Thrifty NEW Blue Items...GASP!!

Sorry I am posting this so early but, this is the last day of our vistitors being here and I have a feeling that tonight I will be whupped and will forget to post.

Okay, here is going to be some shocking thrifty finds for today are....BRAND SPANKIN' NEW! How insane is that! I went shopping at the Christmas Tree shops a week or so ago and found these two pretties!

As the princess and I were shopping, we were, naturally, checking out the clearance items. When we were looking at the things on one endcap, I saw these two pretty periwinkle blue 8" cake stands. I had seen them before and thought they were pretty and not bad at $3.99 each. Well, they were just sitting on one of the shelves without any clearance stickers on them. I figured that some one probably just dumped them there. but, it never hurts to find out for sure.

I put one in my cart and we headed for the checkout. I told the cashier that this cake stand was on the clearance shelves but not marked. So, if it is regular price I don't want it. So, she checked and a surprised look was on her face. I said, "What?" she told me they were ....are you ready?.....40 cents each!! Woohoo! I told her to ring up two of them and I would run back to get the other one!

So, for .80 cents, these are my pretty thrifty blue finds!

I am joining....

Blue Monday

Thrifty Treasures


  1. Isn't it fabulous when you are handed an even better deal than you expected? Fantastic score. I would have bought both of them as well!

  2. And she scores!!! Way to go! This is a great desl!

  3. Don't you just LOVE it when it's that good a deal!!! The color is fabulous of course! Love your 'new' cake plates. Weekend is almost over!

  4. Oh my goodness Diann, what a bargain! And they are beautiful!!


  5. That is terrific. And they are such a great color, not too light, not too dark. Love 'em.

  6. I wanna go shopping with you! These are so pretty and fabulously priced.

  7. Unbelievable! I thought $3.99 was a bargain. That was just about a freebie. Love them!

  8. Diann....I don't know the last time I found ANYTHING for .40! What a terrific find....I am doing a double baby shower for 2 friends who are both having boys....I am sure on the look out for blue stuff, lol!

    Enjoy your find :)


  9. what a find. can i go shopping with you? have a good day. rose

  10. Now that's what I call an unheard of price for something so beautiful. Don't blame you for getting both. So pretty.


  11. You can't buy a candy bar for 40 cents!!! SCORE! I'll email you later
    xoxo Pattie

  12. You did NOT just say 80 cents!! Wow!! Okay, you may have to change your blog name to The Amazingly Thrifty Groove! No, my pinky on my left hand is not stuttering! I can't use enough exclamation marks in this comment. Absolutely amazing deal!!!!! laurie

  13. Incredible buy.... they would have been good value at $3.99.
    Great Blue post. Jan

  14. Wow that's close to winning the lotto! Great buy!

  15. Diann,

    I have the yellow one just like this. I bought it at Easter time!!
    I have been lucky to hit their 90 % off sales a few times and have had a blast with it!!

    The Christmas Tree Shops ins one of my favorite stores!!


  16. Wow! Some people sure can find the bargains! Those are just beautiful, Diann. Happy Blue Monday.

  17. They should have just given those to you. In fact at that price, they almost did. The are such a pretty shade of blue.

  18. Wow! If they had ended up at my local SA, they would mark them $8 each, and not mark down until months later when someone had chipped them. Incredible buy. Sometimes new is best.

  19. Oh that is a steal, like it!! Happy Monday1

    BM-Memorial day

  20. That's pretty incredible! Good for you!

    Have a wonderful Blue Monday!


  21. I'd have been happy paying the $3.99, thinking I got a good deal...40¢..woohoo, unbelievable!


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