White and Red Treasure Finds

Yes, I should be canning tomatoes right now, but geez, it has been almost a week since I joined any parties! So, I decided to take a few pictures of some of the treasures I got. And they fit perfectly with White Wednesday and Rednesday!

So check out these two wonderful parties when out get the chance!

Please ignore the quick staging of these items and I haven't had a chance to even clean them yet. I just wanted to show them to you and didn't take the time to plan ahead. LOL

I found this large white Ironstone pitcher. It has a fruit motif on it. One side, Pineapple and the other a pear and other fruit. I love the size and it will be a great pitcher to use for ice water or iced tea.

If you remember, a week or so ago I posted about how hard it is to find yellow dishes or serving items. Well, see what happens! As soon as you post it out there for the world to see, I find a couple of yellow serving dishes! Hummmm, maybe my next post should be about not finding any money anywhere!! LOL

This is an Ironstone serving bowl and platter set. I love the daffodil design around the edges.

Here are two salad size plates. I really liked the designs and the dark green lattice. They will mix and match with several dinner plates I have.

This is a pretty Fitz and Floyd rose canape plate. It has a few chips, but I still liked it enough to get it.

I have to say, I thought about Sue over at It's a Very Cherry World when I saw these fruit design plates. One feature cherries on it. I think this is a fun set and will mix and match with many solid color plates.

So, those were my treasures from that thrifting adventure. Now, here is the important part. I went to this secondhand store with ONLY ten dollars in my wallet...no credit cards or checkbook! Just a ten dollar bill. I purchased everything you see on this post and left with .56 cents in my pocket!! I would have went over my ten dollar budget but, I talked the lady into throwing in the Fitz and Floyd rose plate for free and reducing the price on the pitcher a little bit. I was very happy with my deals!


  1. You sure know how to wheel and deal, dontcha? Neat finds!

  2. Hi Diann! Wow did you get some wonderful finds and it is astounding that you paid so little for such a big haul! I love the fruit...so warm and homey. But that daffodil set!!!! You don't really see too many of them! Wonderful for spring! Karen

  3. Great thrifty treasures Diann!! I love those fruity dishes and the pitcher is wonderful too!


  4. You found some wonderful treasures. I love the fruit or flower theme on all of them. So pretty. Great bargain hunting. Hugs, Marty

  5. Diann,
    I love all of those dishes are fantastic! I love the yellow ones but I absolutely adore the one with the rose on it!
    I just came back from my favorite Half Price Sale at one of the local Thrift Stores. Stop be tomorrow to see what goodies I got!

  6. Wow what a deal! You must be a great negotiator :-) Everything is so lovely. I have not been doing too good at bargain hunting lately :-(


  7. Hi Diann,
    I love all your finds..ooo,that pitcher and the daffodil set,well,that's just happy dance good. They're wonderful pieces..

  8. I love the yellow dishes. Daffodils are such cherry flowers. great finds.

  9. I bet you've been going through withdrawals, not being able to blog while you were camping! I know I would be! I love when I say I'm having a hard time finding something, and then a few days later it appears for me. Those yellow dishes are so gorgeous, and you're right that yellow is hard to find! And I think we're all drooling over those fruit plates. When you can grow anything, you have a green thumb. You always find such wonderful things, so I think you have a lucky thumb!
    Happy REDnesday!

  10. I used to have the entire collection of those yellow flowered dishes..My goodness I can't believe I gave them away..sigh. Oh well, they went to a friend.

    Loved what you shared and oh girl..you did awesome for under 10 dollars..!

  11. I'm impressed! Cute treasures-love the fruit plates

  12. Great finds, Diann...love that you negotiated the price to your pocketbook!

  13. The Daffodil serving bowl and platter are so beautiful! Great job getting the most for your money.

  14. I love the daffodils, very happy looking!

  15. wonderful finds. I have never seen anything like these before. Thanks so much for sharing.Mica/The Child's Paper

  16. Looks like ten dollars worth of treasures!


  17. Well done!! I really like all your new treasures!! They are just more fun as they were less than $10!!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  18. Great job!! I love the pitcher and the plates are adorable
    xoxo Pattie

  19. I missed you! Glad you found some great items. Love all those plates but the one's with the green border are my fav's I think. Of course I LOVE, LOVE!! the white with the yellow flowers on the serving piece! Don't ya love thrifting karma!

  20. Wow, you got a lot of really lovely things for a great price! You were certainly in a Thrifty Groove that day!

  21. You did all right with your $9.44! I like all of the fruit plates - they're very nice!


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