Now for a Golden Tea Setting

Yup, I already did the " gold tablescape" last week so, now I am going a "gold teascape". I figured that since this week I am offering this pretty gold teapot as a giveaway, I really should "spotlight" it for this week's tea party.

I do love the whole caramel/toffee gold color of this teapot. It really is so beautiful. The addition of the bronzey details just adds to the richness of the it.

This pretty little dish is going to hold rice pudding I made last night. I plan to be relaxing in just a little while. LOL

I do like to layer my linens!

Doesn't this linen have the perfect rich colors to go with this teapot! I love it. It, of course, is a thrift find. It is a heavy linen fabric and't tell any one else, but it is actually a pillow case.

I have not used this pretty little teacup yet. But,I will be this evening! When I am done with this post, I am washing this pretty little treasure and making a pot of tea and just enjoying the rest of my evening! Any way, I picked it up at an antique mall a week or so ago. Here is the price tag. LOL I Thought you might get a kick out of my bargain shopping at this mall. I did not pay $4.50 either. The entire table in this vendors both was 50% off the lowest marked price so, I got it for $2.25.

And the mark on the bottom is "Occupied Japan". After learning a little about teacups that were made in Occupied Japan, I am not sure if this is even really from Occupied Japan. Here is some interesting information regarding this subject.

From the end of World War II, the allied forces occupied Japan for seven years. The unofficial occupation started Aug. 14, 1945, and the occupation lasted until April 25, 1952. During these seven years, half of all Japanese exports had to be labelled as coming from "Occupied Japan."
Pieces from Occupied Japan are marked with an "OJ". This mark will be under the glaze. Since only half of the pieces required the identity mark, it is possible to get two-piece sets, such as a cup and saucer, where only one item bears the mark.
The significance of the "OJ" to a collector is that it securely identifies when a piece was produced and exported. The mark and the limited years it was produced have created a collectivity that otherwise did not exist.
Most prices on china from Occupied Japan hover around $50-$70 dollars a set for a single saucer and cup. As with all collectibles, collectors are split on whether or not these prices are appropriate. According to some, the mark raises the price too much on what would otherwise be a lower priced item. Others feel that the mark gives an authenticity and makes the item worth a higher price.
Condition plays a major role in the value of collectibles, china included. Having a matching set is imperative for the value of the set. Unbroken, unchipped pieces carry higher value then those that show damage and wear. Do not wrap your china or bisque in newsprint as the print could rub off, ruining the value of your piece.
There are frauds out on the market. If the mark is not beneath the glaze there is a high probability that the piece is a fraud. On glazed pieces you can test the mark with nail polish remover, and if the mark comes off it is a fake. Do not use this test on unglazed pieces.

Source: EHow

Now to WIN this teapot......


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  1. I do love the colors you have put together with this teapot! Pillowcase? You are so clever! The cup is very the price!! Good find!

  2. Just beautiful! I love all the layers of linens too..gorgeous! Beautiful treasures..that was fun!! yay!

  3. Love it all!! You can do any color table!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. So pretty Diann! It's been a high stress week- I'm thinking I may hide out for a while today and wind down too
    xoxo Pattie

  5. I like the way you wove the colors together and the effect was a shimmery warmth throughout. I also learned something too, about China from Occupied Japan, very interesting.

  6. such beautiful teacup with roses and precious treasure coz now a days, those Made in Occupied Japan or Japan are hard to get and very rare ones.. thanks for sharing and have a good week!

  7. With all those linens and accessories that match the teapot, you won't want to give it up.
    Interesting information about the teacups from Japan.

  8. Very pretty Diann! You get to go to the lilac festival? Hey, I may be there too. I just haven't told hubby yet. If we take the ferry, it's a shorter drive. Otherwise, it's about 8 hours.
    Take care,

  9. Your linens are beautiful, Diann. I noticed your "tablecloth" right away - it's gorgeous! Love the little bowl you are having your rice pudding in. Very pretty teascape and it goes without saying, the gold teapot is stunning and I'd love to win one!
    Have a great day!

  10. Hello, lovely tablescape, and I enjoyed the information about the teacups :) Have a wonderful "Teacup" Tuesday day! Warmest, Brenda

  11. I love lace with china! What pretty pieces you have. That teacup was a great find. I am sure the tea tasted so very fine coming from that cup.

    Excited to what you have next week to share with us.

    Have a wonderful week.

  12. What a lovely tea Diann. Have a wonderful Tea Tuesday!


  13. Diann,

    This is such a beautiful teascape!!

    Very relaxing and soothing looking!!


  14. A lovely post, Diann; love the linens and laces! Your gold tea pot looks wonderful with them. I love rice pudding and wouldn't it taste good in that sweet bowl? Thank you for sharing the history on the OJ stamp; very interesting! Thanks for joining me for Tea Time and have a lovely day.


  15. Oh Diann, I so loved your post and all your wonderful eye candy! And I entered your sweet giveaway too!

    Thanks also for sharing that info about Occupied Japan on china...I also heard that when it is in RED that means occupied Japan as well.

    Thanks again!

  16. Love the table settings and other items. I love old tea towels. Love to go to antique stores and purchase the pretties that you have. I don't do them justice like you do. Have a good day. Will follow your blog. Drop by mine if you get a chance

  17. I love your color theme. What a great idea. Your cups are so pretty, the lusterware saucer is gorgeous!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us today for Tea Cup Tuesday. I enjoyed my visit with you.

  18. I love anything with gold it adds such opulence~ Your tableware is beautiful and I love all the wonderful doilies~
    Happy Tuesday, Theresa

  19. Oh! I just loved your teascape. Your repurposed pillowcase made a wonderful table cover. Your tea pot is so lovely and a real bargain( now that's my kind of shopping.) And your teacup is so dainty and fit right in with the earthy almost autumn tones of your teascape.
    Opps, I better run before I write a novel.

  20. Diann, you find THE best bargains! That tea cup is so pretty. The bowl for the rice pudding is beautiful. I wish I could run right over for tea. laurie

  21. I love the tea cup. What a deal you got!! I can't believe it! This tablescape has a fall feel to it. I love the story about OJ . My father-in-law has been telling me about his time in Occupied Japan this past week--so interesting!

  22. Everything is very pretty, that little dish you are going to put your rice pudding in! Your linens are beautiful.

  23. Hi: I love your golden colors. The whole post was stunning as well as very informative. I did not know that about OJ. Thank you for the education as well as the beautiful eye candy. Have a wonderful week. Hope you join us next week. Blessings, Martha

  24. Everything is so pretty, I adore the vintage overly clothe, too. Thanks also for the FABULOUS info on Occupied Japan. Silly me, and please don't laugh, I always looked at this mark and said to myself, "Of course Japan is occupied by people. Somebody had to be there to create this pretty teacup!" Glad to now be in the know!


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