A Fun Pitcher & A Vintage Linen

You guys know I love pitchers. We use them at dinner all the time. I also like to use them as vases. I have a lot of beautiful creamy white ironstone ones and different vintage glass ones. But, once in awhile it is nice to have just a fun pitcher. I found this one at SA awhile ago. It is a Craker Barrel 1998 pitcher. I just thought the house was so cute. And I felt the $2.00 price tag was right on target.

Isn't it fun?

The siding is a very pale yellow.
Dark blue roof, handle, spout and accessories.
Litle red roses climbing up the side and a white picket fence.
I love the whimsy of the little details.
Even a little cat sitting on the front porch.
Just fun!

All of us who love vintage linens search high and low to find them. And when we do find them, we hold our breath and say a little prayer to the Thrifting Gods that it isn't price through the roof. Am I right?

Well, I saw this hanging up at a thrifty store. I was immediately attracted to the beautiful colors. I snatched it up and thought, "Okay, here comes the depressing part. I probably won't buy it due to the price." I looked at the price, and yippee, it was $1.99. I thought that was a good deal for this pretty linen! When I got to the register, it got better! It was 50% off! Woohoo!

Remember, I just got it and haven't laundered or pressed it yet.
Aren't the colors wonderful?

I am sure you see that delightful (not) yellow child's chair in the background of a ton of my pictures. It's an old school chair that we got for the princess. She has a ton of different chairs but, they all seem to tip easily. This sucker does not move! Even when she is climbing all over it. We got it at our local ReStore for $2.00.

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  1. Oh wow Diann, I LOVE your pitcher, and the table linen is just so beautiful. I don't know that I have ever seen one in that color. And yes we do look high and low ;-)


  2. Diann Your pitcher is so darn cute!! Love the vintage linen!!

  3. That pitcher is absolutely adorable!! How fun to use it and of course I love the little kitty on the porch. The vintage linen is gorgeous. Beautiful colors.

  4. Diann ~ This is Marydon ~
    I am keeping updates on Sherry @ my blog ~ you may wish to pop in for a visit.


    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Hi Diann,
    Love your sweet pitcher. And the vintage linen piece is very pretty and colorful. Great find.


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  7. Diann, that linen is SO pretty- I love those colors!! The pitcher is just too cute for words
    xoxo Pattie

  8. Diann, I like both items...I'm a sucker for vintage linens and cottage themed items too. I've never seen a pitcher like that! I love it!

  9. Hi Diann!

    You know I love that linen!

    love, kelee

  10. Dianne... What fun pitchers and great color.

    Talk about finding beauty.

    Love to see you...


  11. Hi Diann, Your pitcher is so cute, love the kitty on the porch! A great find on the linen, and a great deal!
    Thanks for visiting!

  12. I really enjoyed viewing this 'new' teapot display. It seems that most of Show n Tell these days are so filled with tablescapes and whole tours of homes,.........this was a refreshing post.

    My Show n Tell is my finished, newest, watercolor painting...I do hope you can stop by to view it and give me some critique!! Click HERE

    Have a great Friday.

  13. I saw a cookie jar, canister set, and salt/pepper like your pitcher design last year - tempting, but not quite the look of our rustic home! I still love it, though!

  14. Diann,
    That is such a sweet pitcher and I love that it is a house!!!
    I have a cannister that is shaped like a house but I don't think I have ever saw a pitcher!!
    It is adorable and yes, I wish we could get together for tea!!

  15. Love this pitcher. Such a cute find!

  16. What lovely finds. The pitcher is adorable, and so is your blog. I love your background.

  17. Love the pitcher and the linen they have such beautiful colors in them.
    Like you said it fun looking but better when the price is right.'
    Have a great weekend.

  18. Wow..I love this charming beauty..it makes me think of childhood..it is really special!! Just wondeerful!! So cute!

    and oh my..your tea pot giveaway looks magnificent and to die for!! Gorgeous!! I am wowed, smitten and dazzled!
    Have a happy day and a magical wkd! yay!

  19. The pitcher is adorable! Love that it even has a cat sitting on the stoop! I love the linen! Gorgeous colors. You definitely lucked out!

    ~ Tracy

  20. Just as cute as can be. The pitcher is great, and that vintage cloth -- perfect, especially with those flowers. I totally understand about the todler chairs. They can be the worst! And they travel at night, have you noticed. They seem to be in a different place every day.


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