Cleaning a 2 Year Old's Room

A couple of days ago, I spent the day cleaning out the princess's room. Good grief! I was sweating up a storm. Should one break a sweat while cleaning a child's room? One would think not, but one would be wrong.

Here are a few lessons learned in my cleaning adventure.

Bed skirts look very nice. Apparently, however, to a 2 year old, they are the perfect thing to hide "treasures". When you don't want to finish your whole apple, it is best to keep it under the bed. I guess the darkness helps preserve it. Also, if you want to turn your Juicy Juice into a fine wine, store it under the bed for a couple of weeks.

Big honkin' toy boxes. They aren't just for toys any more. Apparently they are the auxiliary hamper. Under what toys were actually in the toy box, I found a bra I had been looking for, Troy's missing U of M shorts and a couple of cloth napkins. Future tablescapes I guess.

I would like to take the person who invented the freebie toys with fast food meals and send them into a room where the floor is covered with little hard sharp plastic! Now before I get any "Mommies knickers" in a twist out there and get comments about buying my kid fast food, let me remind you that we do a lot of fast food mystery shops. Even the princess snubs her nose at fast food more times than not these days. But the toys? Gotta keep those!

The diaper hamper. We are in potty training mode here these days. So, when the princess says she needs to use the potty, we drop everything and race to get her to the bathroom on time. She has learned to take her own pants off and has decided she can take her diaper/pullup off by herself as well. "Sweetheart, where is your diaper?" "I threw it away" "in the hamper?" "I did". Hummm...not so much in the hamper but, behind it is good. guessed it right? behind the bed skirt.

On to cleaning the room. Every time I would discover some new hidden toy, princess would get all excited and yell, "There it is!" As if she had been looking for it for years. Trying to clean a two year old's room while the two year old is in it is just the final thing I need to send me to a padded cell.

I yell downstairs, "Troy? did you say you were getting ready to go to the PET STORE?". Yes, I know, I was not playing fair. The princess's eyes lit up and she started doing the "Going to the pet store" happy dance and went flying down the stairs.

Troy yells, back, " I hadn't planned on...." I cut him off, "yes you are! And it will probably take you about an hour to return!". :::grumble, grumble:: What? He thought he was going to get away scott free? I don't care if there is a Gunsmoke marathon happening!

As soon as the door closes I grab a couple of trash bags and head back upstairs.

Okay, the next person I want to see bodily harmed is the moron who invented kids toys that make a crap load of noise and have NO on/off switch! Once you put the batteries in it, it is completely light or sound activated. You know the ones. The one that is sitting on the bottom of the toy box and you toss another toy on top of it and it goes off and never stops! Eventually the batteries start to die so you have to hear the obnoxious "dying" Barney/Elmo/Abby/Micky Mouse repeating itself in a slow, drawn out stomach curdling sound. Yup, those all got tossed into the trash bag!

Along with every freakin' last "freebie" toy I could find. Now, you are probably thinking that when the princess returns and discovers half of her toys are gone, she is going to be totally crushed right? Oh ye of little faith! Nope, I replace those toys with the box of toys I gathered months ago and stored out of site.

When the princess comes home, she discovers a bunch of "new" toys and thinks I am the greatest mommy in the world because I can whip up, out of the air, new toys!! The rest of the evening, she played in her room and I was able to just relax and watch an NCIS marathon! LOL

Now I have 3 trash bags and a box (cleared out clothes and other misc. things no longer needed) in the truck to go to Salvation Army. Life is good again! Maybe I will find some new dishes while I am there! LOL

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  1. I did the same kind of thing today. Now I need to get a storage bin to put her old clothes in and I will be set..

  2. Matchbox cars were always the bane of my barefoot existence along with the fast food freebies- OUCH! My kids are the worst- they won't touch a toy for a year, but if I decide to clean house it suddenly becomes their very favoritist thing in the whole wide world and it's disappearance would cause endless therapy-inducing trauma!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. I remember cleaning my kids rooms and wondering where the heck did all those toys come from? I didn't buy them. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends spoiled my babies..well I might have helped a little :) sitll cleaning was a major chore. Replacing what you take with other items cleaned up earlier..brilliant! Now how long does this last Mama??

  4. That is too Funny- my kids use to do that too- and my little one still does- left over food-half drinken bottles, broken toys- (undies) you wish you didnt find, all kinds of treats- Great Memories--Just became a follower of your darling sharing..
    so cute

  5. What a cute and SO true post! My daughter is gone for three days on a camping school trip. Guess where I will be heading? lol

  6. Juice into fine wine, yes indeed! Also a sure fire way to ruin a perfectly good sippy cup.

    Oh, and my husband would never have gone along with the pet store thing. No way. He'd have just told me to pound sand.

  7. The ONLY good thing about my daughter having to spend weekends with her dad. I can tackle her room without her help.
    The grandmas have been threatened if they buy her ONE more purse, notebook, or set of markers!!

    I hope you got it all done.
    (Nice pet store move by the way.)

  8. this post is too funny! I so relate to it!! Rotten apple core, smelly pull-ups, stupid noise funny!! Thanks for linking up to "AP tuesdays!" I would love to see you tomorrow!!


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