Silver Sunday ~ Getting Ready for a Tea Party!

Oh yeah! It is the monthly party over at Gypsy Fish Journal, "Silver Sunday"! This is the party where you get to "Ooooh and Ahhhh" over everyone's beautiful silver items!

Well, I pulled out some silver pieces to get ready for a tea party. Oh man, I have my work cut out for me! Some pieces are already polished, not nearly enough of them though!

But, here are some of the pieces I think I am going to use at my tea party. I am pretty sure that I have not shown any of these pieces yet. All of them were bought second hand at various thrift stores, antique stores or flea markets.

These first few pictures are the most recent pieces I have got. So, I had already taken some pictures of them. The rest I have gotten over time and just pulled them all together for a major polishing extravaganza!

I love this first piece. It is a silver basket with a crystal dish and hanging silver spoon.

These next two pieces Troy got for me at a Goodwill store. The first one isn't silver but, aluminum. I really like the shell design at the handle.

And you know how I love my coffee carafes! Troy found this silver plated one for me. I love it!

Okay, here are some shots of the silver pieces I will be spending my evening polishing!

This platter is my first Sheffield piece. I was pretty excited to find it. But, whoever had it, sure didn't take care of it. I hope I can get it back close to the original state. It is going to be difficult with all the intricate grapes and vines details in it.

Both of the silver baskets are International silver.

This platter is Kirkstieff made in Italy.
This piece is International Silver, pattern Chippendale. It's a pretty heavy tray and was the most tarnished. So, I decided to tackle it first.

It came out pretty nice. I still need to do a little buffing it.
Another International silver set. It's a pretty little crystal and silver jam set with matching silver spoons.

The candlestick is Towle.

So, if any of you are bored tonight, please feel free to come over and polish silver with me! I know that is just what you wanted to do this Saturday evening!!


  1. Lovely silver pieces! Enjoy your polishing! I LIKE to polish silver!

  2. gorgeous collection of silver! love the jam set, love the tongs, actually, love everything!

  3. Great finds. I found a few things yesterday and was polishing away last night. It's actually fun!

  4. Oh I LOVE those pieces. I am especially craving one of those pieces with the hanging spoon. I had a tea today and used some of my pieces that I've had stuck away in cabinets for months and months. I even like the polishing part (especially in front of the TV when I'm wasting time anyway. What a great post.

  5. Hi Diann... have a lovely collection of silver! Thank you for sharing it with all of us! I love the silver baskets...I've had my eye out for something similar and haven't run into any! I also enjoyed seeing that pretty aluminum piece...the shell handle is sooo pretty! I think your honey has a pretty good "eye" for such fineries!

    I sure did enjoy your pretties, Darlin'! Thank you!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Diann!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  6. Have fun polishing all of that silver!! Lots of great pieces covering that tabletop!

  7. Diann, I would LOVE to come help you! You've got some really lovely pieces. And Troy has very good taste!
    xoxo Pattie

  8. I'll tell you a secret as much as I love tarnish....I love to polish silver! Always helped my grammy before our holiday dinners....your tea party looks like it will be a smashing hit! thanks for participating see you next month! Have a wonderful week.Happy Mother's Day!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  9. That's a nice colelction of good silver items. So much possibilities to use it on a dinner or tea table. I love the marmelade jars. I polish only the things before I need them.
    Greetings, Johanna

  10. What a Beautiful Silver Collection ~ I Love the Cut work Servers.... Thanks for Sharing on this Silver Mother's Day~

  11. What a lot of lovely silver! You have some great items there. Polishing them is very rewarding.

  12. A lovely Silver Collection! I love shopping at Goodwill!


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