A Yard Sale and 5 Bucks

I am so glad to see yard sale season start up again. Of course the poor folks around here have had to deal with rain, rain, rain and more rain. Oh and guess what..RAIN! But, there have been some "I don't care if it hails! I'm getting rid of some of my junk!" determined minded yard sellers!

I have been keeping my fingers crossed for this season of yard sales. Last year, it seemed like every sale I stopped at I over heard the seller saying something like, "Yes, well I looked on Ebay and this is the price it is selling for". I had to inform more than one person that A.) Just because it is listed does NOT mean it sold for that price!" B.) You are NOT selling it on Ebay C.) You are NOT incurring the fees by selling on Ebay. D.) This is a YARD SALE not an auction. and finally E.) Maybe you SHOULD take your treasures and list them on Ebay.

Okay, so I had a serious meltdown half way through the yard sale season last summer! I found myself saying over and over, "Really! You want more that Walmart prices for this Dollar Store item?!". It was not a good mental time for me!

I'm going to fix myself a cup of tea before I continue. Some memories are just more than I can deal with :)

Ahhh, I feel better!

So far, so good with yard sales this season. Not that I have stopped at many but, the few that I have, the folks are actually wanting to get rid of their stuff. I had not planned on stopping at this yard sale. The princess and I had been out and about and it was, of course, pouring rain. But, what the heck! We were having an adventure. Well, really I was getting the munchkin out of the house due to the major cabin fever we both had been experiencing.

As we walked up, the poor yard sale hostess was looking a little bedraggled. She said everything is under $1.00 and most things are .25 cents. Now that's more like it.

So, these are the treasures I bought from her.

I really like this cute wood mirror/picture frame. I am not sure what color it is going to end up, but it has great potential!
...and of course, SOMEONE can seem to get her face out of the mirror!

Two antique W.S. George salad plates.
This little canape plate will go wonderfully with all my pansy tea settings stuff.

A set of 4 of these large square dark brown rubbery/wickery (that is a design term don't ya know...LOL) placemats.

I used to LOVE this show when it first came out. I figured if I just read it over and then donate it , this book would be worth a quarter to me.
Love this bright tulip plastic tray.
A set of cute buttery yellow ceramic candlesticks.
I liked this kind of matchstick basket.

I so remember this flatware from when I was a kid back in the late 1960's!

Here is my yard sale stash. My total came out to $4.50. Not bad.

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  1. Wow! Just WOW!! I cannot believe the great stuff you find! I would have paid that for the flatware!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. You scored big time on that stuff!~ I love the mirror:) Don't forget to link up to my party on Saturday....I will have the link up Saturday morning.

  3. OK so here is what I want. the plates with the flower boarder. I am going to try to get out also. It seems, my stops have all been duds this year, but it is a numbers game and I think my number is up!!

  4. Okay I needed a cup of tea after hearing about your last year of yard sales! I know what you mean though. Silly people don't they know yard sales are supposed to be bargains? Lucky for you this sale will help you get over the last year horror sales. You found some great stuff for a steal!

  5. Can iI go on yard sale trips with you? You did well. Have a good day.

  6. Oh good finds!!! I love the dishes, the mirror and the cute face in it!, the flower tray, the matchstick basket, the buttery candlesticks, what did I miss? oh yes, that silverware! I wish I could find some like that cheap! I guess I better get out to the yard sales! Oh and the Pansy dish will go so cute with your other stuff and the book is worth 25cents! I loved that show for several years!!

  7. You certainly found a some nice things...everything under a dollar...WOW!
    Of course, the cute vintage plates are my favorites.
    If it ever stops raining here for more than a few minutes, I may look for sales, in the area, this weekend.

  8. Wow, so many treasures! I LOVE those yellow candle sticks...

  9. score! you did very well. I'm glad that I wasn't at the same yard sale because I would have cried if I didn't get to buy those antique salad plates!

  10. I need to come visit you and yard sale there. People here are crazy with their prices....I still check it out and love it, but oh man! I am so jealous of your finds....but inspired to seek out my own.

  11. All so beautiful! I absolutely adore the pansy dish...yay!! Awesome post..have a sparkling wkd!

  12. You came away with some great items. Love the plates. We are having a neighborhood sale June 1 and I'm a little nervous about pricing stuff.

  13. Wow, you really did great for $4.50!!!!! It aways helps when it's raining and the seller wants to be done already : )) This was the cutest post. I too need to have a large yard sale!!!! I sell some on eBay but then there's the fees and the going to the post office to mail!! (after finding boxes to mail in that is!!!)

  14. wow, what a score!! I love spending a little and get a lot!

  15. You asked about Wyandotte High School, it's in Kansas, named after our county Wyandotte.

  16. I need you to take me shopping! wow what a collection!

    As always so beautiful...thanks so much for joining in the fun hon!


  17. I cannot believe you got all of those treasures for less than $5!! She really did want to get rid of her stuff, and she had some great stuff to get rid of! I like all of it. laurie

  18. Thanks Diann or linking up.....I do hope you go pop in a few others too, I am certain they will do the same for you...and you will make perhaps a new friend or two....I have the best gals around! You included...thanks again.

  19. Wow! You certainly did fantastic! I love the yellow candlesticks and the wickery stuff! LOL! I like all the other stuff too, can't believe you only spent $4.50. Wow again!

  20. Great finds! I love the mirror and the little basket. :O)

  21. No kidding - I think the same way about Craigslist prices....I paid $1000 for this chair but you can have it for 950. haha Looks like you made out great at the sale! :) Nancy


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