Place Settings

I thought I would show you examples of Proper Place Settings. As everyone knows, I am a big dish addict so, showing tablesettings is right up my alley. These are "proper" settings examples as opposed to "Tablescaping". Two very different things. I'll give you a quick defination of Tablescaping at the end of this post.

First up, we have Breakfast:

Now Lunch:

Family Dinner:

Formal Dinner:

And finally, Buffet:

Source: Replacements, LTD.

Now a little info on Tablescaping.

Definition of Tablescape
While you may be hard pressed to locate the definition of "tablescape" in a traditional dictionary, the functional meaning of tablescape in the catering, entertaining, and decorating industries refers to all of the decorating elements that you amass on your table to create a vignette. In a practical sense, this definition does not refer to the salt and pepper shakers on the table, but rather, to the decorating aspect of the tabletop.

Elements to Include in a Tablescape
Table Linens
Serving Pieces
Plates and Glassware
Decorative Items

Read more at Suite101: Tablescape Ideas: How to Create Your Own Table Display


  1. oh did i just have a flash back to high school!!!! we had diagrams like that we had to study and were tested on as to placement!!! its something i had forgotten all about til seeing it here!!! thanks for the memory...i did pass those tests so its not a bad memory!!! lol have a wonderful day...beth

  2. Love the 'proper' placement diagrams! How fun! I remembered most of it, a few things I had forgotten. This was fun and of course I am all about the's my excuse I mean REASON for all those dishes!


  3. Hi Diann! I love your very pretty pansy tea setting yesterday!.. And I do appreciate that you share some tips on proper place settings today! I am indeed becoming a dishaholic myself, and I have so much fun setting up the table for special occasions now! There has still been enough chill in the air, that garage/estate sales are very few and far between; but I did find one this past weekend, and came home with a cute little rooster and hen salt-n-pepper set! I was happy enough with that for now! ~tina

  4. Thanks for the refresher. Is it okay that I don't always follow the proper way/ LOL!

  5. Good information here. I remember my Home Economics subject when I was in elementary. Happy weekdays!

    ABC Wednesday~P

  6. Oh yes, pleased to see I follow etiquette! lol Work from the outside in I was taught!

    Says it all really!
    Thanks so much for contributing,

    Denise (ABC Team)

  7. This knowledge is passed down through the generations. As Denise says, it's generally safe to 'work from the outside in'.

  8. It's interesting: Elizabeth Post, daughter-in-law and successor to Emily Post, kept teaching the basics of equiette, but she loosened up, too, and dealt with things her mother in-law would never have dreamed of talking about
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. I remember learning and occasionally using those wondrous settings but have given them up. Nice reminder!

  10. thanks for the ettiquete of fine dining.


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