Pink Saturday

Wow, I am doing a pink post! It has been awhile since I joined Beverly for Pink Saturday. When you have some time, go over and check out some fun and pretty pinks being shown today!

I have a couple of little thrifty finds to show you. I recently found this pretty little platter at SA. It is a Homer Laughlin piece. I'm not sure what the design name is.

I picked up a couple of just pretty little candle holders with roses on them.

Awhile back at my last visit to the flea market, they allowed some folks to set up tables outside and sell their wares. I found several good bargains among these tables and one of them was this lamp base.

This lamp was in a large box with a bunch of misc. other items. To be honest, I am shocked it wasn't broke because it was just tossed in there among cast iron pieces, ceramic things, steel clamps, just a big mish-mosh of stuff. I have no idea why someone put it in there. It seemed totally out of place. But, the sign on the box said, "Everything in the box, $1.00 each". It didn't have a lampshade, just the base.

Isn't it pretty? It is a pretty decent size. I have been thinking of redoing our upstairs bathroom in pink (Shhhh, don't tell Troy!) and I always have a lamp in the bathroom. I know, I'm odd. But, it just gives you a soft glow of light so when you go in there in the middle of the night, you don't have to turn on the light but, you can still see without blinding yourself with the regular bright bathroom light.


  1. Diann, that is so pretty! And I'm weird too- a lamp or candles in the bathrooms!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. What pretty floral finds. The plate looks like magnolias to me, but names aren't always accurate to the flower type I've found.

  3. Loving both of those great finds. That plate is very sweet and the lamp! Oh that is going to be so pretty with a shade. Love it!!!! Oh and Pink Bedroom...wonderful(I won't tell you know who).

  4. Very pretty - love the candleholders.

  5. Diann...I LOVE the HL china. I know little about it except that the numbering on the bottom indicates it is from May 1952. I scored this week on thrifty china too. I got a few pieces of 2 different china sets at a HL and the other is Edwin Knowles and both in pristine condition :)


  6. What lucky finds. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  7. Love your platter! All of your pink things are so pretty!


  8. Oooooohhh! Vintage and pink! Very Lovely Pinks!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. Happy Pink Saturday Diann Sweetie...
    What beautiful items you have to share today. My favorite is the lamp ofcourse, and I can't wait to see what lampshade you add to it. I too love a little lamp in my bathroom. I have one in each one of my bathrooms, and I adore the lovely glow that it gives the room.

    You platter you found is beautiful. The soft pinks are exuiqsite. Love it. Thank you for sharing them with me today.

    Can't wait to see the finished pic of the lamp. That was a wonderful score for sure, and like you I don't know how it didn't get broken.

    Have a beautiful Pink Saturday sweetie. May it be sunny and filled with happiness. Country hugs, Sherry

  10. Diann, I think that beautiful platter is HL Dogwood(Liberty) pattern.

  11. Mimi,

    I think you areright! Thank you. See, this is one of the coolest things about blogging! You have a whole bunch of brillant friends!

  12. Love your lamp, that a pretty one!!

    Happy Pink Saturday


  13. I really love the lamp..I, too, have lamps in both baths and little one throughout the house for night lights. I don't care for a totally dark house.
    The candle holders are pretty, too.

  14. Happy Pink Saturday, Diann! What wonderful finds! I love the lamp and the platter. The little rose candle holders are so cute too. Wishing you a wonderful pink weekend and hope to have you join me on Tuesday for Tea Time.


  15. Beautiful Homer Laughlin platter, Diann. Looks like Magnolias on it, huh? I love HL Nautilus design plates and have some from the 1930's. I especially like your lamp, too. How pretty that would be with a soft pink shade. Happy PS~

  16. Diann,
    I always love stopping in to check out all of your finds!
    The dish is just so pretty! Don't you just love anything with flowers on it?
    And I really adore those sweet candle holders!
    But I am drooling over that gorgeous lamp!! Did I ever tell you I have a thing for lamps? My son told me that I have more lamps in one room then he has in his whole apartment!! What can a tell you.
    A pretty pink lamp shade would be just right for that stunning lamp!

  17. I love your Homer Laughlin piece! And your little candle holder are so pretty. I really love the lamp too! For a buck you can't beat that.

  18. Thanks for sharing your pink collection with us. Enjoy your weekend.

  19. Great pinks Diann, glad to see you back this weekend! I like the idea of a lamp in the bathroom but ours is so small no place to put one without getting the idea, though!
    Have a great week!


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