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Okay, it is totally okay to have a lot of "Favorite things" right? I hope so, because I sure do seem to have a lot! LOL For this week's edition of the ever popular A Few of My Favorite Things party at the ever popular Laurie's place, Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie, I am going to show you another favorite of mine. Linens, other than table linens.

504 Main

I am also joining a new to me blog party. It is hosted by the very talented and fun Holly at 504 Main. She hosts Tickle Me Pink Friday. I am excited to join and share a couple of thrifty tips (bottom of this post). I hope you all will check it out!

Basically I am real fabric girl! I, make that..LOVE fabric! During the 1990's I managed several different Joann Fabric Stores. This was back when they were small hometown type of stores. I really miss those smaller stores! One of the big perks of working in a fabric store is you get first dibs on all the new fabric that comes in. All of us girls couldn't wait until shipment day! And most of us, if we weren't quilters before we worked there, we became them quickly!

Oh, does that surprise you that I love to quilt? I don't really talk about it too much I guess. I haven't done a full size bed quilt in awhile but, I still make pillows, table squares and those kinds of things.

So, when I see pretty quilted pieces at thrift stores that I know were made by someone, I generally snatch them up. They are just so pretty and I honestly appreciate the time that went into making them. Even if it is just a pillow sham.

Speaking of pillow shams (I am so subtle! It's a gift don't ya know), here are a couple I just found for between $1.00-$2.00 each......Oooh, Diann is showing you her "girly" side today! :)

These two were sold as a set for $1.50. They are the softest pale pink and white pillow shams.
The backs are in a soft pink and white floral strips.
Look at this pretty cotton lace trim.
The front fabric is pink with white polka dots. Both of these were very loved by someone. Not only are they in beautiful condition but, the cotton is soooooo soft!

How fun is this sham!
It has a filled poufy flower in the center.
Love the gingham check.
Here is the back. I am guessing this was probably fabric from a pillow case or sheet. This one was $1.00.

Okay, moving away from pillow shams. I got this pretty pink hand quilted patchwork piece for $1.75. I think it was probably made as a little baby blanket. but, for me, it will be a table topper or possible, later down the road, turned into a pillow.

I am looking for a all white quilt or perhaps a white chenille bedspread to put on our bed for the warmer months. I want to add all these pretty soft pillow shams for the color of the bed. I have 4 other pillow shams that have the same kind of shabby cottage feel to them. In the summer, I really like light colors in our bedroom.

Here are a couple of thrifty things to keep in mind. I am sure a lot of you already do this, but I'm going to say it anyway.

If you doing any fabric projects, you know that the price of fabric is insane! If you like to make table cloths, napkins, pillows or other sewing projects, keep your eye open at thrift stores for sheets that are pretty and in good condition. It is is always nice to have one large piece of fabric instead of piecing it together.

I bought both of these full size sheets for.99 cents each. I can't beat that price for fabric. The white and floral one I bought specifically to attempt to make a slip cover for our patio chair cushions. I didn't want to go out and buy new fabric because this was going to be a trial and error sewing project. The sheet is a perfect solution. It also works great to use as a template for different sewing projects. I used to make a lot of my clothes (I know, I am just shocking you guys all over the place aren't I? LOL) and once I would make a pattern that fit just right, I would use old sheets to make my actual pattern out of so I could use it over and over again.

The blue and white sheet I bought to make a long cushion to go on top of our wood deck box so, it could be used for seating when we needs extra sitting areas. Now, if I actually use it for that instead of something else, who knows. I kinda do a lot of "off the cuff" projects. LOL

My last little thrifty tip is, don't pass by the bags or bunches of candles at the thrift stores. You can find some good deals. If you like to do tablescapes, and use candles in them, you need all kinds of different candles. And even if you buy them at the dollar stores, that still means you are paying a buck a candle. I just bought this little bunch of four candles (2 pink, 1 light green and 1 light yellow) . They were priced at .99 cents for the four of them but, it was yellow sticker day so, I got them for .49 cents. I buy a LOT of my candles this way.

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  1. Diann, I have SO much fabric in this house- Ray thinks I need an intervention!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. All wonderful! Loved! Nice weekend Tina (Dream and Conduct) /

  3. I should have known you are a quilter! LOL...sheets are such a great way to get large pieces of fabric. Love those shams I guess I should be looking closer at them for handmade quilted one's. Great deals as always!

  4. What a fun job, working at Joann Fabrics! I love vintage quilts too. Great thrifty tips, thanks!

  5. How excited am I that you hopped on over to 504 Main today! LOVE your blog. I am tickled pink by all of these fabulous finds. I hoard fabric. I used to be a fashion designer and one of the biggest perks was getting to take the samples home for free or like $1 after each season. Sheets, I use sheets for everything...I have a stash of plain white to use for layer tablecloths, etc. I just bought a set of gorgeous ones too! I am following you now too.

  6. I totally relate to the fabric thing. I try to stick with table linen because I have to stop somewhere! I must admit, I am not really a seamstress bit I do have a box of fabric that who knows what I planned to do with. I agree about bags of candles, napkins, napkin rings, etc., etc. What a great post. I had a good thrift store week myself!!!

  7. Wonderful post. I don't sew these days, but still love to visit the fabric store. Once in awhile I'll bring some home.

  8. Love those old quilts. The pink baby one is so sweet. Love that blue and white fabric. I need to go to Joann's some time. I have never been to one. Now that I am starting to do a little sewing I should check them out.

  9. Diann, it is hard for me to pass up a pretty piece of fabric too - especially if it's a good price. I have stackes of fabric in my closet. You found some beautiful shams. I hope you're going to show us the bed after you get it all put together for summer. Love that blue and white sheet. It will be perfect for the bench cushion. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  10. You found some really great deals Diann! I love all your shams and sheets!

  11. Wow, you really are the queen of thrift! I really love your pillow shams and thanks for the tip on buying candles too!

    Happy Pink Saturday and best wishes for a beautiful weekend,

  12. I'm so happy Holly made it into a Linky! I love the patchwork one!

  13. These are all so beautiful! Very Lovely treasures! blog hop party!

  14. I am a fabric junkie too..dishes and fabric to make tablecloths, etc..
    Good tips! And pretty finds!
    I go to a Duralee outlet..wide fabric remnants sometimes..good cotton..a dollar a yd, but they always throw in more. Great for toppers and napkins!

  15. You are so right about fabric being so expensive! I also agree with you about using sheets, a much better value. I will say that you have some darling shams and cute fabric too!

    Susan and Bentley


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