Favorite Things ~ New Craft Ideas

Today is "A Few of My Favorite Things" over at Laurie's place.

One of my favorite things to do is browse through craft and decorating idea mags. I even liked to browse through them online. And since it started pouring rain tonight, I thought I would grab a cup of tea and read some of my favorite sites. Here are a few super simple ideas I ran across.

These all come from Better Homes and Gardens.

Flower Buckets

Fabric yo-yo eggs

Use a pretty brooch and ribbon as a tie back

This is one I like to do on a fairly regular basis....beaded bracelets as napkin rings

Photo Transfer lampshade

Heritage Photo Display

A fabric ribbon bed skirt

Decorative Orbs

Bath Towel Table cloth (3 bath towels sewn together with some added rick rack).

Frame free from Mother Nature

Embellish some cheap towels or napkins

Embroidered stationary

Burlap Flatware Holders


  1. So many good ideas! I like the buttons on the towels!

  2. Good ideas. I might even learn to do. Thanks have a good weekend

  3. Great ideas- I've actually done the burlap flatware holder idea and have used towels for summer tablecloths- great for cookouts! Love the stationary!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Diann,
    Great things here today!! The eggs and the heritage display are just lovely!!


  5. Gorgeous post..all the phtoos are very inspiring..yay! What fabulous fun!! You have charmed me!
    have a sparkling day!

  6. Thosse are all terrific ideas! I LOVE the yo-yo eggs...I'll have to tuck that one away for next spring :)


  7. What great ideas Diann! Love those pretty little buckets hanging on the fence. How cute that ribbon bedskirt is. I'm also loving the nature frames. Thank you for linking all of these fab ides to Favorite Things. laurie

  8. love those burlap flatware holders! Our fabric store finally got different colors of burlap in, so I may have to add this to my LONG list of projects! Fun stuff!

  9. Great ideas!!! I am loving those burlap flatware holders. Who knew burlap would be so popular. Great post.

  10. How nice to find so many lovely ideas in one place. Thank you.

  11. How cool are those yo-yo eggs, I ♥ them!

  12. Oh, they are all wonderful. I am impressed. I need to try some of these. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  13. That was fun! When ever I am looking for inspiration I flip through old magazines.


  14. I've done a few of these but I still want to do the lampshade photo and I love the burlap bags too! Thanks for the post!

  15. Great inspiration pics..I am not getting the burlap though..It makes me itch!
    Remember those potato sack races?? Who knew it would be fashionable..scratch, scratch..:)

  16. Thanks for all these great ideas, Diann!...Christine

  17. Love all of these ideas! How fun would the beach towel tablecloth be with a shore theme!

  18. Not too long ago I was in the cutest little shop (originally someone's cottage home) and the curtains were all just tons of ribbon streamers hanging down. That day they had the windows open and a gentle breeze was blowing and the ribbon streamers were just fluttering....so sweet. that bed you showed reminded me of that. Have a super great week.

  19. I love the flower buckets! Thanks for all the other great ideas, too!

  20. A lot of cute ideas - thanks for sharing them with us.
    Thanks for stopping by. I would have thought your area of the country would at lease have daffodils and iris by now.


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