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It's a Cloche Party over at Marty's place, "A Stroll Thru Life"!

It's also Show and Tell Friday at Cindy's Place, "My Romantic Home". And Of course, Claudia has her party going on, Friday~~Finding Beauty at her place "Dipity Road"!

Three wonderful parties!!

I want to show you this beautiful new cloche I got. Now, of course, I have to share a story about getting it. Back in February, my mom and I went thrifting. We visited a Salvation Army store that we don't go to on a regular basis. As we walked into the store, I glanced over at some bookcases in the front window. You know, the area they keep their "High Dollar items" and I saw this beautiful cloche. I walked up to it and saw the pretty etched butterflies and the etched words on it, "If you would be HAPPY all of your life, plant a GARDEN". It was just a really lovely bell shaped cloche. Marty, if you read this, I swear I thought of you when I saw it!

Well, the price on it was $12.00. For me, that was a big YIKES! I knew it was a good price compared to the stores but, at a thrift store and on my budget, it was a bit too high. Mom and I continued shopping but, I kept looking back at the pretty cloche.

We left the store, with no cloche :(

Well, I kept thinking about it for the next several weeks. Yup, 3 weeks went by and I finally decided to head back to that store! I told myself if it is still there, I'm buying it. For me, if I have been still thinking about something after 3 weeks, I really need to go get. However, I was determined to NOT pay over $10.00 for it. And let me tell ya, that was stretching my thrifting budget!

Well, sure enough, it was still sitting in the exact same spot! $12.00 price tag still on it. I grabbed it, headed to the counter and asked to speak to a manager. The manager came out and asked what I needed. I told her that I was there 3 weeks ago and this cloche was here and it is still here. I told her I would like to buy it but, I simply couldn't afford the asking price. She asked me what price I was thinking. Now, my basic rule of thumb is to start the "bidding" at half the sticker price. Sometimes I alter this but, for the most part that's how I do it. And I thought $6.00 was a fair starting price. So, I told her. She looked a bit taken aback. She told me "How about $10.00?" I said that was still too high for me. Then we started haggling. I walked out with the cloche for $7.49. I think I did good. And I really love it.

Wow it is hard to get a picture of etched clear glass!

You will also note the pretty linen napkin on the table. I just got 6 of those for .90 cents! They are a light ivory color.
I just added one of my thrift store find bunnies and a couple of the beaded Easter Eggs from The Christmas Tree Shop.
I have everything sitting on a cut glass cake plate and then on top on the new cake stand I got at The Home Goods Store, clearanced for $3.00!

Beautiful bouquet of Spring flowers Troy got me for our anniversary.
I used the new large Hoosier Glass vase I got last weekend at a Goodwill Store.

This is just a little cheese dome that I got at the thrift store a long time ago on a Franciscan plate with a couple little cute bunnies.


  1. Really you are the best Thrifter! I love it and yes after 3 weeks they should have been glad to sell it to you for $6 but I think $7.49 was a very good deal!!! So glad you got it. I can tell it is very special. Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary also.

  2. Your thrift finds are just lovely. I love your pretty displays!! So creative.

  3. Very pretty Easter decorations. The cloche is wonderful.


  4. Happy Anniversary! And you did a great job negotiating the cloche..
    Enjoy it and Happy Easter!

  5. You go girl! You did really well, though I think they should have given it to you for 6 . Raelly pretty
    xoxo Pattie

  6. LOVE your etched cloche. It is definitely exquisite and the price is unbelievable. Your bunny and eggs are just perfect under it and so pretty elevated on the cake stand. I love all of your eggs and the way you have them displayed. Your flowers are lovely too, Happy Anniversary. Your cheese done is perfect. I use mine for displaying things often too. Perfect size for nice little bunnies. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  7. Oh how pretty this is! Now I need to "rent" you for some thrifting! I used a cheese dome this week too -- until I saw others -- I never thought of that -- isn't the sharing wonderful? Happy Easter!

  8. Can you hear me going "Ooo--Ooooo--OOOO!! Each picture just got cuter & cuter! What a hard bargain you drive & sucessfully, too. BRAVO to you...its beautiful.

    Happy Easter!

  9. Happy Anniversary, Diann! The flowers are gorgeous. And my! what a great deal on that gorgeous etched cloche! You are a good bargainer! Your displays are all so pretty....Christine

  10. are an inspiring thrifter!! I love your etched cloche and the price is terrific. I also really like those napkins :)


  11. Happy Anniversary! Your cloche display is lovely! That little sparkle egg you may find gone in the morning:) Happy Easter!

  12. Very pretty. I love the glass and the bunnies. Have a blessed Easter. Laura @ military mansion

  13. I love your cloche display! So pretty!

  14. Love your new cloche and displays.
    Diann,you are a girl after my own heart, negotiating the price down to where you wanted it!

  15. Wow! Great cloche, and great price!

    Pretty displays!


  16. omigods, these are the cutest bunnies ever!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  17. Sweet new cloche. I'm still cloche deprived here at HFTS. Plenty of bunnies though. LOL Happy Easter!

  18. Hello theer once again,

    My oh my, what a pretty find!~ Perfect for Marty's,'Spring Cloche Party'!..,Just so lovely!

    Come visit anytime my dear!.., Have a blessed and fabulous Easter!

    Hugs from Wanda Lee

  19. Everything, and I DO MEAN everything looks so delicate and oh so very pretty!!

    My Show n Tell Easter

    Have a great, peaceful and wonderful Easter weekend.

  20. Great find! And you did good at getting the price cut. It all looks very beautiful!


  21. Good for you going back and getting such a good deal on your cloche (I have to sometimes remind myself they get it all for free)! You've decorated with it so sweetly for Easter, how wonderful! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  22. You truly are a thrifty lady! That cloche is the pretties I have ever seen. Love the etching. Happy Easter. xo

  23. Your find is so beautiful.I enjoyed the story behind it. I will do that at garage sales also.
    I love to barber since I know my slim budget.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary to you and Troy.
    Have a blessed Easter also.

  24. What a great bargain! I love that for decorating! Happy Easter!

  25. That is a gorgeous piece of glass! We don't see those cloches very often over here!

  26. Diann,
    You done good girl haggling for that wonderful piece!! Everything looks so pretty and don't you just love the Christmas Tree shops!! One of my favorite places!!

  27. Beautiful cloche and at a great price! I didn't even know they would haggle at Salvation Army.

  28. Beautiful!! And so festive!


  29. lovely post!! you've gotten some terrific treasures. Happy Easter

  30. The etched cloche is really beautiful! Wonderful job!

  31. Well, I am so happy to hear that it was still there after 3 weeks went by. It certainly is pretty... but the story behind it is BEST!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us and joining in the fun at FFB :)

    Have a blessed Easter.


  32. Love your cloche & you did get a bargin !!
    The Little Things

  33. Very cute! I really like the egg on the candlestick!

  34. everthing is so pretty...Love the first cloche...It is beautiful
    Happy Easter


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