Vintage Myott & Copper Tablescape

Hi everyone! I thought I would do a tablescape for you with some of my recent thrift finds. This tablescape is based around this set of Myott Fine Ironstone, Stafordshire, England. The pattern is called "Hawaii". It was produced in the early 1960's. I have been so attracted to retro/vintage dishes these days. I have no idea why but, I am just going with it and having some fun!

I saw them and loved the retro look to them. I think they will be really fun for Fall tables. The set is for 3, with three pieces for each setting.

And do you remember these copper plates that people hung on their walls back in the 60's and 70's? I remember my mom having some. Well, I have been trying to add some copper pieces to my dish collection. I think copper is just beautiful in the Fall and it seems to be a forgotten metal in today's decorating designs. I am making a prediction that you ae going to be seeing a lot more copper this coming Fall. LOL

So, when I found these two large plates, I instantly thought they would make great chargers! I love the acorn design around the edges. Apparently, not everyone can look at something and see a different use for things. Why do I say this? Well let me tell you about purchasing these copper plates.

I got them at my local SA. The guy who was working the register is someone I have spoke to before. He collects a cetain style of dishes. As he was ringing up my items, he grabbed these plates and looked at me and said, "Seriously?". I just said, "Huh?". He responded, "Seriously, you are buying these old ugly 1960's copper wall hanging plates? What on earth are you planning to do with them? Please tell me you are not going to hang them in your home!"

I was some what flabbergasted! I said, "they aren't ugly and you will just have to wait and see what I do with them!" And then I promptly handed him one of my blog cards and paid for my purchases.

So, Mark, this tablescape is just for you!

To start the table I used this gold fringed round tablecloth. I ended up with this tablecloth by luck. Back in the Fall I was at a local antique store and when I was checking out the lady who was ringing me up, she is the owner, ran out of paper to wrap my things. She was looking around for something and pulled out this tablecloth. She said that she had just taken it out of her booth and is just going to give it to me. So, she wrapped up some dishes in it. Yippee for me! LOL

Here is a place setting. I used a clearanced beige quilted placemat (Walmart), vintage brown linen napkins, wrapped napkin rings, vintage Fiesta creamy light yellow flateware, copper wall plates as chargers, vintage Myotte "Hawaii" dishes, Vintage green glass goblets and vintage golden drinking glasses. All the colors on this table came from these dishes. I think I really captured the late 1960's/early 1970's in this tablescape.

I created a kind of Mediterrian centerpiece by starting with a vintage wood cake stand, placed one of the Myotte dinner plates on it. Then added a bronzey looking iron candlestick and the faux grapes and tassel.

This is my latest vintage coffee carafe set. I love this set! It has a sugar and creamer in it. We have a coffee carafe on the dinner table at most of our meals.

I added to the table this little vintage copper creamer and sugar with tray set. I would use this for dressings on this tablescape.

I added a grape and pear design wicker tray with an amber glass pitcher for ice water. And I used an amber glass compote and a green glass compote to hold candles. I also added a tarnished brash candle stick with a hand dipped candle and a tall wood candle stick with an amber glass globe.

And now you know I like my candlelight shots. LOL

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  1. Diann, first of all I love the design on those dishes. I am so into the retro stuff right now. So there Mr. SA, see how lovely those 'ugly' plates are as chargers! Wonderful table scape and I love the warmth of it all! So fun and happy! :)

  2. Your table is amazing. I really like those copper plates as chargers. How clever. Remember, also, the copper jello molds? How funny. The table is so inviting and elegant. The dishes were a real find. Everything goes together perfectly.

  3. Diann , I cannot believe the guy made that statement to you. Unless you knew him and were friends.
    The great thing about decorating is being creative. You are very creative. Your table scape looks awesome!!
    So tell him to stick it in his ear....LOL

  4. Diann...I would never have thought to use those wall plaques as charger plates, in fact, I, probably, would have had the same reaction as Mark! But now that I see it altogether, it looks great. I am so glad that there are wonderful people that inspire me each day, otherwise I would be even more boring than I am now.

