas from H.B. as napkins too. I just have so much touble deciding on colos when I get to H.B. I love all of the different colors they have in them. Your fruit compotes are so pretty. You can sure find some bargains! Thanks for linking up. laurie

  20. I have a set of those dessert glasses too. My MIL collected a set of 8 for all the daughter in laws and then collected for all her granddaughters. We all treasure them.

  21. What a great idea with the ribbon running around the edge.

  22. I love this little spot you created! Clever using the scrapbook paper (I use it for my wood cutting board a lot when I put cheeses out), and the bandannas are a great idea! Thanks for linking up!


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