Show and Tell Friday

Hi everyone! Time for another Show and Tell Friday!

Today is just a small little treasure finding Show and Tell for me.

I picked up a set of large and small round glasses. I thought they would be a fun change from time to time. They are etched with 3 wheat stalks.

Okay, like I need one more set of all white creamer and sugar dishes!! It is so time to open an Etsy store! LOL. Anyway, a little milk creamer and sugar. They have kind of a basket weave to them.

Okay, I know this is going to come as a huge shock to you but, I love to find unusual dishes! I know...SHOCKED right? LOL I found these two little divided canape plates recently. I have never seen any like them and the markings on the back just confuse me. They were made in Italy and that is pretty much all I can tell you about them.

And these two little dishes will be used for butter pats. They are very delicate white porcelain with gold around the edges.


  1. Ooooooh, pretty! Love the glasses and the dishes are wonderful! So glad you're back. Come on over and check out part 2!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Diann,
    Wonderful fav is the white cream and sugar!


  3. I love the glasses!! Nice find!

  4. Hi Diann - I'm a follower, but haven't commented before. I think your canape plates are for artichokes. Center could be for artichoke, white side area for butter (or whatever you want to dip it in), the outer artichoke green part for the leaves as you eat them? Just a guess...

  5. Pretty stuff! Love the little canape plates, love everything!


  6. Yep, those are little artichoke dishes...really cute.

  7. I tried to see the pics yesterday but blogger was being nasty and the pics were taking forever to load. Love everything, but you know what my favorite is don't you? What you placed underneath those dishes. Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous.

  8. love your glasses! they are pretty.. and the rest of the dishes.. they are somehow unique.. thanks for sharing and have a good weekend!

  9. Love those glasses and once again, all of your treasures are fantastic!!

  10. Such cool things and I love the artichoke plates! Never saw them before but how cool! Love the little sugar & creamer and Yes I see Etsy in your future!


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