  5. I never saw so many beautiful things on one blog. You out did yourself today. A truly amazing post.

  6. Well the old ugly plaques (ha) make beautiful chargers. The place setting will be wonderful for fall. Love all the accessories too. Thanks for coming by my blog today too.

  7. Diann!! You did FANTASTIC job!! Ha-ha to your doubter! I LOVE those plates an, as it happens, I LOVE copper. Kudos!
    xoxo Pattie

  8. Those "ugly" things look marvelous! - Mark is wondering now why he didn't snap them up. ;) Dropping by from BNOTP.


  9. I can hardly believe this...but I was at a thrift store today with a friend, and I saw 4 cups and saucers just like yours! I had never seen that pattern before and I did not get them....your table is lovely. Have a great VTT!

  10. Your chargers look fabulous, Diann! You are so creative! I really, really love the centerpiece you made. Looks awesome with the tassel! Pretty tablescape, as always.
    Hugs, Beth

  11. The way you can put things together always amazes me! Nice use of such a variety of things. I especially like your copper sugar/creamer and the vintage coffee carafe.

  12. Hi Diann!
    It looks like you have yourself a gorgeous and thrifty tablescape! COngrats! Love those Hawaii plates! Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!
    Leigh, Bloggeritaville

  13. Diann, I think this might be one of my favorite tables of the colors and the that a word, well guess it is now, lol. My grandparents had some of those copper plates, on the wall, and I was remarking to my mom not long ago, 'where did those go'..I wish I had thought to ask my nana for them..She probably thought they were junk and got rid of them at a 'rummage sale' when she downsized into a mobile home many years ago..aaaack! I want some and this sounds wierd, but I have such a fond memory if I had one I would hang it on a wall somewhere just because I could! Have a great day

  14. I love the green goblets! And I just picked up a vintage tablecloth that would go great with those plates!!!

  15. What a lovely tablescape! You have a lot of imagination. Happy VTT!

  16. I like copper, especially when it has a nice patina.

  17. Okay I have so much to say. First of all brilliant. Using the copper plates as chargers. Brilliant. I will now have to pull out my copper pieces from my lawnsale box and will have to start using them. I love your tablescape especially what you did with the wooden tray. You mentioned your blog card, did you have cards made up with your blogging address? That is a great idea. I am doing that today. I am always running into folks wanting to check out my blog. Fabulous idea. Lastly, I just wanted to say, thanks for your visit. I always love the company.

  18. Lovely tablescape! Love the use of the copper plates as chargers. I used to like them in the 60s and now will be on the lookout for them. Very original and pretty.

  19. Neat! I love the acorns around the "chargers". Something about this reminds me of my mom...I'll send her the link.

    Have a great day!


  20. Diann..
    You've outdone yourself again. Such a beautiful tablescape..and I love it all. And I truly love that you have the vision to see and imagine...
    some like Mark never get it.Happy did extra wonderful with your finds..

  21. are the thrift tablescape queen!! I LOVE this table and what lovely dishes. Terrific :)


  22. I love, love your table. Everything is just perfect!! What a great idea to use the copper plates as charges.
    And the candles give it such a romatic look!

  23. Any one of these items by themselves are not really remarkable, but the way you have put them together for this tablescape is incredible!!!! What a unique and beautiful table!!!!

  24. I love how you repurposed the copper plates! When I see copper plates in the thrift stores now, I'll never look at them the same again. Your candle centerpiece really caught my eye. I thought it was so pretty.

  25. Wow, you've given those old copper plates a new lease on life! I remember ones like that hanging above the mantle of my grandparent's fireplace. What a beautiful tablesetting, Diann! I love that coffee carafe, and those Hawaii plates look perfect on the copper plates/chargers. You sure showed that guy a thing or two, didn't you?!
    Happy VTT!

  26. Diann,
    Your table is beautiful! What a creative use of the old copper plates! I am going to start to look for some while thrifting.

  27. Some awesome finds. I just love the amber pitcher~! Everything looks beautiful.

  28. So unique! Your table looks like it is straight out of a vintage Better Homes and Gardens dinner party cookbook! - ONLY BETTER! Your sense of style is amazing. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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